Practice DOESN'T Make Perfect

The Sales Heretic

The dojo where I’ve been training in aikido for the past dozen years recently reopened for class on a very limited basis. Despite numerous safety precautions, however, a lot of students are—understandably—not yet comfortable returning to train. Sales closing practice presenting prospecting qualifying trainingIn fact, at a recent class, I was the only student. Which was awesome! I got a full [.].

Should I Have a Presentation to Share When I Am Prospecting?

The Sales Hunter

A few weeks ago, I received a prospecting email that contained over 15 different links. Your focus while prospecting is on uncovering a need and creating confidence. It’s not the time to deliver a presentation. Not only am I anti-presentation in the prospecting phase, but I have a strong distaste for formal sales presentations at any time during the selling phase. The presentation is to benefit the customer not to feed your ego.


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Prospecting, Mistakes You Need to Avoid Now

Mr. Inside Sales

What’s the biggest mistake sales reps make with prospecting or cold calling? Your prospecting will go a lot better if you do! Cold calling mistake #2: Don’t pitch your prospect—yet. The second biggest mistake sales reps make when prospecting is to immediately dump a pitch on someone as soon as they pick up the phone (think, commission breath). and allow your prospect to engage with you. ON DEMAND SALES TRAINING THAT GETS RESULTS!

What To Do When Something Goes Wrong In Your Presentation

MTD Sales Training

The presentation is going well, the customer is appreciating all our demonstrations, your ideas are being well-received…. I had this situation when I was presenting to a prospective client a few years ago, and it wasn’t funny. It wasn’t the death nell in the whole presentation, but my slides had facts and figures on them that would have proved beneficial for the prospect to see. Then take a look at our Sales Presentation Skills Webinar.

ACT 194

7 Must-Have Automated Documents for Sales Success

Putting together a beautiful, presentable report—for executive or. delaying delivery of the proposal and giving prospects. Will your prospects wait around patiently during. they’ve set for prospects and clients are likelier to win. presentations. •

A Complete Prospecting System

The Pipeline

From the time of the first salesperson, sales leaders have been trying to figure out how to get their teams to prospect. In a recent survey, 42% of sales and corporate leaders identified prospecting as a skills gap in their organizations. The Complete Prospecting System.

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Black Friday: On-Demand Training on Sale First Time Ever!

Mr. Inside Sales

And today, I have an easy way for you and your team to do that: Get access to the Best Inside Sales Training available anywhere and save 20% for the first time ever! ON DEMAND SALES TRAINING THAT GETS RESULTS! The post Black Friday: On-Demand Training on Sale First Time Ever!

3 Ways to Handle: “I Don’t Have Time for the Presentation”

Mr. Inside Sales

We’ve all been there – you call your prospect back at the appointed time for your presentation and they tell you any of the following: This isn’t a good time, OR. This response will get them to reveal what (or how much) interest your prospect really has.].

The Sales Presentation: Things to Keep in Mind

Mr. Inside Sales

The Presentation”. “In And he had this practical advice about sales presentations. If you’re not a ‘natural salesman,’ a sales presentation can be a nerve-racking experience, unless you learn to worry more about the customer’s needs than your own. The next time you’re making a sales presentation, be sincere, keep your thoughts focused on the customer’s needs and above all, be yourself. Quotes on the presentation: “Never forget a customer.

How To Conduct An Online Sales Presentation Through A Virtual Meeting

MTD Sales Training

You’re conducting an online sales presentation to a prospective new customer…. Just how can you increase their engagement and keep them interested – and how can virtual meetings and virtual presentations achieve this? The Deck / Presentation – poorly designed too wordy and lacks impact. – Presentation Slide Deck. So what is a bad presentation? A bad presentation, is filled with worthless and meaningless C.L.I.P.A.R.T Presenting is an art.

6 Reasons Why You Should Always Plan Your Sales Presentation

MTD Sales Training

One of those things that often goes by the wayside is proper and complete preparation for a sales presentation. Because so many other things are pressing us for attention, we sometimes feel that we don’t have to give preparation for our presentations that much time. Imagine being in a presentation with a new prospect, and a slide appears with another company’s logo on it. Or you present a solution that wouldn’t work for this particular prospect in their market.

