Growth and Retention Impact Property/Casualty Insurers’ IT Plans

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Growth and Retention: The Top Business Goal Impacting Property/Casualty Insurers’ IT Plans for 2019 Each year, Celent (, a leading … Continue reading "Growth and Retention Impact Property/Casualty Insurers’ IT Plans".

Client Retention: Insurance and Assurance

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Once a solid relationship is in place, ask your client to introduce you to colleagues at other, non-competing companies. Use the occasion as a business development opportunity, while at the same time allowing your client to brag a little about how

Our Technology: Using News Articles to Predict Changes in Customer Relationships


In North America, Vainu has been partnering with some of the largest institutions in the commercial banking, insurance, and telecom sectors to solve the challenging task of predicting customer retention, or churn, in their extensive client bases.

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Our technology: Using news articles to predict changes in customer relationships


In North America, Vainu has been partnering with some of the largest institutions in the commercial banking, insurance, and telecom sectors to solve the challenging task of predicting customer retention, or churn, in their extensive client bases.

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100 Most Prospected-to Companies of 2018

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Insurance. The company also made a number of HR enhancements related to employee experience, retention, training, and retention – all selling opportunities. Insurance. Insurance. Insurance. Insurance. Insurance. Insurance.

How Sales Specialists Help Reach Your Customers

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In fact, it was first adopted by the insurance industry in the 1870s. There’s no way senior salespeople can effectively manage this process if they’re also managing prospecting activity and customer retention issues.

Sales Operations: The Guide They Never Gave You


Insurance sales rep. You will work with teams critical to the business and drive customer acquisition and retention programs. “What was your first job?”. It’s one of my favorite questions to ask a fellow professional in sales operations.

Combating Disengagement: What can be done about workers’ lack of interest in their jobs?

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They understand its positive effects on productivity, innovation, attendance and retention. One of those was Michael Stahl, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at HealthMarkets, an independent agency that sells health insurance, Medicare, life and supplemental insurance products nationwide.

B2B Prospecting Data Just Keeps Getting Better


Some of the more intriguing fields now available to marketers include: Spending levels on legal services, insurance, advertising, accounting services, utilities, and office equipment (Infogroup).

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No Product Differentiation? No Problem. A CEO Who Found Another Way to Grow

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The majority of our volume comes from direct repair programs (DRP) that requires you be on the insurance company’s preferred list. Delivering customer satisfaction drives policy retention for carriers. We built a Key Account Sales organization that focused on customer retention first, penetration second and customer conversions third.”. This post is about a CEO of a $450M company who focused on winning large deals to double revenues in a flat market.

The Simple Secret to Doubling Your Income in Sales

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It’s your job to uncover them and show how they’re connected to metrics like revenue, retention, and reputation. So, whether you’re selling dance lessons, real estate, software, or life insurance, people buy on emotion and justify their decisions with logic after the fact.

6 Problems Caused By High Sales Turnover

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It was in the insurance sales industry where the frequent ebb and flow of salespeople is rampant. In fact, one day, one of his sales executives made the statement, “We’re not in the insurance business, we’re in the recruiting business.” Sales Hiring and Retention

How to Drive Business Growth Using Net Promoter Score


Consider these statistics: A 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits between 25% and 95% ( source ). Insurance: 42. Customer retention is critical to business growth. Customers acquired through referrals have a 37% higher retention rate.

7 Types of Sales Questions Reps Should Use in Every Conversation

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Their company’s goals (raising another round of funding, opening another office, increasing customer retention, and so on). In the past few years, you haven’t changed your claim submission policy to avoid the risk of insurance companies rejecting them?”.

What Contributes to Sales Success?

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Read Tonys article.recently published in Bank Insurance & Securities Marketing Magazine! A year ago, I met with a group that was experiencing very good revenue retention, but not-so-good new business sales success.

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GDPR lawful data processing – why is insight so important? [Here’s Why]

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Customer experience has been hailed as the most important aspect in both new customer generation and customer retention. The customer risked unwittingly exposing themselves by not informing their insurer about this significant change in circumstance.

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Interview Abstract: Why Selling with Value Requires Modern Tools + Modern Training

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Regarding this Value Deficit, Richardson works with several key verticals especially Financials / Insurance. There’s been a huge change in life sciences and health insurance, much of it driven by what the insurance companies will pay and for what, and the affordable care act.

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The Sales Interview Questions You Need to Be Asking

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TriMetrix combines three scientifically validated assessments into one system, and can be incorporated into your sales hiring strategy as extra insurance that you’re selecting the most qualified candidate. Sales Hiring and Retention

Why Should I Talk to You?

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If you’re selling IT solutions, insurance, advertising, marketing services, financial or legal services, staffing, consumer goods (clothes, jewelry, make up, etc.), For example, Jill, a client of mine, sells insurance and financial services.

Part 2: 21st Century Selling: Unlocking the Power of Mobile Devices to Improve Performance & Grow Sales

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Here are examples from two different industries: 1) Insurance Sales: Before engaging in a mobile device enablement application, the sales leadership team of a large insurance provider determined that they were losing sales to competitors at the “quote stage” of the sales cycle.

Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? The Real Value of Your Contacts ? The.

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Occupational health services including stress at work and employee retention advice. The Real Value of Your Contacts – The Smartr Survey. Published by Jonathan Farrington at 12:46 am under General. SMARTR SURVEY REVEALS AMERICANS PLACE AN AVERAGE VALUE OF $20K ON THEIR BUSINESS CONTACTS!

How to Interview and Identify Top Sales Champions and Avoid the Costly Mis-Hires

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When these questions and the simulation exercise are used correctly, you’ll find that the need to topgrade your sales team will diminish because you’ve fixed the breakdown in your overall hiring and retention strategy; the broken component that exists in your system and where it all starts, your interviewing process. ” (Was it a necessity, i.e. gasoline, telecom, office supplies, utilities, mobile phones, insurance, etc.). “I know how to interview.