Rethinking Account-Based Sales and Marketing for the Next Opportunity in 2021

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As pipelines shrank due to COVID-19, many organizations shifted from inbound to an account-based sales and marketing outreach approach. Feel free to jump ahead: What is account-based sales and marketing? Issues with one-to-many and one-to-few ABS and marketing programs.

B2B Marketing Guide


Why Did We Write This B2B Marketing Guide? This B2B marketing guide was written to provide a high-level overview of the key components included in a B2B Predictable Pipeline Strategy. Who is This B2B Marketing Guide For? If you’ve proven product/market fit, have your first 10-15 customers, and now want a strategy to scale sales and marketing, this guide is for you. Every single company struggles with deciding how to allocate sales and marketing resources.

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How Data is Democratizing Growth and Driving Disruption

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Not long ago, large enterprises—with deeply entrenched incumbent business relationships, rolodexes, and enormous advertising budgets—wined, dined, and golfed with their customers more than any small business could ever afford or imagine. Startups and challengers—even those with disruptive offerings—faced a significant uphill battle to win new business at scale and steal market share from industry leaders, because they had limited visibility and access to buyers.

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Why ZoomInfo Acquired EverString


At ZoomInfo, we see a future where our software and intelligence power a closed-loop go-to-market cycle from data, to decision, to action. Data is at the core of every go-to-market motion. We are in the early innings of a major transformation in how businesses worldwide go to market.

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Executive Interview: Peter Murphy, Global VP of Platform Sales, @MRP_Prelytix

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The problem here is structural, B2B marketers continue to hold onto strategies of the past, around industry segments, and channel-specific domain expertise. Marketers and salespeople have come to believe that hyper-targeting and hyper-personalization equal customer obsession and focus.

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Trust & Brand: How Chris Morgan Helped Build MOAT from $0 to $100M in ARR with less than $20M & 4 years


Interview with Chris Morgan, CRO at MOAT (acquired by Oracle) hosted by Rajeev Batra, Enterprise Investor at Mayfield. Chris Morgan is the CRO of Moat , which was acquired by Oracle in 2017. Rajeev: You have to get product market fit, make things repeatable, and build bench strength.

Rahim Fazal: From Rap Artist to Silicon Valley CEO

I had gotten pretty excited about new models in advertising. And ultimately that is what got the attention of Oracle. They realized that a number of their big accounts that were using other Oracle products on the commerce and content management side were also now using Involver.

20+ LinkedIn Influencers a Sales Person Must Follow in 2018 [Updated]


Gary is the CEO of Vayner Media, a full-service digital agency helping Fortune 500 companies to drive the best business outcomes using influencer marketing, class creative, media & much more. Before SalesForce, he worked for almost 13 years at database software giant, Oracle. He is a personality to follow when it comes to values, sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship. President, Heinz Marketing Inc, Keynote speaker, Author, Host of Sales Pipeline Radio.

Sales Enablement News Roundup – November 1, 2019


Don’t forget to change your clocks, and don’t miss the latest Sales, Marketing, and Enablement updates: Why Digital Transformation Projects Fail and How to Overcome It. Showpad Appoints Oracle and Marketo Veteran Helen Yu as First Chief Customer Officer. One in Three B2B Marketers Cite Data as Critical Challenge. Daylight savings is this weekend!

PowerViews with Andrew Gaffney: Tipping Points & Differentiators


Working with a wide variety of clients from tech firms to sports properties and lifestyle brands, Andrew has crafted successful campaigns built around white papers, event-based advertising and sales training materials for clients such as Major League Baseball, Canon, DuPont, SAP, Business Objects, Oracle and many others. Merger & Acquisition Activity in CRM & Marketing Automation Expected to Increase. Marketing and Sales Alignment: Beyond the Tipping Point.

Sales2.0 Conf: All About Alignment

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Marketing and sales organizations also need to be in alignment so they don’t veer off into the ditch. It’s not quite as simple to perform a marketing/sales re-alignment as it is with cars, unfortunately. The two day event being held again at the Four Seasons hotel in San Francisco includes speakers from behemoths like IBM, Huthwaite, Oracle, Dell, and HP, as well as end-user organizations like Farm Credit Services of America, Dow Corning, and Kaplan Higher Education.

