One Thing To NEVER Do When Following Up On Literature

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You finally reach the decision maker (DM) after a lot of work and getting past a few tough gatekeeper screens. There are statements and questions most sales people ask when following up on literature that create obstacles and hamper the sales process. Avoid this all-too-common mistake when following up on sales literature, and you will set more appointments and close more sales! The prospect feels as if they have not lived up to your expectations.

Stop “Following Up,” and Start Closing

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Is it something like: “I’m just calling to follow up on our proposal….”. Any sales reps dealing with the following issues: Reps struggling with call reluctance Getting screened out by the gatekeeper Overcoming blow off objections like, “Just email me something” Identifying decision makers Qualifying prospects Setting call back appointments that stick Giving successful presentations and dealing with objections Staying motivated. How do you open your 2 nd or 3 rd.

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Are You Patiently Following Up?

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Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Patiently following up stirs up emotion in almost everyone. But a small percentage of salespeople view follow-up as getting their game on for achieving their goals. Most people fall down on follow-up.

Following Up on Literature to Set the Appointment: Tip #1

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You then persevered through hard gatekeeper screens, relatives or other obstacles to reach the DM finally on the telephone. There are statements and questions most sales people ask when following up on literature that actually hamper the sales process. What follows is the first of three important tips to help you avoid the all too common above scenario and set more appointments when following up on literature. #1:

How to write a killer follow-up email sequence that draws replies


I’m not going to tell you that 48% of salespeople never follow up because that statistic is fake. What I’m going to tell you, however, is that I receive enough cold emails to know that most of them aren’t followed up on. What I can also tell you is that as a sales automation tool , my company helps hundreds of customers write their follow-up emails, because most of the time, they’re pretty bad. Is following up always worth it, though?

How Do I Get Past the Gatekeeper?

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If there is one type of person every salesperson has more than a few pain-filled stories about, it is the gatekeeper. You don’t have to think that the gatekeeper is the person waking up in the morning with the sole intent to keep you out. Let’s first look at who is the gatekeeper. The first thing we need to do is to get rid of the name gatekeeper and view them more as a “door-opener.” The other type of gatekeeper is the administrative assistant.

Learn How to Get the Gatekeeper on Your Side

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Getting past the gatekeeper shouldn’t be so daunting. Why is getting past the gatekeeper and finding qualified leads so challenging for salespeople? It starts with inbound leads: responding to leads from marketing, answering website inquiries, and following up with podcast and webinar attendees. The dreaded gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper Is Not the Enemy. The goal is reaching the right person, which means getting past the gatekeeper.

Handling the Gatekeeper and Engaging Executives

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If your offerings are $50K or higher, be prepared when following up to talk with people that: Don’t have the authority to buy. Executives are more likely to have admins (often referred to as gatekeepers) that invariably will ask a question that sends shivers down many sellers’ spines: “Who is this and what is it regarding?”. Let’s take a step back and more closely consider the term “gatekeeper.” So how can salespeople get past this hurdle with gatekeepers?

4 Ways to Get Past the Gatekeeper (No Tricks Required)

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When you have a referral introduction, there’s no need to dupe the gatekeeper. It’s tiresome reading about how to get past the gatekeeper. These “gatekeeper” tactics are insincere, duplicitous, unprofessional, offensive, and a waste of sales time. Newsflash: Most of CEOs do not respond to cold calls or emails, and neither do their gatekeepers. Gatekeepers are good at their jobs. A list will get you to the gatekeeper and no further.

3 Words to Ditch To Improve Your Sales – Sales eXecution 304

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Words impact and reflect you view of things and situations, and while many will argue that it’s just semantics, they fail to realize or acknowledge the degree to which words you choose reflect and signal your intent; something that your buyers pick up and are influenced by as much as anything. Now let’s be clear, most don’t set out to use words that may hinder their success, and often they use certain words or phrases because they were brought up right.

Even After All Of This “Web Stuff” You Still Need To Engage With Your Prospects

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Will you face a strong gatekeeper screen? However, there are times when you need to put down the mouse and pick up the telephone! Pick up the telephone and put a real voice and personality behind the image. Cold Calling Technique Communication Skills Email Selling MTD Water Cooler effective follow-up email selling approach following up with prospects phone phobia setting appointmentsYou made the initial contact through LinkedIn.

Stop Pitching the Gatekeeper – and What to Do Instead

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One of the biggest mistakes many inside sales reps make is pitching the gatekeeper. To start with, the gatekeeper is just that – someone whose job it is to screen salespeople from getting through to the decision maker. By identifying yourself as a salesperson, you’ll actually be making it easier for the gatekeeper to just blow you off with, “We’re not interested.” Again, they are gatekeepers – not decision makers.

