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Email Open Rates By Industry: See How You Stack Up

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As a sales professional, you’re sending emails all day, every day. Here are some interesting findings from the data: Out of the 29 industries, Marketing and Advertising companies have the lowest email open rates. Arts & Entertainment, Construction, Human Resources, Legal & Government, and Real Estate have the highest open rates. Construction: 45%. Legal and Government: 44%. Marketing and Advertising: 25%.

What to Do When Life Goes Up in Flames

Grant Cardone

Nothing is worse than waiting for the banks to free up capital or the government to come in and play Robin Hood to save you. This is the business owner who will no longer advertise. This was Sears while knowing that sales were down, continuing to apply the same efforts and actions that got them down in the first place rather than revolutionize the way they did things. This is an entrepreneur disappointed with his renewed effort of making 10 sales calls that made no new sales.

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The 13 Best Real Estate Websites for Selling a Home in 2018

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If you’re listing a home on Zillow yourself, you’ll receive access to a sales proceeds calculator, your home’s “zestimated” value, a local news feed, and tools to help you price your home accurately. List home for sale, new homes, resale homes, new construction, acreage, lots, land, commercial property, and investment property here. About: Did you know the typical home sale today involves more than 20 steps after the initial contract is accepted?

What Is Enterprise OEM Software Licensing?

Sales Hacker

Product management, engineering, customer success, sales, and marketing groups will weigh in on the decision-making process. Ship by default: Shipping by default is usually the best way for partners to work together because there is less friction for both the sales team and the end-customers.

How to Start a Business: A Complete Guide for Startup Entrepreneurs

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In order to build a successful company, you’ll need to create and fine-tune a business plan, assess your finances, complete all the legal paperwork, pick your partners, choose the best tools and systems to help you get your marketing and sales off the ground … and a whole lot more. From registering with the government to getting the word out about your business to making key financial decisions, here’s an overview of what you'll need to do to start a successful business.