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How to Adapt to the Well-Educated Modern Buyer

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Kelly Bosetti Salespeople once played a significant role in educating buyers about their options and helping them come to a decision regarding a product or service, but times are changing.

Sales Training Gamification: Game On or Game Over?


Gamification is one way to get reps engaged in sales training content. But engaging and learning are two different things

The embarrassingly stupid sales mistake even smart negotiators make—And my foolproof method for avoiding it

Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine. We’ll call him Alexander. Alexander was working with one of his company’s best clients—a high-value, long-term customer. That client was evaluating alternatives and considering leaving the company for a new vendor.

How To Handle A Client That Wants A Bigger Discount

MTD Sales Training

There are many times when a sale can stall in its progress and there are many reasons for it occurring. One of the most common is the issue of price, where a prospect has not yet seen the value of paying the price for your products or services. Why does this happen?

Why Conversational AI Is Key to Customer Service in the Customer Experience Era

In today’s hyper-competitive market, every business must become a customer experience-first business. Customer satisfaction has become more important than price or any individual feature. Read the new Tractica whitepaper to learn how important conversational AI is to your CX strategy.

Why Do PE Firms Care About Customer Experience?

Sales Benchmark Index

First, what is Customer Experience and why should you care? Private Equity firms care about Customer Experience (Cx), because it is key to driving revenue growth, maximizing reducing the expense to bookings ratio, while providing customers with a great interaction.

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How to Become an Entrepreneur With No Money or Experience

Hubspot Sales

Being your own boss, calling all the shots, hustling to hit your goals -- for many people, entrepreneurship is the ultimate career goal. But as awesome as running your own business sounds, it's also incredibly difficult. How difficult? 75% of startups fail.

Putting the Customer First

Igniting Sales Transformation

In this interview, I talked with Sydney Sloan , Chief Marketing Officer at SalesLoft. You can meet Sydney personally at the Rainmaker 2019 conference here in Atlanta in March. Haven’t gotten your tickets yet? You still can. REGISTER HERE.

Sellers Must Focus on Perspective to Increase Win Rates in 2019

Miller Heiman Group

CSOs, CFOs and CMOs (and salespeople) should be troubled by the outcome of deal forecasts in 2018. Just 47 percent of forecasted opportunities resulted in wins, identical to 2017, while losses of forecast deals increased to 32 percent. On its face, this looks like a dire moment.

How Allocadia Operationalized & Automated Sales Onboarding in

Smart Selling Tools

The Undeniable Value in Customized Sales Applications. WHEN: THURSDAY, 2/28 AT 11AM PT. Hear Jocelyn Brown, SVP of Customers & Revenue at Allocadia, reveal how she and her team built and executed their sales and success onboarding within the Salesforce workflow.

10 Sales Leaders Share their Strategies for Writing Winning Proposals

PandaDoc interviewed 10 CROs and Sales leaders from companies like G2 Crowd, Sales Hacker, and Zendesk about their strategies for winning sales proposals. This eBook contains their insights and actionable takeaways that will give your team a leg up on the competition.

PODCAST 44: From Sales Engineer at Salesforce to building a $100M company w/ Travis Bryant

Sales Hacker

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast , we talk to Travis Bryant , Entrepreneur in Residence at Redpoint Ventures and former global head of Sales at Optimizely. Travis began his career designing web portals for car dealerships before joining Salesforce as a Sales Engineer.

Stop Selling and Start Building A Relationship

KO Advantage Group

When people ask me what’s the difference between sales as a whole and high value sales, I ask them which do they want to achieve better: quick wins or long-term achievements? Any sales person can make a sale, but not everyone can tap on qualified leads and generate high value sales.

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The embarrassingly stupid sales mistake even smart negotiators make—And my foolproof method for avoiding it

Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine. We’ll call him Alexander. Alexander was working with one of his company’s best clients—a high-value, long-term customer. That client was evaluating alternatives and considering leaving the company for a new vendor.

Avoid OVER-Coaching! How Managers Quickly Coach Salespeople to Improve Performance & Save their Sanity – PODCAST

Keith Rosen

I know. When you’re coaching, it can often feel like you’re continually going down a dark abyss with no end in site.

The Path to Journey Management

Speaker: Kerry Bodine and Lindsay Sykes

The practice of journey mapping has reached fever pitch. But your mapping efforts are only effective if the resulting maps help you drive organization change — and then measure the results of your efforts. Join Intouch Insight and Kerry Bodine, CX expert and co-author of Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business, as she shares Bodine & Co.’s latest research on this topic.

How Will DiscoverOrg’s Acquisition of ZoomInfo Affect Sellers?

Sales Hacker

A few months ago we wrote about Zoominfo’s acquisition of Datanyze in an effort to strengthen its sales intelligence engine. Well, along comes another fish to swallow the first two!

