Sat.May 11, 2024

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Leadership Accountability in Sales Burnout

Steven Rosen

In this episode of the Sales Leadership Awakening podcast, Steven Rosen and Colleen Stanley discuss the impact of burnout on performance and productivity and offer strategies for leaders to create an environment that decreases burnout and stress. They emphasize the importance of time management, setting clear expectations, and recognizing and celebrating achievements.

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The Complete Guide to Choosing an Expert SEO Company


Discover how to choose the right expert SEO company to boost your business's online presence and competitive edge effectively.

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Authentic Success: Journey of Self-Expression


Exploring Authentic Success Recently, we had an enlightening conversation with Diane Strand , a notable figure in the entertainment industry. She is an executive producer at JDS Studios, a TV show host, and a bestselling author focused on entrepreneurship and acting. The Importance of Authenticity During our discussion, Diane and I delved into the significance of authenticity in our personal and professional lives.