How To Practice Your Sales Presentation

MTD Sales Training

I ask sales people if they routinely practice their presentation and often I get the response, “Oh, I have been doing this for years. Or, “I’ve done this presentation so many times, I can do it in my sleep.”. Below are a few tips on practicing your sales presentation to get it perfect and to keep it that way! One of the best places to practice your sales presentation is alone, in front of the mirror. Practice adapting the presentation to fit your personality and style.

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Prospects Are Not Buyers

The Pipeline

One blur is the line between who is a buyer and who is a prospect. Assuming buyers and prospects are the same and the words interchangeable perhaps explains the output numbers year after year. You need to accept that prospects are not buyers, which is a good thing for us. Prospects are entirely different than buyers. Prospects on the other hand are not actively engaged in any process they would describe as a buying process or journey. By Tibor Shanto.

Buyer 168

3 Keys to Dealing with Difficult Prospects

Mr. Inside Sales

This week, I listened to a closing call from one of their reps, and here is how the prospect opened the call: Prospect: “Let me just tell you upfront that we’re looking at a lot of different options right now of which yours is just one…”. Take what a prospect gives you.

How Do I Use Email to Prospect?

The Sales Hunter

You want to think that the email you just wrote is perfect and sending it out to 100 prospects will result in at least 90 meetings. If this is you, there’s no need for you to read any further; however, I suspect this is not your case, so let me share my techniques for using email to prospect. Watch my video to learn how to use email to prospect: Use email as simply one of your contacting tools. The subject line must be compelling and of interest to the prospect.

3 Powerful Ways To Handle The Prospect Who Demands Price Before Presentation

MTD Sales Training

You’ve been there before; ten minutes into the sales interaction, the prospect is demanding to know the price. You do what you can to avoid divulging the price prematurely, but the prospect insists. However, when you have exhausted the usually options and answers and the prospect remains adamant, then here are three powerful ways to either get this under control or terminate a bad relationship before it starts. When the prospect continues the, “How much?”

New On Demand Training Available Now!

Mr. Inside Sales

You and your reps need training, and you want it now! Introducing our brand new, 7-Session inside sales training course that is available to you and your team TODAY. Each comprehensive training session comes with handouts of scripts, templates, and word for word direction on how to make each part of the calling process instantly more effective. Our Award Winning Inside Sales Training is also the most affordable training on the market today! It’s here!

7 Presentation Myths – Busted! Get the Facts Before Your Presentation

Performance Sales and Training

A lot of advice on giving a presentation has been floating around since fax machines and uninformed buyers roamed the Earth. Some of these presentation myths are urban legends, and some have simply reached their expiration date. Regardless of their source, these practices are capable of derailing your presentation, damaging your credibility, and causing your audience to tune out. I set out to “Bust” or “Confirm” some of the more common presentation myths I hear today.

Lose The Projector – Connect Instead With The Prospect

MTD Sales Training

We’re often asked to help salespeople put slides together for their presentation to prospects. Sales Presentations modern day presentation skills presentation skills presentation skills training Some ideas salespeople have are brilliantly creative; some are as boring as the proverbial wet. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Sell More! New Online Training—Early Bird Pricing!

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Better training = more sales. Starting on Tuesday, May 21 st , we’re launching our powerful, 7-week Online Inside Sales Training! You and your team will explode their confidence and crush their revenue goals as they learn to: Eliminate call reluctance Glide past gatekeepers Prospect more effectively Qualify prospects more easily Deliver killer presentations that lead to more closed sales Overcome objections And much, much more! And, this training is affordable!

A new way to present solutions to a prospect,getting rid of negative emotions & a quote from Steven Covey

MTD Sales Training

The post A new way to present solutions to a prospect,getting rid of negative emotions & a quote from Steven Covey appeared first on MTD Sales Training. Episode 31: To my sales professional connections (and trainers). This podcast includes: Our skills pill looks at how we can get rid of negative emotion when working with a client. And we finish with a quote from Steven Covey.