The Not-So-Fab Four

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Now, with access to global markets, the ability to scale your intellectual property and, whether it’s through LinkedIn, Facebook or consumer discover, the ability for good products and good people to get out there, everyone has a shot at becoming part of something groundbreaking. Is this true for B2B or mainly a consumer marketing tenet? Each requires a sales process, marketing and excellent customer service. It can be about how a product is marketed, purchased or delivered.

Need an Expert for Your Next Panel, Presentation, or Podcast? Here Are Over 530 of the Top Female Sales Practitioners

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Marketing. VP Europe Sales, Presales and Marketing. Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Vice President of Sales, Metro Markets. Team Lead, North America – Global Marketing Solutions. S&P Global Market Intelligence. VP Sales, Mid-Market.

Appointment Setting Companies


EBQ By Appointment Only Strategic Sales & Marketing. Vsynergize Salesify Ecoast Marketing Cience SalesPro Leads. Extended Presence B2B Only Appointment Setters Pereus Marketing. In addition to appointment setting, EBQ provides full service sales and marketing outsourcing. You can outsource your entire sales, marketing, or customer service department to EBQ. Strategic Sales & Marketing. Ecoast Marketing. Pereus Marketing.

Building Customer Relationships for Sales Success with Tracy De Cicco, Konposit

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She has also worked with the small & medium business market as well as with start-ups. She has also worked at Oracle as well as Hewlett-Packard. She has been published in an academic journal and has published recently on the topics of blockchain as well as the technology shift in digital advertising. I’m once again joined in this interview with co-host Carole Mahoney.

170+ Women in Sales Share Their Career-Defining Aha Moment

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A Vietnamese immigrant, dedicated mother, and seasoned technology executive, Hang Black has an extensive background in engineering, marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship. 2x Founder leading sales, marketing and operations teams. Women in sales often have a polarizing experience.

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These 36 RevOps Leaders Have Something (Great) to Say

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RevOps leaders are talking about trends in the market, and how the move towards RevOps will change everything from marketing to sales development to post sales. Marketing automation. Jen is a revenue generating marketer and sales expert.

TSE 1145: Flip the Script

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Oren is the world’s leading expert on sales, raising capital and negotiation and has written for Harvard Business Review, Advertising Age Entrepreneur, among others. There is a trend, a recurring theme in the market that says “I deserve to get what you sell for free.” Among Microsoft, Oracle, Google Services, and Amazon, they’re all the same stuff. The offerings in the market are plain vanilla, and his company offers the same stuff, too.

Inbound vs Outbound Sales: What is the right choice for you?


The most popular mediums that help in completing the inbound sales are: SEO Content Marketing Email- Marketing Social Media Affiliate Marketing. Inbound Sales Methodology also helps in brand marketing with Word of Mouth communication.

The Networking Season is Back Again


So, are you all set for the forthcoming B2B sales and marketing events? This conference is a hub for major players in the field of digital marketing. The speakers include VPs, COOs, CEOs, marketing professionals, and leaders from companies such as Dun and Bradstreet, Adobe, LiveRamp, CNN, and TripAdvisor. This summit offers a chance to learn from the world’s best sales and marketing organizations about the latest innovations and trends in 2018.

NetProspex Product Review: Powerhouse for Lead Lists

Green Lead's B2B

As many of you would expect, Green Leads consumes prospect lists at a rate that far exceeds most outbound marketing efforts. Users can search on meta-data of specific attributes at companies such as what software system their organization is using, for instance, NetSuite or Oracle. See the breakdown to the right just for Marketing contacts.

Ode to The Salespeople Customers Can't Wait To Meet?

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Bernadette McClelland mentors and teaches salespeople within B2B markets in Australia, NZ and India to sell more effectively, step up their sales leadership skills and become trusted advisors. Commonly CRM, Goldmine, Salesforce, Excel, SPSS, PowerPoint, Office, SAP/Oracle, LexisNexis, HRSmart, Sageabra, MBAware, Synergy, and Word, were used to track my successes and those I directly impacted offering detailed areas of successful practices and areas of needed attention.

Best Sales Blogs: The Ultimate List of 55+ (Recently Updated!)

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How to Make Sales and Marketing Meetings More Effective and Impactful. Leah Bell is the Content Marketing Specialist for SalesLoft. While you’re there, you can also benefit from the other organized topics from marketing to productivity and more. . Matt Heinz on Marketing.