Priceless, The First Customer Service Experience

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Once again I realized how truly priceless the first customer service experience really is. The frontline person who opened the account and scheduled the service call was incredibly friendly and competent. So a $75 service call turned into an over $2,000 sale.

The Continue Cry to Blame Customer Service

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Yes by all accounts the cry to blame customer service is increasing. Also, there are exceptions to this blame customer service mentality. Those exceptional companies recognize customer service is what propels business growth from just surviving to thriving.

Customer Service Makes Sales Amazing


Exceptional salespeople recognize that they have dependencies and that their success depends on the performance of others in the delivery chain, particularly customer service. But in my experience engaging the frontline service team as a regular source of customer and market information doesn’t occur often enough and is not seen as a particularly high sales priority. Customer communications. Are customer’s tweets paid attention to?

Excellent Customer Service Will Be THE Differentiator

Jonathan Farrington

Their common theme is meeting the customer’s requirements and ensuring that all aspects of the business contribute to customer satisfaction. Inconsistent Customer Care. Inconsistent customer care performance can have a negative effect on customer perceptions.

Listen, Excellent Customer Service is Going to Become THE Differentiator

Jonathan Farrington

Customer care is set to become one of the most important issues facing businesses in every market – fact! Customer care programs come under a number of titles – customer services; customer satisfaction; customer focus; customer orientated etc. Their common theme is meeting the customer’s requirements and ensuring that all aspects of the business contribute to customer satisfaction. Inconsistent Customer Care.

How To Boost Client Retention – Without Customer Service or Account Reps

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Author: Ajay Gupta It’s well-known that keeping customers is much more cost-effective and profitable than securing new clients. Harvard Business Review estimated that customer acquisition is 5 to 25 times as expensive as customer retention. What’s more, a Bain & Company study found that increasing customer retention rates by a mere 5% boosts profits by 25% to 95%. Put your whole team in a customer-facing role. How to hire the best customer-facing employees.

S.A.S.S (Stupid Ass Selling Systems)

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The … Read More » Observations from the real World 3D Sales Training System client attraction client relationships Client Success closing closing sales Colleen Francis customer loyalty Customer Service Engage Selling Engage Selling Solutions Goal Setting Lead Up!

What I Learned from Oprah about Customer Service ? Score More.

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What I Learned From Oprah About Customer Service. Need to hone your customer service skills and build more brand loyalty? All told, it was a most fantastic weekend where it was reinforced to me: Don’t forget who your customers are.

The Quicksand of Customer Loyalty Those Nasty Complaints

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Building customer loyalty must address unsolved problems aka customer complaints. Take a moment to think about a problem that you had with a product or service provider such as a hospital, a retail store or a new car dealership. Was your customer complaint or problem resolved to YOUR expectations or was it resolved to the provider’s satisfaction? Now think about your customers and their unresolved problems. Customer loyalty attitudes.

Customer Retention, Customer Service, Customer Experience The Rant Goes On

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I’ve spent hours on the phone with customer service representatives. One is software and overall system, one is hardware, one is parts, one is warranty replacement parts. Each time, I have to go through the same story, give them the same customer numbers, email addresses, problem ID’s. Brock, we are dedicated to customer service and solving your problem. Things are so much simpler, if we always start with the customer point of view.

Sales Training System: Do You Have One? | Sales Motivation and.

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Sales Training System: Do You Have One? Do you have a sales training system you believe in? It never ceases to amaze me how few salespeople have a personal sales training system. Having a personal sales training system is as important as taking the time to exercise. Look to learn something new each day from one of your customers. The best teachers are our customers. Sales Training Tip #393: Your Body Language and the Customer’s Objection.

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Stop Using Your Brain as Your CRM

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I would be a rich person if I was paid a dollar each time a salesperson told me they don’t enter most information into their CRM system because they have a good memory and can remember. Recording information in your CRM system must be part of your regular routine.

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Securing Repeat Sales from Existing Customers with 2/2/2

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Each contact you make is designed to help you move from thanking the customer for their business to securing more business. The objective of this call is to not only have the customer appreciating you more, but also to begin understanding better their needs. Does this system work?

10 Reasons For Using Sales CRM System Or Software For Your Sales Reps


Improving Your Customer Service. The possibility of having “improving your customer service” in every single number of this list is not at all remote. Higher Revenues From Customers. A CRM is an agent’s bestfriend as much as girls have diamonds for theirs.

Do You Have The Pieces-Parts Or A Working System?

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Having all the pieces/parts does not give you a working system or a high performing organization. Marketing works on demand generation, developing content, nurturing customers, but aren’t producing sales qualified leads.

Fitbit or Sellbit?

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If more sellers embraced their sales day with the same vigour that they embraced their 10,000 step Fitbit challenges there would be a heck of a lot more companies accelerating revenue this year.

Why Telemarketing Remains the Unsung Hero of Lead Generation

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She is the former Vice President of Telesales & Customer Service at Lotus Development, a subsidiary of IBM. In this position, her organization delivered $151 million in sales from corporate customers in addition to managing one million plus Customer Service inquiries.

How to Increase Customer Retention, Lifetime Value and Reduce Your Cost Per Sale

Keith Rosen

If delivering exemplary customer service is a cornerstone to building your business, revenue, referrals and client retention, then why do most companies invest more time on customer acquisition instead of retention, fail at meeting customer expectations and ultimately lose business to competitors?

How Your Small Business Brand Affects Your Customers’ Behaviors

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Your small business brand is all about the expectations held by your loyal customers and not so loyal ones. If these expectations are not met, then your customers’ behaviors may potentially change and they may no longer be your loyal customers.

