How To Handle A Client That Wants A Bigger Discount

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One of the most common is the issue of price, where a prospect has not yet seen the value of paying the price for your products or services. Now, what if your prospect that you’re dealing with wants a bigger discount ? Firstly, ask why the discount is necessary.

The 5 Best Phrases To Use When Offering Your Prospect A Discount

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No matter how good your discussions have been with a prospect, there will come a time when you simply have to talk about lowering your prices. Even though you’ve built up your value, it still seems the prospect wants to shave a few pennies from your price in order to satisfy their innate desire to feel they have ‘made a deal’. Make it clear, though, to the prospect that you are going to trade rather than concede.

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3 Ways To Handle Clients That Won’t Stop Negotiating Discounts

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One way they do this is to keep negotiating a discount , no matter what figure you have dropped or discounted to. Some prospects like to see how much discount they can get and will be like a dog with a bone.

How To Respond When The Prospect Asks For A Discount

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You’ve presented the product or service and the prospect has shown interest. You’ve discussed the value you could offer and the prospect has agreed that the product is right for them. The prospect asks for discount. Prospecting Offering Discounts preventing discounts

Salespeople Who Give Discounts are Not Salespeople

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It’s time for me to rant about salespeople and discounts. When a salesperson offers a customer a discount, what they’re saying is they have not been able to do a good enough of a job demonstrating value to the customer.

When Should I Discount to Close a Deal?

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You’re thinking, “If I just discount the price, I will be able to close the deal.” Blog pricing Professional Selling Skills Prospecting discount discounting price valueLet’s face it — there’s not one salesperson who has not struggled with this issue. ” Does this hit home with you? I suspect it does, as it’s one of the most common issues thrown at me when I’m speaking […].

Are You Sending “Discounting” Signals?

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Hands down it had what we were looking for and now comes the clincher — these guys will discount! Yes, you can say for a moment that would be the type of company you would want to sell for because they’re willing to discount to close the deal.

Discounting Belongs in Every Sales Tookit


Discounting gets a bad rap. Critics consider it an act of desperation, a last-ditch knee-jerk tactic vendors try when prospects get nervous and jittery about buying. Discounting is a Sure Sign of Sales Failure , proclaims one recent headline. Don’t ban discounting.

VIDEO SALES TIP: Never Ever Discount Your Price

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The prospect or customer who wears you down on price will wear you down on everything else. Never discount your price. You do not want the customers you attract by discounting. Blog pricing Professional Selling Skills discount price sales discounting

Prospects Who Demand Discount, The 5 Stages of Negotiation & A Quote From Benjamin Mays

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This podcast includes: How we deal with prospects who demand a discount. The post Prospects Who Demand Discount, The 5 Stages of Negotiation & A Quote From Benjamin Mays appeared first on MTD Sales Training. Episode 28: To my sales professional connections (and trainers) This podcast includes: How we deal with prospects who demand a discount The 5 stages of negotiation A quote from Benjamin Mays Take a look at this episode on [link].

Should Discounting be a Sales Strategy?

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If the strategy is to reduce your price to close more sales, you first have to ask if price is even an issue with the prospect. I am committed to helping salespeople and companies understand why discounting is a bad sales strategy.

Why Discounting At The End Of The Year Fails

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Every year, at about this time, salespeople and their companies begin the process of offering discounts to their prospective clients as a way to compel them to sign a contract before the end of the year. Obtaining a discount doesn’t often outweigh their broader priorities.

VIDEO SALES TIP: EASIEST Way to Sell Without Discounting

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Because the EASIEST way to sell without having to discount is through your referral business. Blog Prospecting prospect prospecting referrals sales referrals testimonials Are you making the most of your referral business?

Avoid the Urge to Discount by Using Your Pipeline to Give You Confidence

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An easy way to help you control this urge is by always carrying with you a list of all of the customers/sales prospects that are in your pipeline. ” The answer here is to make sure you always have with a list of the next 20 prospects you’re going to call on.

Executive Sales Leader Briefing: Quit Trying to Use Discounts to Close Sales

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What makes you think offering a discount is going to be an effective way to close a deal? Blog leadership pricing Professional Selling Skills Prospecting high-profit prospecting price prospect prospecting sales sales leader sales leadershipThe reasons are many, but none of them make any sense. The key is to be focused on the value the customer will receive and the outcome they will achieve by buying from you. You can’t cut […].

Is Bad Prospecting Causing You to Discount Your Price to Close a Sale?

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Too many salespeople suffer from having to discount the price to close the sale. Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting lead generation pipeline prospect prospecting sales funnelWe can talk all we want about the need to create value for the customer, but if the salesperson still decides to cut the price then clearly something is not right. To understand this problem we need to go upstream […].

Stop Discounting with These 5 Tips


Regardless of the pricing model, you have worked hard to develop when push comes to shove, and often even before push comes to shove, salespeople cave in and offer discounts. Understand your prospect’s decision-making process. What does your pricing say about you?

7 Ways to Respond When Your Prospect Asks for a Discount

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A discount can help accelerate a slow-moving deal, create goodwill, and give you leverage for requesting concessions. But you’ll only reap these benefits by discounting strategically -- not whenever your prospect asks for one. How to Reply to a Discount Request.

Is Discounting a Deal Suicidal? Six Ways to Tell


Six Ways to Commit “Suicide by Discount”. It’s often tempting to discount your way out of sales trouble, but sometimes you’re doing more harm than good. While discounting is sometimes necessary, it’s often the biggest mistake you can make. The post Is Discounting a Deal Suicidal?

SaaS sales negotiations 101: How to respond to discount inquiries

Prospects will sometimes reach out and ask for a discount before they even sign up for a trial. Instead of debating if you should or shouldn't offer them a discount right away, you need to refocus their energy on what really matters: your product!

