A scoop of Insideview with some Jigsaw special sauce

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“A scoop of Insideview with some Jigsaw special sauce.” tool that I think you should check out. The tool is Owler. tools of all time: Jigsaw (now Data.com as Jigsaw was sold to Salesforce.com in 2010 for a tidy $142 million in cash —I love saying that.). Tools

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Smart Selling Visions: Up-Close with Top Revenue Leader Umberto Milletti, CEO of @InsideView

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This week I interview Umberto Milletti, CEO of InsideView. Nancy: What does InsideView do? Umberto: InsideView allows companies to leverage market intelligence to find, and engage with, prospects and customers. To learn more about how InsideView empowers Sales, click here.

LinkedIn Considering Sales Enhancements with InsideView and PeopleMaps

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Early this morning, LinkedIn sent me a survey asking about my views and experiences with InsideView and PeopleMaps. They happen to be two of my most recommended sales web tools that every sales person should be using. LinkedIn wanted to know how often I use the tools, but also how it impacted my use of LinkedIn. Does my use of InsideView trigger notifications affect how often I go to LinkedIn?

Countdown to 2015: Top 5 Smart Selling Tools posts of 2014

Smart Selling Tools

Read more… Top Marketing Tools. Want to accelerate your revenue marketing with tools that let you identify, prioritize and nurture leads? Perhaps you want tools that deliver rich content that lets you convert more prospects into leads and leads into opportunities.

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The Perfect Sales Tool: Is it Time to Stop Wishing?

Smart Selling Tools

Two years ago, I wrote about the perfect sales tool and included a wish list of capabilities that simply didn’t exist back then. Admittedly, the perfect sales tool will never exist because the needs of sales organizations vary from company to company.

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Power Opinions - Experts Select Top Three Social Media Tools


The question was: What are the top three social media tools (ranked in order) and why? Fourteen responders listed twenty total social media tools: I was surprised that only nine listed LinkedIn (though Jonathan Farrington listed it on the top, middle and bottom of his list of three—I only counted it once). Anthony Iannarino (who listed blogs first on his list) stated that, “The best social media tool you will ever have isn’t a tool.

3 Must-Have Sales Tools for 2013

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On December 13 at 11AM Pacific, I will be joined by Matt Heinz , Brian Vellmure , Nancy Nardin , Koka Sexton , and Miles Austin in a free webinar: 31 Must-have sales tools for 2013. I have had a lot of fun learning about the tools everyone is going to discuss.

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Duct Tape is Not a Sales or Marketing Tool!

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This experience has helped me recognize when duct tape is the tool of choice. Judging from the business shelf at the local bookstore, duct tape might be the ultimate tool for business, but I believe other tools hold more promise.

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The Pipeline ? Reports of the Death of the Salesperson Are Greatly.

The Pipeline

At Dreamforce, Tibor and I presented at the InsideView booth. Sales Tool. Home About The Pipeline. Contest. Free Resources. Search. 0 Subscribers. Subscribe by Email. We take privacy seriously. Your email address will not be shared. Sign up for our Email Newsletter.

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7 ways to Uncover the Real Meaning (and Proper Execution) of Sales Enablement

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If you’re a sales trainer, sales enablement means giving your sales team the knowledge and tools to sell effectively(so they can sell more). If you’re a sales leader, sales enablement means any product or service that will give your team the knowledge and tools to hit or exceed quota (i.e.

BYOT Improves Your Chances of Success

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I differ from Shanto in that I do not see sales reps deploying many of the powerful new generation of sales tools in any significant number on their own. They say that they are waiting for their company to select and pay for these tools.

3 Must-Have Sales Tools for 2013

Green Lead's B2B

On December 13 at 11AM Pacific, I will be joined by Matt Heinz , Brian Vellmure , Nancy Nardin , Koka Sexton , and Miles Austin in a free webinar: 31 Must-have sales tools for 2013. I have had a lot of fun learning about the tools everyone is going to discuss.

