Thu.Jun 01, 2023

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How Salespeople Can Rebound Their Career After a Layoff (Tips from Reps Who’ve Done It)

Hubspot Sales

Over 200,000 people have been laid off from tech companies in the last year. Dozens of major tech companies have fired thousands of employees, including Amazon (18,000), Meta (11,000), Microsoft (10,000), Salesforce (8,000), and Twitter (4,000). Smaller tech companies followed suit, and now, thousands of people are looking for new jobs. If you’re a salesperson affected by these layoffs, you’re probably scared of what the future will look like for you career-wise.

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Pro Tips to Skyrocket Your Email Marketing

Sales and Marketing Management

Here are some evidence-based tips and data, industry insights and best practices for designing and optimizing email campaigns that can lead to more conversions. The post Pro Tips to Skyrocket Your Email Marketing appeared first on Sales & Marketing Management.


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Should Your Job Posting Require a Degree? 


Until recently, getting a college degree seemed like the best way to secure a well-paying job. But as the pandemic took hold and in-person classes were put on pause, many students began to rethink the importance and cost of a degree. From 2019 to 2022, nationwide enrollment in colleges and universities dropped 8% — the steepest drop on record. But even as school enrollment drops, “degree inflation” — adding a degree requirement to jobs that previously didn’t need one — continues to create barrie

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What ChatGPT Teaches Us About How We Sell, It’s Frightening!

Partners in Excellence

Last week, filling idle time one evening, I decided to conduct an experiment with ChatGPT. Earlier in the day, I had been looking at a ChatGPT led training program for sellers. As part of the program design, it suggested it engaging sellers in role plays. I was curious about how that might work, so I decided to experiment. After describing a potential selling situation, I suggested a role play, where ChatGPT was the seller and I was the customer.

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How to Optimize Call Monitoring: Automate QA and Elevate Customer Experience

Speaker: Laura Noonan, Chief Revenue Officer at CallFinder + Angie Kronlage, Director of Program Success at Working Solutions + April Wiita, Vice President of Program Success at Working Solutions

Are you still manually reviewing calls? 🤔 It's time for a change! The traditional method of manual call monitoring is no longer cutting it in today's fast-paced call center environment. Industry experts Angie Kronlage and April Wiita from Working Solutions are here to explore the power of innovative automation to revolutionize outdated call review processes!

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Latest Podcasts: Elite Leadership

Force Management

This past month of the Revenue Builders Podcast has featured some all-star leaders. These inspiring conversations have explored everything from game-changing sales strategies to leadership actions that transform teams and people. At a time when many of us are being confronted with new and complex challenges, these stories from experienced leaders offer perspective and advice that will keep you on the path toward growth.

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Do You Seek Similarities and Differences for Growth?

Smooth Sale

Photo by Geralt via Pixabay Attract the Right Job Or Clientele: Do You Seek Similarities and Differences for Growth? It’s limiting to believe there is only one way to accomplish anything. Our worldly events can be mindfully damaging should we allow them to be so. We may achieve broader goals and outcomes when we finally embrace similarities and differences for growth.

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The Balanced Elevator Pitch

Selling Energy

As I’m sure most of you know from reading this blog, truly great sales professionals maintain a quiver of well-rehearsed elevator pitches that can be used in a variety of situations. While it’s important to perfect the words you choose to use, it’s equally important to practice delivering your pitches. To deliver a great elevator pitch, you must find a balance between clarity, pacing, and energy.

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Golf and Virtual Selling Mastery

Julie Hanson

Golf and Virtual Selling Mastery Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Perhaps like you, I’ve participated in this type of “insanity” over the years. Most recently with golf. I’ve “played” golf for several years, but never actually took the time to learn the skills behind it, or consistently practice those skills.

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How I Motivate MYSELF

Grant Cardone

How do I motivate myself every day? It wasn’t always that way… I was never a fan of “traditional” motivation. Discipline was my muscle. But I redefined what motivation means to me and what keeps me motivated to reach my goals. Watch this video for exactly how I use my empire-building strengths to motivate myself […] The post How I Motivate MYSELF appeared first on GCTV.

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Secrets of a Successful Sale: Optimizing Your Checkout Process

Speaker: David Nisbet, Everett Zufelt, and Michaela Weber

Once upon a time, in the vast realm of online commerce, there lived a humble checkout button overlooked by many. Yet, within its humble click lay the power to transform a mere visitor into a loyal customer. 🧐 💡 Getting checkout right can mark the difference between a successful sale and an abandoned cart, yet many businesses fail to make payments a part of their commerce strategy even when it has a direct impact on revenue.

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A marketer’s guide to better buyer insights


In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, buyer intelligence has never been more crucial. Buyers contain multitudes. They are individuals with unique preferences, pain points, and aspirations. The ability to align revenue teams around buyer personas —deep dives into buyer needs, challenges, and goals—is no longer a mere option but an imperative for marketers seeking to drive sales growth and build long-term customer relationships.

