Sun.Apr 16, 2017

To Fuel Your Marketing Engine, Fill Up on Creative

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Author: Alex Withers, Chief Marketing Officer, inMotionNow To keep up with the pace of buyer expectations, sales and marketing have accelerated the go-to-market machine with automation. However, while automation is delivering ROI for most teams – 86 percent report its been somewhat or very effective – the best marketing engine in the world won’t function without creative fuel. To that effect, creative marketing is more important than ever.

Why I Won’t Participate In Anti-Phone Content

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A LinkedIn message in my inbox invited me to contribute to an eBook on ways you can prospect without having to make cold calls. I declined the invitation.

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Are Your Market Advantages Strong Enough?

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Sales Motivation Video: Let Your Personality Come Through!

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Your personality is key to building dialogue with another person. Let your personality come through! By doing this, you are giving a nudge to the other person to let their personality show as well. As you know, success in sales (and in life) has a lot to do with genuinely connecting with others.

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Accelerate Your Sales Performance

While most business is digital, and business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions - and the work that supports them -- are almost entirely digitized, most organizations still rely on paper for the “last foot” of the process - the sign-off.