The Gatekeeper in Sales Still Holds the Key


Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a gatekeeper. What is a gatekeeper in sales? A gatekeeper (at the risk of using an outdated term) is the person designated to keep a protective barrier or ‘screen’ around important or ultra-busy people. Common titles or job descriptions for traditional gatekeepers might include executive assistants, departmental administration or even the multitasking receptionist.

Special Thanks to my Readers and A Gift For You!

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In addition, if you or your team needs help with inside sales training and scripting to help you overcome resistance and sell more in the all-important fourth quarter coming up, then check out our Award Winning On Demand inside sales training webinar series. The results are in!

Book Mike Brooks for Your 2021 Virtual Sales Event!

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Do you need customized keynotes or breakout sessions on subjects like: Prospecting – Both B2B & B2C Dealing with gatekeepers Overcoming objections and Stalls Virtual Presentation Skills Setting follow-up appointments Motivation and Attitude Adjustment And much more!

Use This Email for Missed Sales

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Meantime, so I know how to best follow up with you, could you let me know which of the three options below best describe your interest level with us? We should set something up to speak again this week. Please shoot me a quick response letting me know 1 or 2 or 3, and I’ll schedule a follow up accordingly. You pitch, you wait, then you get the email that says: “We’re not in the position to do this at this time…”. We’re going to pass on this right now…”.

3 Ways to Handle: “I Don’t Have Time for the Presentation”

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We’ve all been there – you call your prospect back at the appointed time for your presentation and they tell you any of the following: This isn’t a good time, OR.

This is the Most Important Qualifying Question

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Conversely, if a prospect has a burning need to purchase as soon as possible, this also helps you adjust your pitch and your follow up actions. If I asked you what the most important qualifying question was, what would you (or your team) say? Budget? Decision making process?

From Quantity to Quality: Shifting the Focus of Outbound Sales


Once we made that shift in focus, the results were striking: it took our reps 35% fewer dials to produce a deal (for us, that was a qualified prospect willing to schedule a virtual demo of our product), and we saw an 86% improvement in the likelihood of that prospect showing up for the demo. Embrace the gatekeeper to help qualify quickly. Most sales reps don’t realize the importance of the gatekeeper. Gatekeepers typically have a good pulse on the company.

The 5 Secrets to Get Your Email Returned

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Break up your paragraphs into sentences if possible to make them easy to read and accessible. Email Secret #5: Promise to follow up by phone if they don’t respond. Let them know that you understand they are busy, and that you’ll follow up with a call in a day or two if you don’t hear back. On the other hand, there will be others who don’t respond and they become your follow up leads…. Tired of your emails not getting returned?

Forget About Your Sales Comfort Zone [January Referral Selling Insights]

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Also, here’s what you might have missed from No More Cold Calling this month: Learn How to Get the Gatekeeper on Your Side. Why is getting past the gatekeeper and finding qualified leads so challenging for salespeople? The dreaded gatekeeper. If I can do it, you can do it.

“Can You Email That to Me?”

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And unfortunately, chasing down busy professionals—especially people who don’t want to be followed up with—will make reaching these prospects very frustrating… The solution? What’s the number one blow off/stall prospects use these days? Can you email that to me?”.

How To Contact A Direct Referral

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Imagine you call the referral and their secretary or gatekeeper answers. You’ll probably get one of three responses: Gatekeeper: “Sorry, He isn’t in” You reply “Oh, OK, I’m sorry I can’t talk to him. Getting time frames and firm appointments with the gatekeeper is powerful in this situation. Gatekeeper “Sorry, Mr Prospect’s not available.

Handling Covid-19 Stalls via Email

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Let me know so I can follow up appropriately. Perfect for reps dealing with the following issues: Reps struggling with call reluctance Getting screened out by the gatekeeper Overcoming blow off objections like, “Just email me something” Identifying decision makers Qualifying prospects Setting call back appointments that stick Giving successful presentations and dealing with objections Staying motivated.

How to Find the Decision Maker (& 25 Qualifying Questions to Ask Them)

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The first person you talk to will usually be a gatekeeper , who is still a valuable contact to have. Many professionals keep their LinkedIn profiles up-to-date with their title and information about their statement of work. Connect with an associated gatekeeper. A gatekeeper is typically an executive assistant or associate who has direct contact with the decision maker. This can actually be a good thing, as gatekeepers are often a valued partner to the decision maker.

Why You Should STOP Cold Calling Immediately (2020 Update)

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Cold callers tell you to just pick up the damn phone. Consider the following situations: You call someone because you got their name came from a colleague or friend. You call someone and then follow up with a letter. Repeat After Me: I Will Not Cold Call.

5 Secrets for Successfully Working from Home

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You remember, the prospecting calls you need to make, the demos you need to book, and the prospects you’re supposed to be following up with. And that means you have to put in the activity—the calls, the follow ups, the emails, etc., So how is working at home going for you?

