Sun.Jan 20, 2019

SalesTech Video Review: Revegy

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SalesTech Video Review: Revegy. Revegy gives enterprise sales organizations the tools needed to identify, grow and retain deals from its largest accounts.

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The Best Ways To Create A Culture Of Accountability NOW


Sales leaders often ask, “How do I create a culture of accountability?” Before we can tackle this question, we must understand what their current culture looks like, how they got where they are today, and what needs to change to make them more successful. Sales Management

When Curiosity Doesn’t “Kill the Cat”

Anne Miller

In a recent New York Times interview, Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture was asked what she looked for in a new hire. I thought the two traits she named are also a part of what makes successful salespeople and presenters effective. They were curiosity and leadership.

Weekly Recap, January 20, 2019

Selling Energy

Here are our favorite sales-enhancing tips from this week's Selling Energy Blogs. sales tips

Humans and Bots: How to blend human skills and AI to build customer intimacy and drive growth

Join Genesys for this webinar to learn how leading companies are using blended AI to drive customer intimacy and revenue growth.

How to Win Well – Guide to Get Results


In Kurin’s book, describes as a manager’s guide to getting results without losing your soul as a practical guide to achieving breakthrough results and remain a good human being along the way. Winning well is showing up with confidence and humility, focusing on results and relationships. Sales Expert interview covers: Transfer from top sales to manager. New manager building confidence. Becoming a good coach – Inspire model. Expert salespeople have the skills to manage.