Trick or Treat? Dreamforce Goodies for B2B Marketers

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Note from Nancy: In case you missed it, we sent our a Dreamforce wrap-up and cool tool report in our newsletter this Sunday. I’ll separate the Snickers from the Candy Corn, or in this case, the really yummy tools that will energize your 2015 Marketing Journey!

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You’re completing 2013 and building your marketing strategy for 2014. Perhaps you’re beginning to roll out marketing automation or some form of company-wide communication program. Product Marketing. In most cases, the value is never realized.

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Stephanie Tilton is a content-marketing consultant who helps B2B companies craft content that engages prospects and customers, nurtures leads and advances the buying cycle. F5 successfully aligned sales and marketing and reaped the rewards: Marketing inquiries went from 1.7%

Why Telemarketing Remains the Unsung Hero of Lead Generation

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Do you think that companies can achieve the same efficiencies you brought to your telesales organization today, with the variety of marketing channels that have entered the scene? I cut my teeth on marketing clusters and verticals.