What’s a Sales Dialer and 11 of the Best Tools


Time-saving tools and software give reps those hours back — as a result, there’s more time to focus on prospects and deals. An example of one of these tools is a sales dialer. Here are 11 of our favorites to help you find the right tool for your team. HubSpot Call Tracker.

Best Business Phone Systems: 35+ Tools to Keep You Smilin’ and Dialin’

Sales Hacker

But even as technology has changed, the need for a way to make voice calls still remains. And it’s no longer sufficient to have desk phones that only make phone calls. Today’s businesses need phones that can easily handle video conferences, multiple-party audio conference calls, inter-office chat, and more. It also means they have a wide variety of tools at their disposal, depending on the provider they choose. Built-in collaboration tools.


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Inside Sales Force Management Closing Techniques & Training Ideas

Mr. Inside Sales

Learn about successful inside sales force management closing strategy, process techniques, training ideas, prospecting tools and best practices for managers and representatives. In fact, whenever I consult with new clients, the owners and managers automatically begin showing me their call monitoring reports. Now don’t get me wrong—those things are important and they should be monitored. Again, it’s how they perform during a sales call that matters most.

Fear And Loathing: The Sales And Marketing Technology Stacks

Partners in Excellence

They help us be more productive, more efficient, more effective, more informed, manage our time better…… People will talk endlessly about the sales stack (all the tools we are providing sales people to “help” them), or the marketing stack. They’ll present compelling data: “81% of top performers use our tools,” making you think the reason they are top performers is because they use the tools. Scripting tools.

Metrics: Why Most Companies Get it Wrong

Mr. Inside Sales

In fact, whenever I consult with new clients the owners and managers automatically begin showing me their call monitoring reports. They show me metrics on how many calls a rep is making, how much average time each rep spends on the phone, what their conversion rate is, and on and on. Now don’t get me wrong—those things are important and they should be monitored. Again, what’s important is how they perform during a sales call that matters.

Don't Paralyze Sales Reps: 5 Tips for Coaching Live Sales Calls


That’s the popular perception of live sales call coaching, but the truth is that when it is used tactfully and correctly, DialSource Denali’s Real-Time Call Monitoring can be a powerful training tool. Sales experts have debated the proper use of real-time monitoring for sales training. How beneficial is it to coach live sales calls? Here are 5 best practices to get the most out of real-time monitoring whether you’re using DialSource or another service.

SalesLoft’s CEO Kyle Porter Discusses the Journey From Cadence To the Leading Sales Engagement Platform


The real differentiator is in using automation as a tool to help salespeople make real, human connections. On-Time Sales Coaching: Features like Live Call Studio enable live-call monitoring, letting managers coach sales teams in real-time.

How to craft effective sales emails for every stage of the sales pipeline (with examples)


Email is a truly powerful tool if used in the right way. You need to monitor and understand how the prospects are engaging with your sales emails. Monitoring such clues will help you in determining which deals are ready to move to the next stage of the sales pipeline.

PODCAST 177: Trust-Building Strategies Every Seller Should Own

Sales Hacker

Why Moeed says cold calls are horsesh*t. Moeed is the founder and the CEO of a company called Proverbial Door. That translates into things like a hundred cold calls a day, right? Then I was headhunted by another company called CEB, which is now owned by Gardner.

PODCAST 178: Why SDRs Should Report to Marketing with Amy Frampton

Sales Hacker

Aircall is a cloud-based voice platform that integrates seamlessly with popular productivity and help desk tools from call monitoring to integrations with your CRM and real-time analytics. She’s the head of marketing at an HR software company called Bamboo HR.

Training Talks—The Future of Contact Centers: A Chat with Fred Stacey


With a background in call center leadership and consulting, Fred has experienced the evolution of customer service. For example, when leaders do live call monitoring, they need to listen for inflections in voice and tone. Fred: My first job in contact leadership was training a small call center team. If you can bring tools and incorporate technology to improve training and ongoing education, you’re going to have happier agents.