Sat.Jul 14, 2018

Cold calling math

Sales 2.0

Today’s post is going to include a few numbers. I’ve actually gone a step further than I’ve gone before in this post and boiled everything down to time, which is the “ultimate currency” for us humans.

Almost Too Late, These CEOs Learned their Pricing Problem was Really a Packaging Problem

Sales Benchmark Index

Taking the above conclusion at face value, it forces a hard choice – drop the price and hurt margin, or maintain the price and sacrifice sales. Rock, meet Hard Place. That sort of choice can stymie decision-making, causing you to.

Margin 161

Touch It Once Principle

Selling Energy

We all know that procrastination is bad for productivity. The reluctance to do things that are unpleasant seems to be hard-wired into our human nature, which is unfortunate since our jobs often require us to take care of tedious and mundane tasks. productivity


Your Best Sales Year Yet


We are officially halfway through 2018, and it’s a great time to be in sales. This sales article provides actionable insights to help you understand the current climate of the business world, and leverage tools and skills to make this the best year yet. Technology Changes: The sales world has been inundated with a surplus of different technology advances and tools. Historically, they have just added minutiae and chaos as salespeople have tried to adapt to these new technologies.

Moving the Sales Performance Bell Curve

A blueprint for turning average performers into top reps.