What to do when a sales contact ghosts you


Things are going great with your sales contact, you’re making steady progress towards a deal. You’ve had several excellent calls with them. They seem to be fully engaged and enthusiastic about your product. They asked […]. The post What to do when a sales contact ghosts you appeared first on RingDNA Inside Sales Software & Enterprise Telephony for Salesforce. Sales Best Practices Sales Strategy Social Sales B2B sales contact management engagement Inside Sales sales strategies

The Real Reason You’re Having Trouble Hiring Women in Sales (and What you can do About it Now)

Sales Hacker

Here’s a quick reality check: the competition to hire women in sales is stiff and becoming stiffer. According to a study by PwC, nearly 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies have established rigorous initiatives to increase the hiring of women in their companies.

5 Ways to Heat Up a Cold Start to the New Year

The Center for Sales Strategy

January is history, and some sellers are already singing the blues because their year is off to a cold start. That’s the bad news… here’s the good new s ; it is not too late to make some changes to accelerate revenue and improve sales performance.

How to Level Up Your Marketing Strategy with Video

Building brand awareness and acquiring customers is never easy, but how can you improve your marketing strategy with limited resources? Vidyard has you covered with their 3-in-1 guide on how to use video across your marketing efforts without breaking the bank.

Do you know why your SDR’s suck?

Frontline Selling

Many organizations have a love/hate relationship with their SDR (or BDR) team. On the one hand, they shower love on their SDR’s because (let’s face it) their job is really, The post Do you know why your SDR’s suck? appeared first on FRONTLINE Selling. Featured Mike Scher


X-Factor Compensation Leaders: How to Be Incredible at Incentive Planning (XO Group)


Learn about XO Group's sales compensation process and how Xactly has helped them improve performance

Myth Busting Part I


First three myths from my new myth busting series: Myth: I am busier than I have ever been! Reality: I am more distracted that I have ever been! – I have access to nearly every news & sports resource in the world on demand plus I have multiple social media & messaging apps of all kinds so I can pretty much distract myself so more efficiently than I ever could before.

Identifying Quality B2B Sales Leads

The SalesPro Leader

The article, Identifying Quality B2B Sales Leads originally appeared first on SalesPro Leads - Connecting You with Tomorrow's Buyers. Blog #B2Bsales #LeadGeneration #stevejobs

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4 Steps to Developing Your Customer Care Strategy

The quality of a customer care strategy can make or break a company, but simply resolving a customer service issue or complaint is no longer enough. Learn the 4 steps that address the major points you need to consider when building a customer care roadmap.

Three New Selling Skills You Need to Win with Buyers

Selling Power

Why does it make sense for salespeople to develop new selling skills? To start, consider these three facts about the current state of buying and selling. Selling Skills

Going Exponential

Selling Energy

Over the past twenty years there has been an explosion of data-based companies surpassing their “traditional” or “linear” counterparts. Most of this is due to how virtually free and accessible information is these days. Instead of maps, customers opt to use GPS systems or apps like Waze.

AI Revolution in Mobile CRM


You may not realize it—or the fact may have snuck up on you while you weren’t looking—but today there are far more smartphones out there than computers. There are currently an estimated 3 billion smartphones in use globally. Just to show the comparison, in 2017, the percentage of smartphone users accessing the internet was 63%, versus 37% by computer. There are parts of the world that don’t even have computers, but yet have mobile. There are endless applications available for smartphones today.

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Let’s Talk Sales! Sales Collaboration eBook Interview – Episode 125

criteria for success

Hope you had a great weekend, Let's Talk Sales listeners! Today's episode is all about why sales collaboration is key in business. And this month on the CFS blog, we're writing about teamwork and collaboration - so be sure to check it out! In this episode of Let's Talk Sales, I interview our Director of [ ] The post Let’s Talk Sales! Sales Collaboration eBook Interview – Episode 125 appeared first on Criteria for Success.

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Moving the Sales Performance Bell Curve

A blueprint for turning average performers into top reps.

5 Essential Sales Skills You Can’t Be Without this Year


[link]. Your sales team needs to be constantly growing and developing their sales skills. A sales team needs people who have more than the, “go go go!” mentality. It also needs competent professionals who have the essential sales skills, abilities, and talents it takes to deliver constant, successful sales. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the sales skills you’d be remiss not to master.

Clutch Ranks SalesPro Leads a Top B2B Lead Gen Firm

The SalesPro Leader

The article, Clutch Ranks SalesPro Leads a Top B2B Lead Gen Firm originally appeared first on SalesPro Leads - Connecting You with Tomorrow's Buyers.

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Elements of a Typical Enterprise Sales Process


The enterprise sales process is a grind, rife with opportunities for a deal to fall through. When the sales cycle is six months or more and requires sign-off from multiple stakeholders, getting to that final contract can seem tough. Yet it is possible to navigate enterprise sales successfully. Though every sales process is going to be unique, the key is to understand and follow these best practices for every stage in the process. Prospecting. It all begins with prospecting.