The Demand Generation Strategy Guide


These are just a few pillars that define demand generation. Learn more about how a successful demand generation strategy can help to nurture the long-term relationship between your brand and customers. What is Demand Generation? The Demand Generation Funnel.

9 Killer B2B Demand Generation Strategies To Fuel Your Marketing

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Author: Robert Jordan Demand generation, unlike traditional marketing strategies, refers to a data-driven marketing approach that aims to create awareness or interest for your company’s service or product first before selling them.


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Social Media Demand Generation: A Q&A


B2B marketers have long since understood the benefits of social media—yet many still struggle to leverage its full potential as a demand generation tool. In fact, 49% of B2B marketers rank social media marketing as the most difficult lead generation tactic to execute ( source ). Although demand generation and lead generation aren’t the same, they do go hand-in-hand. What is social media demand generation?

Is it Time to Add Chatbots to Your Demand Generation Engine?


Is it time to add chatbots (or live chat) to your demand engine? Chatbots are a lead generation machine capable of driving forward conversations, which are the start to a great customer relationship. Email and social media campaigns are proven ways to generate demand through content.

How to Improve Demand Generation with Empathy

Speaker: Brian Carroll, CEO & Founder of markempa

The highest priority for B2B marketers is effective demand generation (increasing lead quality and quantity). However, we can get so caught up in our ABM strategies, systems, tools, and investments that we lose sight of building deep empathy for the people in the accounts. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to go beyond rational-logic-based sales/marketing and adjust your strategy to understand better how buyers feel so that you can connect and help more customers buy.

The Agile Marketing Approach to Selecting Marketing Channels

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Selecting the right Channel mix is crucial for successful product releases. Having too many channels erodes budget and adds complexity. Demand Generation CMO Resources CMO New Product Agile marketing DemandGen Complexity delays product launches and campaign timing.

The Startup’s 4-step Guide to Building Strong Sales Pipeline

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But I’m doing the job of demand generation, AND customer marketing, AND product marketing, AND the sales development team … with a bare minimum of tools to make that all happen!”. Test up to 5 demand generation tactics. Demand generation for a startup: Build a clear, simple website optimized for your target buyer’s needs and wants, and make it easy for them to contact you for more information. Sales and marketing event season just ended.

How to Measure the Success of Lead Generation


You can file this argument under similarly counterproductive debates, such as: Inbound vs Outbound and Demand Generation vs Account-based Marketing. The tricky part about leads and lead generation is that marketers and salespeople don’t necessarily share the same definition.

Ask the Experts: Channel Success Tips for 2020


Channel partners provide several benefits to your company. Successfully managing partner relationships and maintaining channel sales results is key to your success. We asked some of the top channel leaders about the keys to partner success: 1) Put In The Work for Your Partners. “To

Are You Maximizing the Yield of All Leads that Enter Your Funnel?


Whether your sales and marketing teams are crushing their numbers or they are struggling to generate sufficient pipeline, there is always a desire for more leads at the top of the proverbial funnel. As the head of an inside sales team or a demand generation leader, you’re probably having frequent discussions about increasing lead volume or improving lead quality. Which regions, campaigns, or channels are driving the least qualified leads?

5 Steps to Video for Demand Gen Success

Speaker: Kaitlin Bowes, Senior Demand Generation Manager at Brightcove

How do you build video campaigns that actively build pipeline, increase your marketing ROI, and make you look like a demand-gen genius? We’ve boiled it down to five key steps. Tune into our webinar on June 26th to find out what we’ve learned through years of building pipeline with video.

3 Stages of Competitive Channel Programming


Crafting your channel program should be a very deliberate activity. Although you may start with the channel in an opportunistic model, building a program with careful thought and purpose will serve the business in the long run. I’d like to offer you a simple three-stage process model to help you build strategic, competitive channel programs and put you on the path to sustainable revenue from your indirect channels.

Building an Effective Lead Management Process for High-Growth Sales


Demand generation marketers are focused on supporting sales teams, and a large part of their role is ensuring that carefully curated leads are moving through the funnel effectively. Of course, keeping a balance was key to this approach, as to not overload either channel to the point of being ineffective. It provides the confidence for both demand gen teams and sales managers alike, that every lead is followed up with by our sales reps.

Campaign Mode: Delivering Pro-Forma Business Value Analyses to Hundreds of ABM Prospects Each Month

The ROI Guy

Often, we’re asked “What’s the best way to gain quick adoption of business value and ROI from sales reps, channel partners and prospects?”. If known, the responsible sales rep or channel partner email is also specified. However, we recommend using the option of sending the business value analysis reports automatically to each responsible sales rep or channel partner.

Sales and Marketing Alignment in 2013? Not so Fast!

