Mon.Dec 04, 2023

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The 4 Key Performance Indicators Sales Managers Need to Track

The Center for Sales Strategy

There are four key performance indicators I recommend everyone keep a weekly focus on. If you are a manager who does weekly individual focus meetings with your AE's or if you are a manager managing managers, these four things will help you keep the focus of the individual and the team on things that are crucial in moving the needle. These four essential metrics will tell you if you are on track for success.

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Risk Avoidance as a Competitive Advantage

Sales and Marketing Management

Risk is part of being in business, but you must be ready to react positively to industry influences and marketplace changes with risk-abating solutions. The post Risk Avoidance as a Competitive Advantage appeared first on Sales & Marketing Management.


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AI-Powered Selling and the Social Graph

Sales 2.0

In the near future, savvy salespeople are going to greatly enhance their sales by leveraging AI. One of the mechanisms for this improvement will be leveraging the “social graph” more effectively. It’s always been true that a referral beats any other lead, with referrals converting to customers 50% of the time, according to Joanne Black. AI will help us use our “social graph” to find referrals without spending too much time on research.

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Why Can’t We Be Customer Focused?

Partners in Excellence

This morning, I’ve been having a fascinating email conversation with my friend, Brian MacIver. If you don’t know/follow Brian, you should, he’s one of the best thinkers/practitioners I’ve met in selling. We were talking, loosely, around the advantages of being customer focused and what that means. He was sharing data that, frankly, wasn’t surprising, but it was stunning.

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The New GTM Playbook: 18 Ways to Future-Proof Your Sales Team

Longer sales cycles. Increasingly discerning buyers. More meetings. Intensifying competition. Economic uncertainty. Go-to-market teams of every size, in every industry, are grappling with these challenges firsthand. Thankfully, there’s an answer. We’ve developed an entirely new way for GTM leaders to identify and execute proven, data-driven strategies that drive revenue.

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You’re a New Sales Manager, Now What? Featuring Mike Weinberg

Sales Gravy

On this episode of the Sales Gravy Podcast, I dive into part two of my conversation with sales leadership expert Mike Weinberg on what new sales managers need to do to get off to a successful start. The information in this episode is so good that you'll want to listen twice and take good notes. Navigating the Challenges of Being a New Sales Manager The episode kicks off with an engaging story from Jeb Blount about his early days in sales leadership.

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? SEO Still About Backlinks? Landscape of SEO Strategies


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews AJ Silber, founder of Small Business Bonfire. They discuss the evolution of SEO, emphasizing the shift from backlink reliance to building topical relevance and E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trust). Silver predicts Google will prioritize content based on the author’s experience and expertise.

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Top Digital Media Companies in Boston, MA: A Comprehensive Guide


Explore the best digital media companies in Boston, MA with our in-depth guide. Discover how they revolutionize business success and find your ideal partner today!

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SEO Still About Backlinks? Landscape of SEO Strategies (video)


The Changing Landscape of SEO Our conversation began with AJ Silber , who is currently based in London, UK, sharing his insights on the evolution of the SEO industry. He noted that in the past, SEO strategies heavily relied on backlinks. However, due to the cost and time-consuming nature of this approach, the focus has shifted towards building topical relevance and establishing E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trust).

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Navigating Success: Thomas Watson Sr.’s Sales Leadership Principles

Janek Performance Group

When salespeople debate who the greatest salesperson is of all time, many names are tossed around. One name often missed is Thomas J. Watson Sr., the founder of International Business Machines (IBM). Tom Watson did for selling what Henry Ford did for manufacturing. Watson’s pioneering approach to sales and training was key in shaping modern sales practices.

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Supercharge Your Sales: 5 Steps to Effortless Selling

Sales teams often lose precious time hunting for updated sales materials, while marketing struggles to keep these assets accessible and current. It's not just about managing; it's about seamlessly finding, presenting, and sharing critical sales content. All of this takes place within an intuitive, unified platform. Dive into Showell's groundbreaking content management realm.

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Top 10 Internet Marketing Services in Portland Reviewed


Discover the best internet marketing services in Portland with our comprehensive review. Elevate your business's online strategy in OR today!

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Our Expertise in SEO

Leading Results Rambings

At Luna Creative Marketing, SEO is one of our core strengths. We take great pride in our ability to help businesses thrive in the competitive online world through effective and ethical search engine optimization practices. In this chapter, we will delve into what sets us apart as a leading digital marketing agency and why choosing to work with Luna Creative Marketing can make a significant difference in the success of your online presence.

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Timing is Everything: Here’s the Best Time to Cold Call Prospects


The timing of a cold call can make all the difference between landing a sale or getting hung up on. That’s why there’s an endless supply of advice about when to hit the phones, and when to avoid dialing at all costs. Are late mornings on Wednesdays good? How about 4 p.m. on Mondays? While it feels more satisfying to target a specific time and day, these time slots actually don’t guarantee your prospect will answer — and they’ll definitely be harder to manage if you’re juggling multiple time zone

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Demand Forecasting vs. Sales Forecasting — The Complete Guide

Hubspot Sales

If you’re a business owner like me, you’re probably familiar with the terms demand forecasting and sales forecasting. Ultimately, these are strategies you can use to predict demand and revenue, ensuring you have enough resources on hand and enough money coming in. But as with all things, it’s not always that simple. Not to mention, figuring out the difference between demand forecasting vs sales forecasting can be tricky too.

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3 Sizzling Ways to Warm up Cold Calls

Even in today’s data-driven sales world, cold calling remains a fact of life for many go-to-market professionals. Fortunately, today’s sales leaders have a crucial advantage over their predecessors: market intelligence and outreach platforms that can warm up virtually any introduction.

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The Snowball Effect For Building Sales Pipeline | Brian Liebel - 1727

Sales Evangelist

In this episode of the TSE podcast, host Donald Kelly speaks with development lead Brain Liebel from Ambition. They dive deep into the rhythms of successful sales strategies and performance to redefine the sales approach. Donald and Brian unpack the essence of human interaction in sales, the strategic 'snowball effect' of building a robust sales pipeline, and how to turn data from sales conversations into tactical gold.