United Could Have Avoided Dragging Passenger Off Plane

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They felt it was a better decision to drag a PAYING customer out of his seat and force him to miss his pre-confirmed flight because they didn’t want to spend more than a few hundred bucks to get him or anyone else to volunteer. It’s never OK to mistreat a paying customer.

The Customer is King? Actually No, Not Always …

Jonathan Farrington

I am really big on “customer care” and I have been for a very long time, as regular visitors here will know. Customers are the lifeblood of our business, and without them we have no business. I am really sorry you are yet again unhappy with our service.

What is Your Customer’s Preferred Method of Communication?

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News flash: Your customers don’t always use the same verbiage and lingo as you. That means what you say may not be getting through to the customer at all, let alone getting through in a way they understand.

What Have You Learned Lately About Your Customers?

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There is always something new you can learn about your customers. And this is true whether they are new customers or long-term accounts. If you pay close attention, you will see that there are often dramatic changes in customers’ industries or companies. As for asking the right questions, what I mean is regularly touch base with your customers and ask them open-ended questions that get them talking.

It Must Be Somebody’s Fault – Surely?

Jonathan Farrington

It is still the case – sadly - that for every ten thousand blog posts and articles I read about winning new business, I read one about customer retention - why? Negative thinking In this environment, it is likely that customer complaints will increase.

Sales Leadership Friday: Two Deadly Words in Sales… “If” and “Then”

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Here’s another one: If we had a decent CRM system, then I know I could track leads better. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard salespeople and sales managers use what I refer to as the two deadly words in sales: “if” and “then.”

Incremental Sales and the Art of Following Up

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How much business do you get from customers after they’ve placed their initial order with you? You’re a salesperson and you sell software systems. Too many salespeople wait too long before reaching back out to the customer.

Would You Buy From Yourself?

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Now step back and begin to think for a moment about what prospects and customers are seeing? If a salesperson doesn’t have enough confidence that they would buy what they are selling, then why would a customer be expected to do anything different?

Have You Been Following the Olympics?

The Sales Hunter

It may not matter if you care about the Olympics, but they likely matter to your customers. If you’re wondering how I know what to talk about, it goes back to my CRM system and the notes I keep on people I talk to. Blog Customer Service Networking Sales Motivation

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Social Selling and Brand Building Dogs and Winners from a Cross.

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How could selling, customer service, cold calling, brand-building, and sales strategies have anything to do with our recent drive across the U.S.? Starbucks – We loved the wi-fi in every store and consistent brand and great product/service.

How to perform Customer Base Triage and Why It Matters

Babette Ten Haken

Typically, customer base triage is conducted in reaction to a large number of customer casualties. Without a solid plan for customer base triage, you are unable to prioritize which customers are most viable. First, performing customer base triage raises a red flag.

There Is No Substitute for Top Notch ? Score More Sales

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Quality surroundings, impeccable customer service, and amazing attention to detail creates a great first impression and begins the foundations of customer loyalty. So – how do YOU offer “top-notch” service? Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues.

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CRM: 15 Years Later, now a friend

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The marketing campaign features are extremely important and the interface to accounting/ERP systems greatly improve the customer service aspect as well as giving a more 360 view, makes CRM a more than a salesperson’s tool. The mistake I see in many CRM systems and vendors are they focus on the salesperson, not on the needs of the sales manager or organization. Leadership Management sales leadership Sales Leadership Training Sales Management Sales Management Systems

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Breaking Down Silos and Building Bridges

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Teaser: Sales, marketing, customer service and onboarding/operations functions are often running as disparate business systems that are not conducive to creating the holistic experiences that today’s customers expect. Sales, marketing, customer service and onboarding/operations functions are often running as disparate business systems that are not conducive to creating the holistic experiences that today’s customers expect.

Top 3 Lessons in Selling from the Post Office ? Score More Sales

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Postal Service’s system has gotten. Postal Service must reduce its operating costs by $20 billion by 2015 in order to return to profitability,” said David Williams, vice president of network operations at the US Postal Service, in a prepared statement.

How Speech Analytics Can Improve the Contact Center Experience


If you’ve ever called a customer service department for help, you’ve probably heard the message: “Your call may be recorded for quality assurance.” Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania wanted to learn why its customers were calling.

Putting the Social into CRM Predictions for 2012 ? Score More Sales

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Having a sure-fire repository, or “catch-all” place to help support your business growth was the original purpose of a CRM system quite a few years ago. A social CRM strategy should benefit marketing, customer service, sales and e-commerce.

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How to Build Relationships With Mobile-First Customers


Editor’s note: the following is a guest blog post in collaboration with Tracy Blanchard, an experienced freelance writer and business blogger, who focuses on providing advice for small businesses, customer service teams, and sales departments. Why should businesses be marketing to mobile-first customers? Here are the top 5 tips for how to improve your business’ relationships with mobile customers: 1. all-in-one solution to connecting with your mobile customers.

Why CEOs Are Failing Account Based Sales Reps

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Belief Systems: You believe salespeople are born, not developed. Because of this belief, CEOs invest more money in beer Fridays and office supplies than training their salespeople, sales managers, or any other department that interfaces with the customer. .

Sales Tech Game Changers: How to Drive Effective Relationship Management

Smart Selling Tools

To manage those insights, we’ve created a suite of powerful tools that arm sales reps and their managers with the ability to organize and develop their customer relationships. According to G2 Crowd, an independent analyst firm, 83% of our customers fully adopt and use our CRM.

How Sugar Solves your IT Department’s Biggest CRM Challenges


While sales and customer service teams live inside the CRM on a daily basis, it’s the IT department that is responsible for executing a successful deployment plan, and for the vital function of integrating the CRM with other tools like email and your ERP. In this post, let’s examine some of the biggest CRM challenges that IT organizations must face, and how Sugar can help: Integrating with core systems is a nightmare – Sugar plays nice with everyone.

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