How to Prepare to Prospect – 10 Things You Need to Do

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Your response to both of these is different than if you reached the decision maker. Personally, I prefer VanillaSoft for this activity. If you fail to properly prepare, you are setting yourself up for failure. This doesn’t just apply to prospecting but everything you do. Prospecting is already a tough task; it’s only made tougher when you fail to prepare. Below are 10 steps you need to follow to ensure you’re prepared to prospect.

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B2B sales professionals need a thorough understanding of each organization they engage, especially when it comes to the hierarchy of decision makers who approve purchases. VanillaSoft. Make decisions, execute strategies, and drive performance based on data-driven intelligence.

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Identifying key decision makers. Technology Footnote: Tools that are particularly appropriate and relevant to this post are: iQuoteXpress , Front-Row Solutions , SalesDataPro , DiscoverOrg , Gorilla Expense , and VanillaSoft.