How to Measure Sales Fitness

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Think of someone who disrupts an executive’s day by getting past the gatekeeper explaining he/she knows that person and is following up ‘our previous discussions’ – yeah right! Another negative sales persona is someone who turns up at the latest supplier review meeting, announcing proudly he is the new account manager, then asks for an explanation of the history between the two companies – arghhh! Author: Peter Gillett, CEO and founder, Zuant.

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Overcoming Covid-19 Common Objections

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Follow the word-for-word scripting I outline in that article to deal with this objection. What to do : Read and follow my blog article on “Covid-19 Email Responses to Use Now.”. Can we follow up with this once things settle down with the COVID-19? Objection: “ , thanks for following up. I’d like to thank you, my readers, for your kind comments on my blog series: “Handling the Coronavirus Selling Environment.

7 CRM-ready sales email templates to boost your outreach


It is necessary to connect with the decision-maker of the company rather than wasting time on the gatekeeper. CRM-ready sales email template 6 – Follow-up. Follow-up is essential to move the deal forward in the sales pipeline. Never miss follow ups, ever!

CRM 52

Improve Your B2B Sales Process with Company and Contact Data


Bypass gatekeepers. Secretaries, administrative assistants, and phone operators are often referred to as gatekeepers in the world of sales. Of course, it’s not impossible to gain access to top sales prospects by first speaking to a gatekeeper. Whether you prefer email or phone conversations, a direct dial phone number or email address can be instrumental in navigating past gatekeepers to get your product or service in front of those who matter most.

Just Email Me Something….

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If you’re like many sales reps, you accept this stall and become a willing participant in the follow up drama that ensues. Let me know when it pops up, and I’ll show you a couple of links you’ll want to explore later. This is actually great because it tells you that you won’t need to follow up on the email—they aren’t buying!) Allow you to set a definite follow up appointment. What do you say when you get this objection while prospecting ?

Three Ways to Get a Prospect to Respond

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While it seems counter intuitive, I’d rather know up front if I’m wasting my time or if this is a real prospect. So I always include in my communications (voicemail, email, text) the following “out”: “And so I know how to follow up appropriately, please let me know if this is something that isn’t of interest to you right now, or when would be a good time to reach you this week.”. They send email after email or leave a couple of voice mails and then give up.

How to Conduct Effective Sales Cold Calls with ZoomInfo Insights


More than half of sales professionals (53%) give up easily when cold calling, mostly thanks to phone anxiety and fear of rejection. Afterward: Follow up! I’m hearing that you could use a leg up in your security systems. Always. Closing.

The Importance of Call Dispositions & How to Leverage Them in Reporting


Once call is over, hang up. Gatekeeper. Inbound Lead Follow-Up. Connected – DM: Qualified, App Follow Up. Connected – Gatekeeper or Future Follow Up. Gatekeeper (Admin, S/B, Other Person). Follow Up Call. These days, revenue leaders have huge swaths of data right at their fingertips. Yet a lot of data is under-utilized, sitting in a silo, or simply not what they need to make informed decisions.

Is Your Prospecting Lazy? How to Not Misuse Sales Tools.

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Even though you had to get past the gatekeepers , they were human, which means you had a better shot of finding a way to the person you were trying to reach if you had the chops. The electronic gatekeepers are unreasonable. If you are a consultative, B2B salesperson, you’d make a phone call, leave a voice mail, and send a follow up email.

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Covid-19: 5 Long Term Strategies for Sales

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Working through the Zoom platform can be an excellent way to conduct your demos & follow up calls from this point forward—whether you’re working from home or back in the office. Question: When will things get back to normal? Answer: When there is a safe and effective vaccine. Questions: When will that be? Answer: 12 – 18 months, hopefully. Whether you want to hear it or not, you could be working from home for the next 18 months.

How to Handle the Email: “We’re Going to Hold Off for Now”

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When following up with a prospect after delivering a presentation, does this kind of email sound familiar? Your goal is to catch them live on picking up the phone if possible): “Hi __, this is _ _ with __, how are you doing?”. Thanks for contacting me, but I’ve checked with the powers that be, and we’re just not going to do anything until (Fall, 2020, OR next year, 2021, OR maybe even 2022).”. Disappointing, isn’t it?

How to Overcome the “I’m not interested” objection

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Should I lose your number or put you on a 6-month follow up call?” (Say For companies registering up 5 or more reps, your average investment is less than $399 per rep! Top sales reps—the ones making the most sales and commissions—know how to handle repeatable selling situations. Instead of ad-libbing, they have learned, internalized, and use best practice responses to the objections and stalls they get over and over again.

Sales Management: The One Metric That Matters Most

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For example, on the prospecting or cold call, did your rep: Handle the gatekeeper professionally and get put through to the decision maker? Set a specific follow up call and a follow up action? Greetings from Chicago! I’m here this week presenting at the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) Leadership Summit. If you’re attending the Summit, then make sure and say hello to me.