Do I Really Need Another Rep?

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Add another rep, drop them into a territory? I need quick growth. My current reps are good, but coverage is unsaturated. . Shouldn’t I just add another headcount? Isn’t that the quickest route to revenue? My on boarding process takes a.

4 Ways to Incorporate Targeting When Setting Sales Goals

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Sales Leaders buyer personas ideal targets inbound marketing marketing MBOs sales compensation sales goals sales management setting sales goals targeting territory planningDo you have a process for connecting your targeting process with setting sales goals? Once you’ve established a targeting process and identified your ideal targets, it’s important to ensure that your targets are tied to sales goals.

3 Key Findings from SiriusDecisions Summit

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2) Tangible value / ROI must be communicated earlier in the buyer’s journey – more prospects than ever, some 60% or more in a typical pipeline, are choosing to “Do Nothing” versus saying “Yes”.

6 Ways to Improve Your B2B Sales Prospecting


Prospecting uncovers potential buyers, fuels an organization’s sales pipeline, and provides important context to future sales conversations. B2B sales prospecting is the act of looking for potential buyers, customers, or clients to convert into new business.

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Five Keys to a Successful New Product Launch

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Follow them and you will educate your buyers and enable your reps. Reps need to know who in their territory wants to hear about the new widget. Target Buyer Persona Profiles. The next step to a successful product launch is identifying the target Buyer Personas. Buyer Personas answer the following key questions: What are the buyer’s objectives? What’s important to the buyer? Buyer Problem the New Product Solves.

Sales Data Or Insight Driven?

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One example is territory optimization, and not just in the traditional sense, but by matching types of buyers with types of sellers. Think about taking buyer persona to a different level. By Tibor Shanto – .

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Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana? [PowerOpinions Part 2]


As deal sizes get larger you’ll need to start mapping out a larger and larger set of buyer personas. You need to know, for each of your target accounts, who are the specific people that fit your buyer personas?

Why Your Sales Ops Plan for Next Year May Already Be Obsolete

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Setting Quotas, territory structures, headcounts and total compensation budgets are examples. Self-Directed Buyers are the New Reality. The average B2B buyer is 57% done with their purchase decision before sales engages. Build the personas into your CRM.

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How to Create a Sales Plan: The Ultimate Guide

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Buyer personas. Keep in mind you might have different buyer personas for different products. That’s why it’s important to consistently review and update your personas. If you have territories, assign a sub-goal to each. What’s a sales plan?

Avoid a Career Mistake Before It's Too Late

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You’ve had average results recently because your territory is a real dog. Here’s what you should find out: Sales Territory Design : Are both existing customers and prospects considered when territory structures are built? Are the best performers given the best territories? What territory will you get as a new hire? Buyer Personas : At the core of sales is the buyer. In the trenches every day, sales reps deal with a lot of pressure.

6 Key Behaviors That Define an Agile Salesperson

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Her curiosity about the account and her focus on learning were behaviors I knew she would carry across her entire territory. For example, a very adaptable salesperson might ask themselves: Why should I focus on one buyer persona over another?

The #1 Selling Challenge – Find New Business

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Your sales territory has moved online. Define what your customers look like by building a buyer persona(s) – It’s very difficult to find what you are looking for unless … you know what you are looking for. Selling is not a “chicken or egg” riddle. There is no question that, if you can’t find new sales opportunities, there will be no new revenues. In today’s world of social selling, this task falls into two disciplines … being found and finding.

Quit Your Cold Email Strategy


It’s important to understand what challenges are faced by the specific personas you are reaching out to. Having a solid understanding of your buyer personas and which business problems your product can solve is key. .

An S.O.S. From Sales Ops to Company Leadership

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Territories and quotas that maximize output. Buyer changes demand your action today. Buyer Persona research living in your CRM. Listen up Chief Sales Officer. Take note CEO, marketing leader and CIO. It’s time that Sales Operations gets your undivided attention.

How HR Stops the Exit of Top Sales Talent Now and for the Future

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Also look at their ability to embrace new social and marketing methods (do they use Twitter, how big is their LinkedIn network, do they consume top sales blogs like this one, are they aware of buyer personas, do they value and suggest improvement to Marketing for leads generated, etc.).

Is Sales Ops Enabling the Buyer Process?

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But is that the same as enabling the buyer to buy? Buyers don’t care about how your organization wants to sell. Consider everything from strategy to territory design and all your work in-between. Is everything you do making it easier for your buyers to buy?

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Is Your Sales Compensation Driving the Right Behaviors?

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Here are a handful that could impact overall compensation attainment: Lack of sufficient leads caused by failure to identify the Buyer Personas. Weak content marketing that does not support the buyer’s journey. Territory potential and/or Quota calculated incorrectly.

Dynamic Data: Why B2B Businesses Must Abandon Static Data


But, today we’re venturing into uncharted territory to discuss a recent—and necessary—trend in business data. 2. Progressive persona profiling. Here at ZoomInfo we talk a lot about buyer personas —what they are, why you need them, and how to create them.

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The 3 Ways Experienced Sales Reps Typically Fail.

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This helps them hone in on the most lucrative buyer personas and disqualify poor fits. When a buyer who’s six months away from renewing their contract falls in her lap, the rep thinks, “That’s not the DNA of my typical buyer; I’m not going to invest in the opportunity.”.

How to Become a Sales Ops Leader To Watch

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Recommend your favorite author on territory design strategy. Will lower Customer Acquisition costs necessitate a new buyer profile? Can you reduce sales cycle length and improve customer retention by creating buyer personas and buyer process maps?

