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30 of the Best SaaS Partner Programs (and Why They Are So Good)


After all, partnering up with other companies that share customer bases can be a huge asset in amplifying your sales and marketing. Sales / Support Partners. Marketo focuses their partner program around providing strong sales and marketing support.

Sales Hacker’s 35 Most Influential Women in Sales

Sales Hacker

Welcome to Sales Hacker’s first-ever Influential Women in Sales list! In this exclusive list, we wanted to honor not just female leaders that promote their own sales platform (no shame in that!) They say “You can’t be what you can’t see,” and the sales floor is no exception.

10 sales productivity tactics to close more deals

Sales productivity can be a pretty nebulous term. At its core though, sales productivity is all about increasing your number of sales for the amount of time you spend actively selling. Want all of our best sales productivity tools, content, advice and templates?

Sales Tips: How to Step Up Your Prospecting for 2016

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: How to Step Up Your Prospecting for 2016. By Gary Walker, EVP of Channel Sales & Operations, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. It aligns perfectly with what we teach in our CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS®) workshops.

3 Facts About B2B Buyer Experience You’re Probably Ignoring

Sales Hacker

For many of us, that’s also the primary channel through which we make an increasing number of purchases. In the world of B2B sales, the conventional thinking has become especially stark. Post-sale, the numbers were equally stark.

Buyer 98

Sales Training Advice with a Guide for the Sales SVP

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Training Article: The Sales SVP Guide to Finishing the Fiscal Year. By Mark Synek, Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) For most of us, the fiscal year ends just 29 days from today. How should the top sales leader in the company utilize this limited time?

Pricing Strategies for Your Product or Service [Ultimate guide]


There’s an old joke in sales about selling products at a loss but making it up on volume. A common complaint from sales teams is: we can outcompete and make more sales simply by reducing prices. TOTAL $19,547 from 322 sales. Key Takeaways for Sales People.