Sat.Jan 13, 2018

99 Motivational Sales Quotes To Inspire Your Team

Sales Hacker

I love reading sales books just like most sales nerds. That said, most salespeople are very busy and don’t have time to read books.

12 Tips for Composing Your TED Talk


A TED talk is the most direct route to establishing yourself as a thought leader and expert. Following my own TEDx talk my book sales soared, and I was hearing from speaker bureaus I’d never worked with. Mostly, though, I ended up with a video that truly expresses, as it says on the application, “an idea worth spreading.”. To help you find your very own “idea worth spreading” and to help you compose your TED talk, here are 12 tips: Identify your audience.

Be a Stand-Out Seller: Method 3 – People

Engage Selling

There are three methods that you can choose from to emulate stand-out sellers—even in crowded markets where products or services are hard to distinguish from each other.