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However even with shorter attention spans, what is the best marketing times is still “relative.”. Over on LinkedIn Pulse from my ongoing research and the research of others, longer articles receive more views, likes, comments and shares than short articles.

B2B Marketing & Sales Insights from Lori Wizdo of Forrester Research


I had the great the opportunity to interview Lori Wizdo , B2B marketing analyst at Forrester Research. We have some research to indicate that’s true, and that the statement’s directionally correct. Forrester does a great deal of buyer journey research on sources of influence in a lot of other dimensions: First, buyers do like to talk to vendors early in the process.

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Mind the Gap: New Research Reveals Buyer-Seller Disconnect

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Michael has managed programs for US Healthcare, Bell Communications Research, and DuPont. New research shows that this “assumptionitis” is a condition both buyers and sellers suffer from, and it’s far more common than you might think.

“94% Of Buyers Research On-Line…” SO WHAT!!

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72-94% of buyers are B2B buyers are researching on line. There are endless research studies talking about B2B buyers are completing their purchase transaction on line. These studies, pundits, and researchers misunderstand what professional selling is. Related Posts: Buyers Aren’t Killing Sales, Sales People Are Killing… What If The Half Truths About Sales Were Absolutely True?

Prospecting, How Much Pre Call Research?

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How much pre-call research do you need to do to be effective in your prospecting? Some sales people claim they have to do similar amounts of research, but often, I actually think it’s an excuse for call avoidance, rather than preparation. 1) and (2) require virtually no research.

Two Sales Paths Emerged in the Woods and I Took the One Less Traveled By

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The road is uneven and relatively narrow. When we examine sales research, we can better understand why so many walk the quick fix path and continue to ignore the sales process path. Again, the sales research suggests social selling takes time and even more time than many wish to admit.

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Sales Technology Best Practices: Superuser Tips for Success


Be transparent about how specific actions and statuses trigger different workflows, why certain distribution programs and prioritization rules are in place, and how it all relates back to the organization’s overall contact strategy.

2018 Top MarTech Trends: Top Pain Points and Spending Priorities for CMOs

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This wealth of data comes from DiscoverOrg’s own primary research based on surveys conducted with mid- to high-level professionals in the Marketing Department. What pain points keep CMOs up at night?

Email Prospecting: Automate Your Info Gathering to Be Relevant and Relatable to Prospects

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I’ve heard sales people say, “I don’t have the time to research a prospect.” Industry Websites – If you want to be a real thought leader and up your level of value, look on industry websites for industry-specific information that relates to their job and company.

[STUDY] What Do B2B Buyers Want?

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B2B buyers are not immune to such influence, either – but much less research has been conducted on the influence on B2B buyers and purchase decisions. Martin: I’ve had the privilege of interviewing over 1000 decision-makers as part of the win-loss analysis research I conduct on behalf of my clients. Research goals of the B2B buyer study. The impetus to conduct this buyer persona research project was to identify and quantifiably measure these hidden factors.

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What Tech Spending Trends in 2017 Predict for 2018

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Read on to see what our research department has uncovered through a series of surveys of high-level IT professionals. The survey research. Questions were related to top initiatives focus on broad areas of IT, including data centers, cloud services, and data security. Our research team uses areas receiving new spend to discover ongoing spending trends. While we don’t have a crystal ball to see what changes the new year will bring, we have something just as good: Data.

[PART 2] What Buyers Want: The B2B Vendor Advantage

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However, only 5% would select a relatively unknown brand with 75% of the functionality at 60% of the cost of the best-known brand. Vendor websites are most influential at the beginning of the sales cycle in the Buyer research stage. Buyer research stage: The customer conducts independent research on the vendors, underlying technologies, and methodologies via the Internet, analyst reports, product reviews, industry news, member associations, and elsewhere.

Analysis of 2 Million Emails Reveals an Alarming Trend Taking Over Your Sales Reps’ Inbox

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More info on how the research was conducted can be found at the end of this article. 38% of these emails are incoming promotional emails or other announcements not related to customers (after any kind of spam filter). Sales Research Articles

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Sales lead volume drops 30% on Fridays


These findings further support our earlier research on the value of weekend leads. Chart of the Month CRM Lead Management Sales Automation Inside sales lead assignment lead distribution lead volume Research sales sales automation sales CRM sales leads sales performance sales process study

The Pipeline ? Qualify and Disqualify

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their mission is to provide small and medium size organizations with relative, informative and entertaining business related videos via the internet. CNi Rapid Research. Home About The Pipeline. Contest. Free Resources. Search. 0 Subscribers. Subscribe by Email.

The Pipeline ? What Did You Start?

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They did the usual things, relatively well for the most part, and in relatively the same way. CNi Rapid Research. Home About The Pipeline. Contest. Free Resources. Search. 0 Subscribers. Subscribe by Email. We take privacy seriously. Your email address will not be shared.

It’s Time to “Love the One you’re with”

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News: Message just in from Craig Elias, creator of Trigger Event Selling … Forrester Research, OneSource, and myself are sharing how your sales team can win 3/4 of the deals they chase. General Customer Care Customer Focus Customer Relations

Marketing to the Multitasking Archetypes of Carl Jung

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Every day is filled with new marketing research especially with the ongoing influence of mobile technology. What was interesting was the connection between Archetypes of Carl Jung and how these people ( think potential buyers) related mentally to these devices.

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Five Keys to Accelerated Lead to Money


A Lead to Money process also removes the barriers between Sales and Finance because Finance then has a clear roadmap/understanding into who is being targeted and how sales should be compensated as it relates to meeting revenue goals.