The ROI Guy

Sales leaders currently rank Sales Enablement as their number one requirement from Marketing, besting the need for more Demand Creation, Solution Marketing help and Channel Support in studies by SiriusDecisions. By a wide margin, SiriusDecisions indicates that Marketing would rather spend the incremental 10% on their bread-and-butter, Demand Creation (35%), followed by Brand (17%). The demand for better Sales Enablement has increased dramatically over the past three years.

ROI 62

Optimize Content Marketing by Facilitating the Buyer’s Journey

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Content Marketing: A Crises of Confidence Examining the sentiment in detail, 60% of respondents reported that efforts in new marketing channels such as social media and blogs are being reported as ineffective / less than effective, and over 50% indicate effectiveness doubts with videos and white papers. Later during the buyer’s journey, economic focused executives demand that every investment deliver a bottom-line impact, positive return on investment, and quick payback.

ROI 76

What is the Value of a Lead?

The ROI Guy

Frugalnomics is in full effect, and as a result, marketing is harder than ever before, requiring more significant investments in more content, more channels and more collaboration. However, we aren’t looking for the absolute contribution, just a conservative method to determine if the value of each lead the marketing program generates, so we can be sure it will be worth investing in, and a so we can begin assigning some value to the program once its up and running.

ROI 59

Alinean Adds Six New B2B Customers During the First Quarter 2011

The ROI Guy

Demand Generation Sales Enablement Value Marketing Alinean Value Selling Sales Tools FrugalnomicsLeading Value-Based Interactive Tool Provider Maintains Significant Growth ORLANDO, Fla.,

ROI 43

The End of Marketing as We Know It: Overcoming Buyer Challenges with Interactive Smart Content

The ROI Guy

The past decade has seen an exciting and dramatic increase in new digital marketing channels including Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, search engines, webinars, virtual trade shows and more. These new channels have made it easier than ever for marketers to reach out to prospects, and marketers are certainly taking advantage of the available efficiency. TCO Tools interactive white paper Demand Generation B2b marketing B2B Executive Assessment Tools ROI tools Pisello Alinean Frugalnomics

Promoted to VP of Marketing: The Year 1 Roadmap

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There are four fundamental steps to developing and executing your Year 1 marketing strategy: Develop a Lead Generation Strategy. Implement Demand Generation. DEVELOP A LEAD GENERATION STRATEGY. There should be both demand generation and nurture campaigns. The demand generation campaigns stimulate interest, while the nurture campaigns cultivate leads that are sales ready. IMPLEMENT DEMAND GENERATION.

Is Marketing Too Busy? The Forgotten Sales Professional

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More new channels than ever, buyer Information Overload, Frugalnomics driven by two recessions in the past decade, Internet fueled buying decisions. Demand Generation Sales Enablement Pisello Alinean content marketingA recent Content Marketing Institute article by Jennifer Watson, The Audience Content Marketers Can’t Afford To Ignore – But Almost Always Do got me thinking. Marketers are struggling like never before to meet the needs of a changing market.

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CMO: Is Your 2014 Marketing Plan Obsolete?

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What are we doing to adjust to the market demands? In this post we’ll focus on the B2B Demand Generation (DG) plan. Download the 2014 B2B Demand Generation Planning template here to get started. B2B Demand Generation – Building a Base Plan. Acquire campaigns focused on new logo acquisition within a specific vertical, channel or region. This is agile coaching; agile demand generation is no different.

The Lead Generation Strategy Guide


What is lead generation, and why is it a source of contention for sales and marketing teams? What is Lead Generation? Lead generation is by and large a more focused effort toward familiarizing potential customers with a company’s value proposition with the end goal being conversion.

Four Steps to Successfully Bringing Products to Market

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The team should include stakeholders from sales, marketing, channel partners, product development, customer service and operations. Channel Strategy & Sales Goals. Inventory and supply chain readiness confirmed to fulfill anticipated demand. Direct sales team and channel partner communications and training complete. Website, social, digital media, postings to sales and channel portals. Campaigns and demand generation programs ready.

How B2B Marketing Leaders Can Transform Click Data into ROI Insights

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In fact, sales leaders are tired of hearing about traffic stats when all they care about is if any of it is generating leads for the sales force. Guide your team to build reports to measure the effectiveness of your Content Marketing and Demand Generation campaigns at driving leads. Definition: A more granular approach to source tracking by identifying visitors driven from specific Demand Gen campaigns such as Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

ROI 244

4 Steps for Building the Sales Pipeline of Startups and Small Businesses


But I’m also doing the job of demand generation and customer marketing and product marketing, and sales development for my new business … without enough tools or time to do it all!”. Test a variety of demand generation tactics.