Close More Sales with this One Training Tip

Mr. Inside Sales

If yes, then do what I did: Get the best training you can and use what you learn. Enroll yourself or your team in next week’s 7-week online training program. Here’s an example of a training tip that you’ll learn, and that I used, to handle a frustrating objection I used to get all the time: “The price is outside of our budget.”. And until you find out what’s really holding your prospect back, you’ll just go around and around in circles.

A Critical Mistake In Handle Prospecting Objections

The Pipeline

People will tell you that the number one reason sellers do not like to prospect, specifically telephone prospecting, is rejection. However, if we step back, there is no less rejection in other means of prospecting, say e-mail or LinkedIn prospecting; when you look at the numbers, the phone is more effective than e-mail, (better together), it’s just not in your face (ear), like the phone. What do you want to achieve this year with your prospecting efforts?

Monologues are for Comedians – Not Presenters!

Anne Miller

In business, when a presentation flops, the presenter can be said to have “died” as well, if not on stage, at least in the meeting. Follow through on that expectation after each block of information presented. Let them choose. In many of your presentations, you often offer or explain a list of options, e.g. investment opportunities, advertising formats, special events, data scenarios, etc. Neither Do Presenters.

50 Ways to Blow a Great Presentation

Performance Sales and Training

So many ways to blow a great presentation…and so little time. You likely work hard to get the opportunity to present to a prospect, so why risk blowing it on one (or more) highly preventable mistakes? Here’s my Top 50 ways to blow a great presentation. Spend a lot of time “chatting” with your prospect in the beginning to get comfortable. Don’t tailor your presentation to your audience beyond adding the obligatory logo to your first slide.

Put Some Pizzazz in Your Presentation

Performance Sales and Training

I’m not going to weigh in on the debate about whether pizzazz belongs in our legal system or not, but I do want to address the slightly less-heated, but ongoing debate around whether pizzazz belongs in sales presentations. In other words, they are looking to add some “pizzazz” to their presentations. Why Should you Put some Pizzazz in your Presentation? 5 Ways to Put Some Pizzazz in your Presentation. saSles presentation. Sales presentation training.

Sales Presentation: Tips To Make An Impressive Impact


How was your last week’s sales presentation? The prospect didn’t seem interested. It is indeed disappointing to see disinterested faces while giving a sales presentation. Besides, a prospect ignoring you after a presentation is even more exasperating. . Why do some sales presentations fail? Well, due to a few sales presentation mistakes. Some presentations are too long; others fail to show how the prospect will benefit from the product.

Can You Do A Sales Presentation Too Well?

MTD Sales Training

You did a great sales presentation , covering all the bases. You are certain that it is clear to the prospect that the value of the product or service far outweighs its cost. However, after what seemed by all accounts to be a flawless sales process concluded by a perfect sales interaction, the prospect will not buy. To add insult to injury, the prospect cannot seem to explain his or her reason for not buying. Prospect. “Oh, MTD Sales Training.

How to Handle (Dull) Company Mandated Presentations

Anne Miller

One of the hardest presentations to give is the “standard” company presentation. The way to turn your dull data into a more dazzling persuasive experience is to tell a story with the slides that helps prospects see themselves working with you. I advised my new hire client to think how he could give “color” to every slide so that it builds a story that relates to his prospect with benefits or value to them. Do you want to be a more compelling presenter?

Why a Sales Presentation is Not a Ted Talk

Performance Sales and Training

And as a presenter, there are lots of great lessons to take away from Ted Talks. But make no mistake, a sales presentation is not a Ted Talk. And it’s dangerous for sellers to model their presentation after one. Unlike a Ted Talk, it’s vital that your prospect to do more than feel “inspired” or “informed” after your sales presentation. The more your prospect interacts with you, the higher their attention will be and the more ownership they will feel.

