Trick or Treat? Dreamforce Goodies for B2B Marketers

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Note from Nancy: In case you missed it, we sent our a Dreamforce wrap-up and cool tool report in our newsletter this Sunday. I’ll separate the Snickers from the Candy Corn, or in this case, the really yummy tools that will energize your 2015 Marketing Journey!

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One Marketing Guy Who Gets It (What Sales Needs, That Is)

Dave Stein's Blog

With me being on the sales side and Brian on the marketing side, naturally, a conversation ensued. (No I thought it would be valuable for you to hear from someone I consider a very savvy marketing expert who understands that sales is marketing’s most important customer.

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CMO: Are you going to have a job in 2014

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You’re completing 2013 and building your marketing strategy for 2014. Perhaps you’re beginning to roll out marketing automation or some form of company-wide communication program. Product Marketing. In most cases, the value is never realized.

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Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2012 - Think customers: The 1to1 Blog

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Marketing. Mobile Marketing. Marketing. Mobile Marketing. Marketing by Permission! Marketing Blog. Sales & Marketing Effectiveness. Eloqua Blog. Topic: Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2012. Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2012. Each year we put a stake in the ground to identify trends that marketers should pay special attention to. Cloud computing helps marketers, too. Attribution is the Holy Grail of marketing.

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Empowering Human Movements: 7 Observations about the State of.

Brian Vellmure

There have been starts, stops, over compensations, disparity amongst players in general understanding and development, and in some cases, the harsh realization that we’re just not quite ready to do what we want to do. Business cases and value propositions are still necessary. had an entire track dedicated to sales and marketing that had good attendance. Case studies warn of pitfalls and show how and where success has been realized. The Eloqua Blog.