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Video: How One Financial Software Company Measures Sales Enablement


Episode summary Finastra , a leading global banking software company, partners with Mindtickle to optimize sales training and drive success. With 90 of the top 100 banks relying on Finastra, their 600-member sales team undergoes 20 comprehensive training programs worldwide. Director of Sales Training, Dan Storey, highlights the transformative power of Mindtickle’s Sales Readiness Index in assessing training impact.

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Email Acquisition: Your Business’s Superpower

Connext Digital

In the digital age, email marketing has become an indispensable part of any business’s marketing strategy. At Connext Digital, we know that the success of your email marketing campaigns relies heavily on the quality of your email list. That’s why email acquisition has become a crucial superpower that every business must unlock to grow its customer base, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive revenue.

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The State of Sales: Industry Reports and Insights


The world of sales is constantly changing, and it’s important for sales professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and insights in order to remain competitive. Fortunately, there are many resources available to help you do just that. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top industry reports, emerging technologies, and trends that sales professionals should be aware of.

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The New GTM Playbook: 18 Ways to Future-Proof Your Sales Team

Longer sales cycles. Increasingly discerning buyers. More meetings. Intensifying competition. Economic uncertainty. Go-to-market teams of every size, in every industry, are grappling with these challenges firsthand. Thankfully, there’s an answer. We’ve developed an entirely new way for GTM leaders to identify and execute proven, data-driven strategies that drive revenue.

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How We’re Bringing Generative AI to the Highspot Platform


Right now is the toughest selling environment years – but it’s also a time of immense opportunity. Sales, marketing, and enablement teams have access to technology advances that were once only possible in science fiction. As companies everywhere work to achieve more with less, Highspot is obsessive about helping our customers drive efficient growth.

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7 Ways AI Can Supercharge Your Personalized Sales Outreach


Discover 7 ways AI can take your sales outreach to the next level. Personalize your messaging, streamline your process, and close more deals.

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How to Connect Thinkific and WordPress the Right Way

Sell Courses Online

Thinkific is one of the top platforms for course creation, and WordPress is the web’s most popular content-management system.

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University of Tennessee Student Hired for Summer Internship


Austin, TX (June 2022) The Mereo team is pleased to announce the recent hire of Jenna Mitchell for a summer internship position. Jenna is a rising sophomore at the University of Tennessee , majoring in marketing. She joins Mereo to work alongside Mereo President Jay Mitchell and other Principals to help support Mereo’s digital marketing team and to gain exposure to the B2B selling industry.

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Supercharge Your Sales: 5 Steps to Effortless Selling

Sales teams often lose precious time hunting for updated sales materials, while marketing struggles to keep these assets accessible and current. It's not just about managing; it's about seamlessly finding, presenting, and sharing critical sales content. All of this takes place within an intuitive, unified platform. Dive into Showell's groundbreaking content management realm.

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Sofia University Delivers Human Experiences with CRM + Marketing Automation


Sofia University is California’s leader in transformative, transpersonal education. Since 1975, they have sought to encompass the full range of the human experience while encouraging students to become experts in their desired fields. The university offers graduate programs in psychology, counseling, business, computer science, and more. Sofia University switched to Sugar Sell and Sugar Market to bring their organization together in a seamless and integrated platform while continuing to highligh

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How to Use Clawback Clauses in Your Sales Comp Strategy

The Spiff Blog

Organizations must be strategic when designing sales compensation plans. The goal is to strike a careful balance between incentivizing sales performance and protecting the company against financial crisis. These competing priorities lead many organizations to implement one of the most consequential– and sometimes controversial– provisions you’ll find in a compensation plan: the clawback clause.

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How Elmeq Optimizes Processes and Improves Customer Experience With SugarCRM


Process optimization and customer experience (CX) go hand in hand, although not many seem fully aware. Elmeq Motion , on the other hand, has seen the immense potential of articulated processes and the delivery of extraordinary experiences to its customers. Established in the mid-1980s, the company currently focuses on in-house expertise on high quality components and solutions for motion systems with DC motors.

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Essential CPQ strategies to boost your sales cycle


Sales reps face a variety of challenges in their day-to-day work, from managing customer expectations and navigating complex pricing structures to juggling multiple deals at once. Doing so requires internal consultation, meaning your customers have to wait, which then brings frustration and losing trust from their side. But that would not happen if you effectively use a configure price quote (CPQ) solution.

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3 Sizzling Ways to Warm up Cold Calls

Even in today’s data-driven sales world, cold calling remains a fact of life for many go-to-market professionals. Fortunately, today’s sales leaders have a crucial advantage over their predecessors: market intelligence and outreach platforms that can warm up virtually any introduction.