Steps To Make Your Presentations Come Alive

MTD Sales Training

When you have found out precisely what the client is wanting in terms of solutions to their problems, you have earned the right to present those solutions. So many presentations I have seen fall short of what I consider the baseline for this most vital stage of the sales process. Do have a sequence or flow for the demonstration, and make it pertinent to their business : If it’s a scripted demo, the prospect will immediately see through it and you’ll lose credibility.

Was Your Prospect Interested In Your Pitch?

MTD Sales Training

How often have you then been disappointed that the sales didn’t materialise, especially after you had been convinced the customer bought into your solution and said all the right things while you were making your presentation? A simple question won’t get your prospect to sign on the line. Having pitched your solution, get the prospect to take the initiative by asking what they see as the next step in the process. The post Was Your Prospect Interested In Your Pitch?

Where Your Focus Should Be When Presenting Solutions

MTD Sales Training

The prospect themselves has to make the link between what the product is and how it will help them or their business. Bill Brooks in his book ‘The Universal Sales Truths’ states that there are four areas you can focus on in your presentation: Self, company, products and customer. When presenting any solution, remember that the prospect never actually is thinking of the product; they are always thinking about what it will do for them or their business.

TSE 1135: TSE Certified Sales Training Program - "Presenting In Person"

Sales Evangelist

Your closing process will often require you to speak to a board or a group of people about your product or service, and you must provide value to your audience when presenting in person. The Sales Evangelist Certified Sales Training Program provides specific sections for prospecting, building value, and converting to a paying client, and we’ve designed the training to help sellers prepare for presentations and to train their teams to do the same.

Say “Hello” to the Conversational Presentation

Performance Sales and Training

What comes to mind when you hear the word, presentation? But this formal monologue is simply one type of presentation style in a broad spectrum of choices about how to communicate with potential customers. Say “hello” to the conversational presentation. The majority of reps today are in front of customers in less formal circumstances, whether it’s a doctor’s office or waiting room, across the table from a prospect, or via webcam. Presentation tips

How To Uncover Your Prospects Needs & Wants With 1 Question

MTD Sales Training

We all know the benefits of using quality questions in uncovering the current position our prospects are in. One question that, when answered, would help you build value in your presentation and enable you to overcome most objections. So, what’s the one question that will uncover your prospect’s REAL needs and wants? A prospect may say, “Well, I’ll know I’ve made then right choice if my productivity has gone up 10% in the next 6 months”.

Know The Prospective Buyer

MTD Sales Training

Know The Prospective Buyer. While every person is different, you will find that most prospective customers fit into certain categories. Different Prospective Buyer Types. This is the prospect that interrupts you, is often rude or disrespectful, tries to antagonise you and seems to be someone who eats sales people for lunch. Will begin to interrupt your presentation: This person will often interject your presentation with objections long before they should arise.

Buyer 120

How to Succeed at Sandler Rule 15: The Best Presentation You Will Ever Give the Prospect Will Never See [PODCAST]

Sandler Training

David Mattson, President and CEO of Sandler Training and 6-time Author, talks about his Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek best-selling book, The Sandler Rules: 49 Timeless Selling Principles and How to Apply Them. The post How to Succeed at Sandler Rule 15: The Best Presentation You Will Ever Give the Prospect Will Never See [PODCAST] appeared first on Sandler Training.

19 Benefits of Asking Questions

The Sales Heretic

When I conduct sales training seminars, I typically give audiences 20 to 40 questions to ask their [.]. Sales benefits features networking objection presentation prospect questions seminars success trainingIf you’re a regular reader of this blog (and if you’re not, you can be—just click one of the “Subscribe” links to the right, wink, wink, nudge, nudge), you know that I’m a big fan of asking questions.

One Powerful Way to Learn More About a Prospect

Mr. Inside Sales

Whether it’s nervousness, fear, inexperience, or just the conviction that if they stop talking the prospect will say “Not interested” and hang up, it doesn’t matter. They talk over their prospects. They talk after they ask a question (and don’t even let their prospect answer). Another problem is they talk over their prospects and so appear rude and give the impression that they don’t care about what the prospect has to say.