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Four Ways Talent Management Can Help Your Organization


Forrester Research has published a great report that provides details on how HCM solutions , especially talent management applications, are paving the way for higher employee engagement and performance in 2015. Talent management applications are on the rise!

Mind the Gap: New Research Reveals Buyer-Seller Disconnect

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Michael has managed programs for US Healthcare, Bell Communications Research, and DuPont. New research shows that this “assumptionitis” is a condition both buyers and sellers suffer from, and it’s far more common than you might think.

The Pipeline ? ?But we're not IBM?

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Your company’s products and related services are utilized by companies of all types and sizes, Fortune 50 to mom and pop basement operations. CNi Rapid Research. Home About The Pipeline. Contest. Free Resources. Search. 0 Subscribers. Subscribe by Email. We take privacy seriously.

The Pipeline ? It's Not Always Easy

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Earlier this week, I posted on two related or intersecting topics sales leaders need to manage and improve. CNi Rapid Research. Home About The Pipeline. Contest. Free Resources. Search. 0 Subscribers. Subscribe by Email. We take privacy seriously. Your email address will not be shared.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Sales Lead Response [Infographic]


This infographic uncovers the good, the bad, and the ugly statistics related to online sales lead response. Meet the Author: Jorge Jeffery joined Velocify in 2011 and is director of research and analytics.

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The Pipeline ? The Upside of Being Measured ? Sales eXchange ? 97

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It therefore follows that if the underlying assumptions or beliefs are inaccurate than so will the resulting approach and related actions, which can undermine their success. CNi Rapid Research. Home About The Pipeline. Contest. Free Resources. Search. 0 Subscribers. Subscribe by Email.

Put Your Hands Up and Step Slowly Away From the Computer.

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Simple — You’re spending too much time on the computer researching customers (at least that’s what you think you’re doing), and you’re not spending enough time actually selling. You’re spending all of your time doing research so you can tell your boss you’re busy. I’m not going to argue the value of doing research on prospects. Related posts: Sales Training Tip #395: Are Customers Stalking You? About. FREE Resources.

The Perfect Close

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The quality of new sales related books coming out is amazing and The Perfect Close by James Muir is another high quality book to add to your library. The Perfect Close. -A A book review-.

You Are Losing New Customers Before You Ever Talk To Them

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The truth is that these people who hold the key to your sales success are not at their desks while viewing your emails or even doing research about you or your company. “Most senior executives are using a smartphone to research business products and services” Look at those results.

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Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? High Self-Esteem = Reduction in.

Jonathan Farrington

High Self-Esteem = Reduction in Conflict = Better Customer Relations = More Profitable Business = “No Brainer!” Hence my equation: High self-esteem = reduction in conflict = better customer relations = more profitable business.

The Pipeline ? Selling to Mr Know-it-all

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You meet him for the first time and he’s done a ton of research. He’s looked up you and your competitors and and thinks he knows all your relative strengths and weaknesses. What was the last thing you bought without researching it first on the web? CNi Rapid Research.

Forrester Analyst Paul Hamerman shares in Live Webinar the Five Best Practices for Integrated Planning


Paul Hamerman, Vice President and Principal Analyst for Forrester Research , shared 5 best practices for integrated planning during the March 26 live webinar, hosted by Anaplan and OpenSymmetry.

Sales Leaders’ Guide to Developing an Awesome Sales Management Team

Steven Rosen

Can you relate? References: 1 CEB Research. 2 Vantagepoint Sales Management Training Research. 3 Forum: How Sales Forces Sustain Competitive Advantage Research Report 2008. Sales Leaders’ Guide to Developing an Awesome Sales Management Team.

Sales Management Thought Leadership:  efficient effectiveness

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We researched a wide variety of destinations, resorts and optional packages, we narrowed the search and checked out online evaluations and then compared costs. Sales Management Thought Leadership: efficient effectiveness.

Missing the Obvious in B2B Marketing Actions

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A relatively new research report (April 2015) between KoMarketing Associates, Buyer Zone and the Huff Industrial Marketing, revealed credibility and trust are the two most important attributes that surfaced throughout this report.

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Self Leadership Is Required in Sales

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However, research shows self leadership which falls into that bucket of people or soft skills is sorely lacking. Purpose (as it relates to people). In business there has always been a lot of attention directed to leadership. Yet far lesser attention to this idea of self leadership.

Acing Your Sales Job Interview: 5 Tips for Recent Grads


Research the product or service being sold, look at competitive offerings, if the website has a lead form, fill it out and see what happens – how long before a rep reaches out by phone / email, what do they say in their voicemail, etc.

Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? Moving the Focus Away From the.

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Some researchers prefer to move the focus away from the leader altogether and to examine instead what makes others prepared to follow these individuals. Only a third of the skills that matter relate to raw intelligence (as measured by IQ) and technical expertise. “

To Increase Sales Is Both a Want and a Need

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When we look at these motivational drivers to increase sales, research has discovered when the Economic or Utilitarian/Economic motivator is in the top 50% of all motivators, the person has a greater success in achieving the goal to increase sales. Purpose as Related to People.

If CRM is only 25% of the answer, what is the question?

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Yet, research conducted by the Garner Group, has shown that the benefits a company can realize from any such innovation are dramatically higher when four vital components are in place together: * Technology (CRMs for example). * Performance-related compensation. For example, often companies will invest thousands of pounds in CRM technology, sales training and performance-related compensation packages for their salespeople, yet forget about defining the sales process.

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Why Your Buyer Personas Are Obsolete

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You Developed Buyer Personas Without Buyer Research. If you developed buyer personas independent of conducting any qualitative buyer research, do not think you can count these. My experience in conducting qualitative buyer research tells me they will be less so.