Overcome Common Sales Onboarding Challenges


The sales development team has established itself as the cornerstone of successful sales organizations; a recent study found that 88% of companies consider their sales development team a key channel of their sales strategy. Overcome Common Sales Onboarding Challenges. REGISTER NOW. WHEN: TUESDAY, 9/10 AT 11AM PT.

Churn 78

4 Ways Virtual Events Are Reimagining Themselves

Sales and Marketing Management

Some events are incorporating a dedicated Slack channel to make the conversation more manageable and meaningful.

How to Structure a Modern Marketing Department

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DEMAND GENERATION. You also need someone responsible for launching, measuring and optimizing all demand generation channels. Launching – With buyer research & content in hand, what channels should you deploy? What are the best demand generation levers to pull to stimulate inquiries? What campaigns generate the most leads? Stimulating demand and creating inquiries isn’t enough. We engage with a lot of marketing leaders.

Marketing Needs to Put Skin in the Game


They recommend that as a first step toward capturing these key performance indicators, clients walk through a model that breaks down typical marketing contribution and mix based on three go-to-market strategies: direct enterprise accounts, inside commercial accounts, and small-and-medium-sized business (SMB)/channel accounts. The mix should consist mostly of sales enablement, then demand generation, with less focus on awareness. Tier 3: SMB/Channel Accounts.

4 Ways to Enhance Your Sales Development Rep With Automation

Sales and Marketing Management

If your SDRs know what channels to try, then they can focus on optimizing their approaches. The art of experimentation — trying new approaches, channels, tactics, and messaging — is the secret to staying ahead of the curve. Author: TJ Macke Sales and marketing are competitions.

How to Sell Marketing to your CEO

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Her key objectives were: Generating demand at the top of the funnel & acquiring new customers. They must track the effectiveness of all their initiatives to prove they generate revenue. Yet the only one your CEO cares about is marketing leads that generate new revenue. Tracking new business generated from marketing leads presupposes several things: Demand Generation Strategy that fills the top of the funnel.

How to Prepare for a Cookieless Future


Essentially, cookies are small files that contain a string of ones and zeros that get dropped onto your computer whenever you visit a website,” explains Hussam AlMukhtar, senior director of demand generation at ZoomInfo.

How To 164

Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana? [PowerOpinions Part 4]


Is ABM the Holy Grail for lead generation or just another black box solution destined to cost a lot of money, distract marketing and end up getting more bad leads to sales faster than ever before? Simply, marketing is much more involved in revenue and customer generation, and the marketing tools and available data now allow marketers to contribute in tangible ways to delivering customers within a defined set of companies.

Owning the Strategic Sales Shift

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Did the reps have the expertise, and were they deploying the best channels? Demand generation. Marketing would need to oversee the demand generation initiative. It’s one thing to plan a strategic sales shift. It’s another to implement that shift. As a Sales Operations leader, it is your responsibility devise the execution roadmap. With a plan in mind, the first question you may ask is, “Who will own it?”

SiriusDecisions Summit 2012 Recap: Alignment Key to Revenue & Profit Growth


The new demand waterfall recognizes several new sources of opportunity: inbound AND outbound, rep generated, multi-touch nurture programs. True demand generation health is all about balance (it is not all inbound and not all outbound). On demand webinars perform 5 times better than live events. Synchronize the client/prospect/employee experience across all channels. Surveys generate a tremendous amount of content that can be repurposed inexpensively.

How To Fix Your Marketing Structure Problems

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She inherited a legacy B2B marketing team, no marketing automation or lead generation program. They are looking for help generating qualified leads. No Lead Generation program. Demand Generation. Partner or Channel Marketing. Demand Generation. How do you know it’s time to restructure your marketing organization ? Does one size fit all? Who would have thought years ago that the CMO would have IT reporting into him/her?

CMO’s ProForma – The Silver Bullet for Marketing Return on Investment

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A more robust framework for the ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) calculation is required at the campaign level to provide a reliable picture of Lead Generation efforts. Below is an example of the types of elements involved in an integrated campaign across many touch-points and channels: The difficult part of proving a return on investment is capturing the total impact of all touch-points and activities within a campaign.

How to Fix Your Lead Problem

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You must generate content to help your buyer buy. Demand generation managers, campaign managers, lead development representatives, etc. What distribution channels will be used? So, how will you generate more leads? As a Marketing Leader, you are expected to contribute to the revenue goal. How much of this will come from new customers? Mature marketing organizations ex pect this number to be upwards of 30%. Do you have enough leads to hit this number?

Leads 232

ZoomInfo Targeted Audiences, the Next Chapter in Targeted Advertising


As programmatic budgets grow, the demand for accurate data increases. As the market changes to accommodate improvements and optimizations, advertisers are starting to demand better, more trustworthy data to support their campaigns.