What B2B Companies Must Learn from 10 Reasons Why Amazon is Destroying Retailers

Understanding the Sales Force

Dave Kurlan Consultative Selling sales strategy amazon.com B2C B2BImage Copyright AdrianHancu. Amazon generated almost $44 Billion in net revenue last year and it had to come from somewhere. That's not $44 Billion that people wouldn't have spent if not for Amazon.

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B2C Sales Tactics Can Work Great in B2B Sales Situations

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Timing, emotion and personality still play a big role in B2B selling situations, yet too many salespeople leave them out. Blog Consultative Selling Customer Service Professional Selling Skills Prospecting Sales Motivation B2B professional selling skills prospecting sales motivationThe reason they leave them out is they feel the customer is all business and they’re dealing with them either via email or some sort of a bidding process.

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Are Buyers Always Rational?

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Regardless of what you sell and the process with which you sell it, there will always be buyers who will not base their buying decision on rational logic.

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Do You Sell To Your Customers… Or Do They Buy From You?

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This is true for both B2B and B2C, as well as for both physical products and intangible services. The salesperson must sell and the customer must buy. Blog Consultative Selling Professional Selling Skills questioning skills sales questions strategic questions

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Apple iPad vs. Microsoft Surface… But I’m #3! Can I Still Win?

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This is just as important in a B2B environment as it is in B2C. Blog Closing a Sale Consultative Selling Customer Service Negotiation pricing customer service sales competition

Sales Closing Technique: “Preferred Payment Question”

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Although this is a situation that more commonly occurs in B2C situations, it is also happening more and more in B2B too. If you’re selling something where there might be a sense of hesitation, the customer will many times bring up their reluctance right at the point of payment.

So You Think You Are Selling Consultatively? Let’s Find Out

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80% of front-line sales professionals around the world sell in the “traditional” way: There isn’t anything wrong with that if their market sector or industry demands – or tolerates -that style of selling. You ‘sell’ product. •

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The 23 Best Sales Training Programs for Every Budget and Team

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Sales training programs help salespeople learn and/or improve their selling technique, skills, and processes. Focus: Prospecting, negotiating and closing, social selling, and sales management. Selling With Stories. Sandler Selling System. Focus: Relationships selling.

Debunking the Myth of "Inside Sales" | Sales Motivation and Sales.

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Selling a Price Increase. Today’s customer, whether it be B2B or B2C, are not locked into doing anything they don’t want to. Professional Selling Skills Training: Sales Calls and the Myth of Preparation. high profit selling. selling. selling a price increase. selling skills. Blog , Consultative Selling , Professional Selling Skills. About. FREE Resources. Hire Mark. Client List. Testimonials. Client Login.

The New Rule In Sales: Evolve or Die

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If you read Peter Theil’s Zero to One (which you should, check out my reasons why here ), you will come across a short section where he tells budding entrepreneurs how to market, sell, and distribute their new idea. Are You Selling in the Dead Zone?

The 33 Best Sales Training Video Channels on YouTube

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Sales Videos by Well-Known Selling Experts. You might know him from The Little Red Book of Selling, the best-selling sales book of all time (and one of our picks for 10 must-read sales books for rookie reps). He published a best-selling book of the same name.

Guest Post: Dear Challenger: Sincerely, Willy Loman

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They propose that salespeople “altogether change how they sell;” for example, deliver a teaching pitch that enlightens customers and tells them what they need and what they should do. The authors underscore the value of disruptive ideas and innovation and the need to change selling.