The Hottest Trends in Inside Sales

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Giuseppe D’Angelo Inside sales have never been hotter, and the sales field is experiencing considerable change. Much of this is due to the technology that is beginning to drive the sales process much the way it has driven marketing for the past several years.

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How Salespeople Can Better Prioritize Using Purchase Intent Data

Smart Selling Tools

In this series, we ask Sales Tech Executives to describe how their solution can change a sales organization in a significant way. We call it Sales Tech Game Changers. NANCY: WHAT ARE THE TOP 3 WAYS YOUR SOLUTION CHANGES THE GAME FOR A SALES ORGANIZATION?

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Get Emojinal…Because Your Customers Are!


How to Connect with Buyers , social selling expert, Koka Sexton, shares tips on how to use emojis to build relationships. Acknowledge customer needs as they arise throughout the buying cycle. Your buyers are no different than you or anyone else in this way.

Lead Nurturing Black Book: Learn How To Setup and Optimize for Growth


30% of sales professionals believe that having introduced lead nurturing has been the most significant benefit to their team, resulting in better responses to campaigns and easier segmentation. Lead nurturing plays an essential role in high converting sales processes.

How Salespeople Goof Up on LinkedIn Part 2

Score More Sales

Many sales reps and sales managers commented and shared about the previous post on How Salespeople Goof Up on LinkedIn so we were compelled to share more ideas to help sellers do better. Take time to get to know more probable prospective buyers.

How to Build Trust in Selling

Score More Sales

That’s why there is a buying cycle– why most people don’t buy on the spot. The rule of thumb in sales research varies a bit, but generally has been that it takes 5-12 “touches” to make that impression for the customer to buy.

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Blast Off of the Sales Tech Stack: An Interview with Holger Schulze

DiscoverOrg Sales

Holger Schulze is an experienced B2B tech marketer and advisor for SaaS, marketing / sales automation and cybersecurity vendors. Recently, DiscoverOrg sat down with Schulze to uncover the momentum sales technology has gained over the past 12 months. Where do sales organizations focus?

Prospect Development Program Jumpstarts Manufacturer’s Channel Sales


How many times have you lost a piece of business because the buyer didn’t know who you were? Few companies have the sales and marketing resources to adequately cover their markets. Probably more often than you’d like.

CPQ Perspectives: Sales Management

Cincom Smart Selling

Our fifth and final installment of CPQ Perspectives focuses on the sales manager—those folks who oversee the selling operation. Sales management is full of challenges, and we can’t possibly touch on every issue that affects sales managers in this blog post. What matters to sales managers? Some are slanted to inside sales, others to outside sales. It’s apparent that sales management is not a job for those who are motivated by easy money.

How to Measure Sales Fitness

Sales and Marketing Management

Despite the plethora of martech and sales enablement technologies now on the market, most sales teams are still performing at sub-optimal levels. With all these new tools making a salesperson’s job easier, there’s no excuse for your sales team not to excel. Sales technologies, on the other hand, aid the process of generating revenue and should never cause fear, uncertainty or doubt. . In these three channels is where sales performance can be enhanced.

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2014 The Year of Execution and Strategy – Why Most Sales Organizations will be Chewed Up and Spit Out

A Sales Guy

Last year I predicted that 2013 would be the year of hiring, that sales people would be on the move, freed from the downturn in the economy and feeling safe, I predicted sales people would start looking for new opportunities. Lots of sales people took advantage of 2013 to move and find better fits, but companies also do a lot of moving. I saw a lot of organizations trim their dead weight and build new and improved sales organizations.

Top 7 Utopian & Dystopian Shocking Sales Predictions

Tony Hughes

It's the end of the sales world as we know it. Gerhard , Huthwaite and many other sci-fi fans have prognosticated that sales itself may face an existential threat from artificial intelligence (AI) as we move further and further toward the COMPLETE buying cycle.

What Does It Mean To Be A Channel In An Omnichannel World?

Partners in Excellence

Words like “two step distribution,” VAR, Reseller, Agent, Distributor, SI–Systems Integrators, inside sales, direct field sales, even e-Channels role off our tongues very easily. All the talk in B2C and B2B these days is “omnichannel.”

Whale Hunting Part I - The Rate of Decay

Tony Hughes

What do complex sales and the radioactive decay rate of atoms have in common? Your likelihood of closing the deal is exponentially smaller with every month that goes buy from the original point of high interest. Customers buy on emotion and close on pure logic.

Sales Pipeline Management: 5 Strategies to Close Deals Faster

No business can survive for long without a healthy (and watertight) sales pipeline. It’s what keeps your sales team organized and focused on managing opportunities to close deals. Unfortunately, many B2B organizations suffer from ineffective sales pipeline management.

The Sales Association: BANT is Bunk!

The Sales Association

Sharing best practices in sales and sales management by Bill Barr I keep hearing that some sales organizations expect their marketing department to “qualify” their leads with Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe ( BANT ). So Marketing sets up a call center, or uses other ways to “qualify” the lead so that sales can close it. If all sales managers want to do is get that kind of lead, then more power to them.