Trigger event types

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tools, like Sweetspot , the tool I wrote about in my last post, to highlight trigger events when not all trigger events are public information. tools. tools like Sweetspot or Insideview or Owler. Tools

The Sales 2.0 Gift Horse

Sales 2.0

So I looked this guy up in Insideview and found that he was also listed there as the VP Marketing for this company. Even though they could have found out in 15 minutes by searching Linkedin, Insideview or Jigsaw – like I did. tools like Linkedin, Insideview or Jigsaw.

Where can I get the best prospect list?

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I jumped in to try and be helpful and told them I already had an Insideview account that they could use. They took me up on that offer and so far seem contented with Insideview. Tools Some sales people in my firm were discussing where they could get the best prospect lists.

This may hit your Sweetspot

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Fast forward 5 years and innovation brings us to the point where Insideview is not the only game in town. Given that this is now 2014, Sweetspot is an iPad first (and only at the moment) tool. Tools

Social Media Marketing Is NOT the Same As Social Selling

No More Cold Calling

Salespeople are always looking for ways to get in front of opportunities before their competitor can and using tools like LinkedIn , Twitter , and InsideView gives them the leverage that they need to make that happen. Everyone yelling, “Me, too!”

Top 20 Sales & Marketing Vendors to Follow on Twitter @Dreamforce ’14

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Act-On’s streamlined user interface puts first-rate marketing tools at your fingertips, making campaigns and programs easier and faster. InsideView. InsideView. InsideView ToolSkool. That’s me with Sassy.

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How to Make Your Sales Enablement Roar Like a Ferrari

Smart Selling Tools

Budgets are suddenly open to re-tooling and even organizational responsibilities are reshaped, all in support of the new product’s promise for revenue, market share and higher margins. Highspot , PointDrive , KnowledgeTree and Postwire are a few good tools for enabling this matchup.

3 Ways to Research Prospects Online to Grow Sales

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courtesy of InsideView. HELPFUL: Download InsideView’s Twitter for Social Selling Guide here. Try free tools to help monitor activity of your buyer – companies and individuals.

Insight, Triggers, And Connecting The Dots

Partners in Excellence

Fortunately, there are lots of tools like Insideview and others that can help us with this. There are lots of resources to help us understand the enterprises, not the least of which is their own web site, EDGAR if they are public, and dozens of other tools.

How To Create Smarter Sales Communication

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Tellwise has created a sales tool that provides an elegant, powerful and easy to implement solution that is easy for sellers and enjoyable for buyers. It allows sellers to use tools like email and messaging to make their jobs easier, faster and more productive. Web Tools

Why Cold Calling Is the Bottom of the Barrel

No More Cold Calling

InsideView nailed it by titling its Sales Intelligence blog “ Why Cold Calling is the Bottom of the Barrel ”. You must actively use all of the tools at your disposal. tools to find out who people are, who they know, and how you’re connected. Key Points from InsideView.

Social Selling Is Not For The Lazy

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and web tools it seems that some have gotten the idea that Social Selling eliminates the hard work of selling. Social selling allows an average sales person to become a top performer simply by using tools and techniques that allows them to socialize in a way that was only accessible to the top sales guard in the past.” I attribute one of my favorite quotes about web tools to Trish Bertuzzi , President of The Bridge Group, “A fool with a tool is still a fool.”

4 Skills Sales Reps Need to Get the Most Out of ConnectAndSell


Some salespeople default to dumping generic lists from InsideView, ZoomInfo, or other data sources into ConnectAndSell. ConnectAndSell is a powerful sales development acceleration tool if you know what you’re doing. The average ConnectAndSell client gets somewhere around seven connects and one scheduled meeting per hour. While those numbers are impressive, it takes more than buying software to get there.

Inside Sales Event Supports Art and Science of Selling

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Barsi, InsideView (I thought more folks read – and deleted emails from their phone, either way – CRAFT SHORTER messages!). EMC has developed quite a social selling team and the attendees enjoyed hearing about the tools and strategies helping EMC grow revenues.