3 Ways Discounting Sabotages Your Sales | Sales Strategies

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???????????????????????I recently talked to a group of sales leaders. It was the last three days of their quarter and they told me, “Colleen, we have to admit: we are having a fire sale.

Five Myths About Price and Discounting


I can’t think of any concepts more misunderstood than price, pricing, and discounting. Let’s discuss five myths about pricing, and its Mr. Hyde alter-ego, discounting. Discounting is only going to convince your prospect to doubt the numbers. So…”make it up on volume” disciples: how much do you discount before down becomes up? Myth #5: You can discount for “one time”, or for a “limited time”.

Your Prospects Don’t Care About Your Price

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The last thing any salesperson needs to be concerned about is their price when they find themselves talking to a new prospect. I have watched far too many salespeople mentally take themselves out of the running with a prospect, all because they’re fixated on thinking their price is going to be too high. Professional Selling Skills breakthrough sales university discount discounting price pricing value value proposition

The 3 Step Process Of How To Give A Discount (Only if you have to!)

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The Correct Way to Offer a Discount: The Proper Price Drop. Reducing your price, offering discounts or “price dropping” is an extremely delicate issue requiring skill, practice and a strategy that when done right can do wonders for your business and career.

Know How To Respond To Inevitable Price Discount Question

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If there’s one question we often expect from our clients to come up but we almost always never have a response prepared, it would be any question pertaining to price discounts. Negotiation prospecting sales traits strategy value closing the sale initial meeting marketing proposals

Sales Tip: How to Avoid the Discounting Death Spiral

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Sales Tips and Techniques: How to Avoid the Death Spiral of Discounting in Sales Negotiations. While I was onsite the CEO and CFO were huddled to discuss pricing on a transaction for a very large prospect. Once you begin to discount, it is difficult to stop the bleeding.

Why Your Reps Discount Instead of Negotiate

But why do we see the opposite occur so often in software sales with reps frequently and even proactively offering up discounts? Sometimes reps get thrown off when a prospect says the solution is too expensive or asks for a discount.

Using Cash Flow as a Sales Prospecting Tool

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Everyone is looking for a discount. Far too many salespeople are willing to give in and give a new customer a discount thinking it’s what is needed to close a sale. Don’t get me going regarding what I think of discounting.

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Sales Tips: Avoid the Discounting Squeeze

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Sales Tips: How to Avoid the Discounting "Squeeze". I was working with a client a few years ago and saw the CEO and CFO in a meeting to discuss pricing on a transaction for a large prospect. This technique can prevent the discount death spiral that buyers orchestrate so well.

The Slippery Slope of Discounting | Sales Motivation and Sales.

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Mark’s Insights on PROSPECTING. Mark’s Insights on PROSPECTING. The Slippery Slope of Discounting. If you as a salesperson — or worse, if you as a sales manager — do not believe in the price of what you sell, then that is a bigger problem than whether you have a tendency to offer a discount. For sake of argument, let’s say that you do believe in your price, but offering a discount has become commonplace among your sales force.

End of Year Software Discounts: Savvy Cost Saving or Short-Sighted Business Move?

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As such, steep discounts are often on the table in a way that can feel as thrilling as a 50% off Apple Watch on Cyber Monday. For example, in the reference above, Apple doesn’t technically discount their technology on Cyber Monday.

5 Reasons You Sell More AFTER You Raise Your Price

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Blog pricing Professional Selling Skills discount discounting price prospect prospecting value What?! That’s what you’re thinking after reading that headline.

5 Ways to Identify a Masquerading Salesperson

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The typical response is, “I’m too busy with paperwork to follow-up with the prospect.” They give everyone a discount. They spend all day in the office preparing to prospect. Is it real? Is it fake? What is it?

Proactive Prospecting #Workshop – #Toronto – August 27

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So if you are in Toronto, or driving or flying distance, mark down August 27 in your calendar, that is the day that we will be present the Proactive Prospecting Workshop. Sign up now and take advantage of the Early Bird Special, and multi attendee discounts.

The High Cost of Discounting

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Discounting is unfortunately a way of life for many of our sales professionals today. As a result of the late invite and competitiveness of this stage, our sales professionals are often forced to discount as the only way to win the business. Discounting of a typical 10% per deal can add up, costing this organization $50M per year in lost sales. What if you could reduce the number of deals where discounting was needed, and improve deal size overall?

Achieving Prospecting Success by Segmentation – 3

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Thus far in this series we have looked at two prospects segments that are popular among sellers, mostly because they are likely the easier of the three. The people in this segment are NOT buyers, they are at best potential prospects. By Tibor Shanto – .

4 Quick Tips to Get Better Prospects

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We all want better prospects. The question we have to ask ourselves is, “Do we get better prospects by simply finding more or do we get better prospects by taking the ones we have and making them better?” Create a level of confidence in the mind of the prospect.

How to Respond to “Can You Just Give Me a Price?”

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How many times have you received a phone call or an email from a prospect who says something like, “All I’m looking for is a price. Blog pricing Professional Selling Skills discount discounting price sales discount How much?” Admit it! We’ve all had calls like this and wow are they tempting. We think the quick quote will result in the quick sale. Quit kidding […].

Are You Being Too Accommodating to Your Customers?

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As a keynote speaker and seminar leader, I have evangelized the importance of taking care of the customer in every step of the sales process from prospecting through [.]. You’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger advocate of good customer service than yours truly.

5 Steps to Close More Sales

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Blog Closing a Sale Professional Selling Skills Prospecting closing a sale discount discounting price prospect prospecting sales prospecting sales techniques How are you doing in meeting your 2013 goal?