3 Tracking Tools for Serious Sales

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ABBYY ® and CamCard , two of the most trusted card reading apps on the market, are available for iOS® and Android™. CamCard is also available for BlackBerry® and Windows Phone. The Pipeline Guest Post - Carrie Powers.

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10 Best Business Card Scanner Apps in 2020

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CamCard. Image Source: CamCard. Within CamCard, you can customize your business card records by adding notes and setting reminders to follow up with your contacts. Picture this — you’re at a major conference connecting with leads left and right.

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5 Free Online Sales Tools to Empower Your Sales Team

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CamCard Lite. While there are many apps available to scan business cards with your phone, CamCard stands out because it’s scalable. CamCard Lite is free—allowing you to test it with your team before investing. CamCard is available for Android adn iOS. Author: Jessica Thiefels Your sales team is a digital workforce, 81 percent of which use tools to identify new leads.

The 14 best business card scanners for sales contacts in 2019


CamCard. Summary: CamCard is a solid solution for scanning business cards, and features its own proprietary semi-CRM user interface. CamCard also allows its users to export contact data into Excel, which can then be uploaded into any CRM.

36 Apps Every Sales Rep Needs on Their Phone in 2018

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CamCard. 8) CamCard. CamCard digitizes cards with a simple photo and automatically saves the information to your phone's contacts. The Best Mobile Sales Apps for Salespeople. Slack. LinkedIn. Twitter. 30/30. Profit Story. HubSpot Sales. Keynote. Close the Sale. Mobile CRM app.