Cold Calls Warm With Research in Advance

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The archived audio is an hour long and I promise that if you listen to it, you’ll pick up a tip or a tool you didn’t know about – since all of us on the panel took notes as well. Pre-Research Tools to look into: Our #1 “go-to” is LinkedIn for research.

Really “See” Who’s Who (And Who Matters Most) In Your Network

No More Cold Calling

But after further investigation, it appears that InMaps could be a great tool for the sales person who wants to maximize their social selling productivity. Currently Koka is the Inbound marketing Manager for InsideView the leader in Sales Intelligence.

Why Sales People Don’t Ask for Referrals

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Tools like InsideView , Discover.org and others can alert you to events that should trigger you to contact them – leadership changes, mergers, and other corporate activity.

Unicorn Alert!!! My Top 100+ STRATEGIC Social Seller List

Tony Hughes

They use the new tools and fuse them with classic methods. Strap on your narwhal horns of "strategery" and fasten your seat belts. This list is in no particular order but is nothing short of awesome! Without further ado I'm releasing my Web 3.0 Champions Twitter List to the world: Web 3.0

Three Cold Calling Mistakes to Avoid

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Today there are powerhouse tools for sales intelligence for you to use such as DiscoverOrg , iSell , InsideView , LinkedIn , SalesLoft , Data.com , Radius , and many, many more. As a rep, I invested in tools and professional development and you should too.

Three Tips to Build Powerful Customer Connections

No More Cold Calling

A big challenge of social media is the number of outlets; you’ll be more effective if you use tools that integrate social media channels. InsideView , Sales & Marketing 2.0 As Vice President of Sales for PGi Worldwide, Todd McCormick leads all sales efforts to bring innovative technology to market, teaching companies to leverage video conferencing tools to rapidly grow their business. Referrals are the secret to B2B sales: Get the meeting at the level that counts.

The New Era Of The Cold Call

Jonathan Farrington

of social media tools allow sales executives to target relevant prospects who can learn about products and services on their terms. Virtual tools can empower sales professionals like never before, driving a new economic equation for business in this economy.

3 MUST HAVES DNA for High Performing Sales Teams - Pt.1 The Hunter

Anthony Cole Training

I am reading the blog of Insideview. Tools - uses technology to aid and assist in the traditional methods of prospecting: pre-approch mail, direct mail, social networking, prospect facing networking opportunities. Sales professional tool - Sales Achievement Grader.

The Invisible Sales Rep

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Have you adapted the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” approach depicted above toward your online presence and your use of social tools? Am I blinded by my involvement in these services and in using these tools myself?

9 Steps to Boost Sales in 2014 Part 2 Planning

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You may have other data sources such as iSell by Onesource or InsideView – if you do, you’ll get a daily email (or twice daily) to quickly view other moves and changes in who you are following.

2014 The Year of Execution and Strategy – Why Most Sales Organizations will be Chewed Up and Spit Out

A Sales Guy

There is a massive influx of tools available to sales organizations. You have to have identified your sales tools of choice; Insidesales.com , Insideview , Hoopla , Tellwise , Gainsight , TAS , Qvidian , etc. You can’t use every tool, but you have to determine which tools you will use and how they will integrate with your strategy(s). I’m asked every year to make a prediction about the upcoming year.

Think Referrals Don’t Scale?

No More Cold Calling

Smart salespeople use sales-intelligence tools like InsideView to identify the people they want to meet. Think again.

3 Absolutely MUST HAVES for High Performing Sales Teams

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I am reading the blog of Insideview's recent post is about building a "Rock Star Team of Sales Hunters". Tools - uses technology to aid and assist in the traditional methods of prospecting: pre - approch mail, direct mail, social networking, prospect facing networking opportunities. Here are some great resources to help: Sales manager tool - Sales Force Grader. Sales professional tool - Sales Achievement Grader.

What Do You Want To Know?

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There are great tools to help us in that process. We learn a lot about a person by looking at their personal social profile leveraging LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other tools. We can learn about their company by visiting their website and leveraging all sorts of other tools (e.g.