Sales Management Book of the Month

Steven Rosen

Slammed: For the First Time Sales Manager. For first time sales managers ” by my friend and sales management guru Ken Thoreson. This is his 4 fourth in a series of books written under the banner “Your Sales Management Guru’s Guide To:”.

Slammed!!! for the first time sales manager: chapter 24

Your Sales Management Guru

for the first time sales manager, chapter 24. For the first time Sales Manager, there are 56 additional chapters in this book. Sales is a corporate priority. Training and recruitment are viewed as critically important. Slammed!!!

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Artificial Intelligence for Sales: Discover How Sales is Changing


Today John Holland, Chief Content Officer of CustomerCentric Selling, helps us cover the other side of the coin—artificial intelligence within the sales process. The Problem with B2B Artificial Intelligence and Sales. Lay the Groundwork for B2B Artificial Intelligence and Sales Success.

PODCAST 107: Origin Stories and the Core Principles of Sales Leadership with Lori Richardson

Sales Hacker

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we speak with Lori Richardson , founder of Score More Sales. Loris is passionate about pursuing, advocating, and furthering the cause of female sales leadership and helping women advance through their careers.

PODCAST 76: Bottom-up Approach for Sales Rep Productivity Model w/ Kevin Egan

Sales Hacker

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we talk to Kevin Egan, VP of North American Sales at Slack. Kevin’s sales career has taken him from Oracle, to Dropbox, to Salesforce, and now, to Slack. How experience as a sales engineer can play into your role as a sales leader.

Virtuous Cycle vs. Death Spiral with Scott Sands {Hey Salespeople Podcast}


Aon’s Sales Force Effectiveness Practice Leader, Scott Sands , breaks down what happens when you grow earnings but miss revenue expectations. What back of the envelope math can you do to determine the right sales headcount? We’re not building a pipeline of talent in sales.

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