Sales Enablement Tools Help or Hinder

Score More Sales

In 2013, Merkle Group polled executives in $1B+ companies and found a 63% fail rate. Lori speaks, writes, trains, and consults with inside sales teams in mid-sized companies. Every sales leader is told, “buy this sales enablement tool – it will help you so much.” It is true that never before have we had access to technology, metrics, and science to assist us in doing our sales roles better than ever. But sometimes these tools hinder our success.

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Mobile CRM: Choosing the Right CRM Solution for Your Business

Customer Centric Selling

A study by the Merkle Group reported that about 63% of CRM initiatives never see adequate return. For instance, if you purchase Salesforce, you will quickly find that in addition to the price of the software, you will need to shell out even more in deployment and training costs. Unlike traditional CRM, a Mobile CRM will not require weeks of training because it is user-friendly. Mobile CRM: Choosing the Right CRM Solution for Your Business.

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