What’s a Sales Dialer and 11 of the Best Tools


Time-saving tools and software give reps those hours back — as a result, there’s more time to focus on prospects and deals. Sales dialers often have other capabilities as well, such as call recording, integrations, transcription, voicemail drop, and call analysis. Sales Calls

Don't Paralyze Sales Reps: 5 Tips for Coaching Live Sales Calls


That’s the popular perception of live sales call coaching, but the truth is that when it is used tactfully and correctly, DialSource Denali’s Real-Time Call Monitoring can be a powerful training tool. Sales experts have debated the proper use of real-time monitoring for sales training. How beneficial is it to coach live sales calls? Here are 5 best practices to get the most out of real-time monitoring whether you’re using DialSource or another service.


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How to craft effective sales emails for every stage of the sales pipeline (with examples)


You need to monitor and understand how the prospects are engaging with your sales emails. For instance, if a prospect opened the email four times in the last 48 hours and clicked a download link is considered to be ready for a call. Discovery calls are best for it.

PODCAST 178: Why SDRs Should Report to Marketing with Amy Frampton

Sales Hacker

Aircall is a cloud-based voice platform that integrates seamlessly with popular productivity and help desk tools from call monitoring to integrations with your CRM and real-time analytics. She’s the head of marketing at an HR software company called Bamboo HR.

SalesLoft’s CEO Kyle Porter Discusses the Journey From Cadence To the Leading Sales Engagement Platform


We were the first software company to deliver a cadence solution that met the needs of sales teams worldwide. On-Time Sales Coaching: Features like Live Call Studio enable live-call monitoring, letting managers coach sales teams in real-time.