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How To Boost Client Retention – Without Customer Service or Account Reps

Sales and Marketing Management

That means marketers, sales professionals, operations people, and analysts all work in tandem to interact directly with customers – eliminating or greatly limiting involvement of customer service or account representatives. That’s when I decided to have the people who do the hands-on client work interact directly with customers.

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Holistic Customer Service: Why Customer Experience Is a Shared Responsibility in the Company


The concept of customer service has evolved from a post-sale afterthought to a key driver of business success. Today, it’s not just about solving customer problems but creating an experience that resonates with them at every touchpoint. This brings us to the core concept of holistic customer service.


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Does Your Company Have A Customer Service Strategy?

Sell Integrity

Most companies like to say they provide great customer service and deliver it with integrity, but what does that really mean? Have you created a customer service strategy that defines those expectations? . Implementing A Customer Service Strategy. Customer Service Strategy Through The Standards of Behavior.

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Customer lifecycle & CRM: How CRMs impact marketing, sales, and customer service teams


Especially when it comes to the customer lifecycle and CRM, the possibilities are endless. But CRM does more than just support your customer service team. In this article, we’re giving you the inside scoop on how CRMs impact marketing, sales, and customer service teams to help your business thrive.

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New Product Launch – Identifying the Right Promotional Channels

SBI Growth

You have two major responsibilities; Sales Enablement and Promotion. Then generate demand through promotional channels. Promotion may be your weak leg of an upcoming product launch. The investment is often followed by unimaginative promotion plans. Make sure you have the right promotional channels for your product launch.

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5 best practices for offering excellent customer service

Zendesk Sell

Great customer service is a key part of any successful business. Poor customer service has the opposite effect. According to the NewVoiceMedia’s 2018 “Serial Switchers” report , poor customer service costs businesses around $75 billion a year. Only 5% did not share a negative customer service experience.

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6 Easy Ways to Spot Toxic Customer Service


I’ve always said that sales is in the customer service business; you can’t sell someone anything if you have a toxic relationship with them. With such behavior how can any organization claim they put their customers first? The post 6 Easy Ways to Spot Toxic Customer Service appeared first on SalesPOP!