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating and Using a Sales Playbook

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A sales playbook is a document outlining your sales process; buyer personas; call scripts and agendas; sample emails; discovery, qualification, demo, and negotiation questions; proposal guidelines; and/or competitive intelligence guidelines. Buyer personas (a.k.a.

The Two Types of Tech Companies and How Each Should Sell

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Modern buyers are savvy and look beyond value, so companies should categorize themselves according to the markets they most influence and segment customers according to how they buy. The way you need to sell – Sellers at technology leaders need to get in front of more buyers, disqualify bad leads quickly, and streamline the process for qualified buyers to transform lead volume into conversions.

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New Hire Training for Salespeople: The Ultimate Guide

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Walk through your buyer personas. Create vertical-, role- or territory-specific trainings. And train your reps on specific verticals or territories they’ll be targeting (i.e., The average ramp-up time for salespeople is between six and nine months.

The Ultimate Guide to Prospecting: How Many Touchpoints, When, and What Type

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The "how," "when," and "what" of following up is important to get right if a rep hopes to snag the buyer's attention and make a sale. First, every industry and buyer persona is different. But this pattern communicates to the buyer that your request isn't urgent.

6 Things to Consider When Adding Foreign Partners


Use your ideal buyer persona , demographics, and psychographics as your guiding light to determine if your target market will respond well to your campaign. Expanding your partner program into uncharted channel territory is, at times, scary, exhilarating, and refreshing all at once.

The 5 Quota-Killing Mistakes Only Experienced Salespeople Make

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This helps them hone in on the most lucrative buyer personas and disqualify poor fits. When a buyer who's six months away from renewing their contract falls in their lap, the rep thinks, "That's not the DNA of my typical buyer; I'm not going to invest in the opportunity.".

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How to Fast-Track New Rep Productivity

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You’ve had an open territory for some time. Buyer Personas & Buying Process Maps. It’s every Sales Manager’s struggle. Getting quality candidates through the interview process has been slow going. You finally found an A-player. HR is done with the new-hire training.

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If Hunter-Farmer Fails: What Next?

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It is impossible to outrun the drag of vacant territories. Job fit profiles vary depending on the buyer and the sales process. Start with the buyer persona. Find out what your sales team does that brings value to your buyers through factual research. Turnover is a fierce headwind for leaders of Sales and HR. Last week I talked with two Steves who faced this challenge and developed a sustainable solution.

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Why Sales Leaders Shouldn't Skip this Critical Hiring Step

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In return you receive an empty territory and wasted resources. Each stakeholder should act like a buyer Persona within their customer. Is it focused on your objectives as the buyer? To hire effectively you need to observe sales candidates in action. This requires a “real life” scenario be required as part of the hiring process. Most sales leaders discount the job tryout because it is difficult. It is the most important component of any hiring process.

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The Ultimate Guide to Sales Qualification

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If your company has buyer personas, reference them when qualifying a prospect. Does the buyer match the demographics of a given persona? Questions you should ask at this stage include: Is the prospect in your territory? boxes the buyer into an answer.

Everything You Need to Know About Data in Sales

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Revenue by Territory. How much revenue your sales team is generating by territory. Before diving into a new data tool, do some analysis on any existing sales data, such as information about past buyers and prospects. Sales has traditionally been an intuition-driven profession.

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9 Places Salespeople Can Find New Prospects Fast

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Here are some Twitter lists you might want to create: Prospects within your territory that you want to keep tabs on. Bloggers and media that report on companies in your territory so you can find out about new companies. This is perfect if you know your ideal customer persona.

B2G sales: How tiny startups can sell to government agencies

In many ways, selling to the government is uncharted territory for startups. Define your government buyer personas. In any area of sales, it’s important to get your buyer personas right and know who you’re selling to, before doing anything else.

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Build a Bold, Data Infused Sales Strategy for 2013

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Are we currently covering or capturing buyers in our target market? How well do we know the buyer of our product/service? Typically the focus is on blocking and tackling: basic execution of a compensation plan, sales dashboards, sales crediting, and territory/customer assignments.

Was Your Career in Sales an Accident? Make it a Job You Love

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Persona training should have been part of your onboarding process, but it’s worthwhile take that a step further. Ask someone on the marketing team to take you on a deep dive of your customer personas. How to Make Your Career in Sales a Job You Love. Educate Yourself about Sales.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Prospecting

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The “how,” “when,” and “what” of following up is important to get right if a rep hopes to snag the buyer’s attention and make a sale. First, every industry and buyer persona is different. But this pattern communicates to the buyer that your request isn’t urgent.

Your Ultimate Guide to Prospecting

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The “how,” “when,” and “what” of following up is important to get right if a rep hopes to snag the buyer’s attention and make a sale. First, every industry and buyer persona is different. But this pattern communicates to the buyer that your request isn’t urgent.

How to Set Up a Lead Bot: Qualifying and Routing Leads to Sales

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We know buyers move faster than ever before,” he says. “As As salespeople, we have one hour -- from inquiry to contact -- before the buyer moves on. He explains, “Salespeople are meeting buyers later in the decision-making process. Why should you add bots to your site?

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Hiring a sales rep: How to write an effective sales job description

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Just like you do when you’re writing buyer personas, create a document (if you don’t already have one) that outlines your company culture and the people who would be the best fit. Like this: “You’ll learn everything about our service and be able to pitch the benefits of our offering whether to an executive or junior buyer.”. As an Account Executive at Zendesk Sell, you will be responsible for managing and closing opportunities within a territory.

The Pipeline ? Reports of the Death of the Salesperson Are Greatly.

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My presentation, “Customer 2.0, ” focused on how the buyer has changed and has more power than ever before. The new buyer interacts with an organization when he or she is ready (not before), does the vast majority of research online without the vendor’s help, is distracted, and so forth.

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