Marginalize Objections Before They Come

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Sure we should be able to leverage the same process that you do in handling the five most common objectives we face while prospecting. But with many, you can get ahead of them, and marginalize them before they become a factor. By Tibor Shanto.

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3 Ways to Minimize or Marginalize Objections – Sales eXecution 240

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A big sticking point was when the prospects said “oh we’re too small”. This did not eliminate the usual objections, but it marginalized a big hurdle, and allowed the conversation to move past it easily, and allow it to unfold in more familiar ground.

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What Is Net vs. Contribution Margin?

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The more you understand “ net margin ” and “ contribution margin ,” the more confident you will be discussing these topics with a prospect, whether it’s a CFO, a business manager, or a sole proprietor.

WITCE Wednesday — Gross Margin

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I talked about the profit and loss statement in an earlier post, but wanted to tackle gross margin today. Gross margin is a part of the P&L statement and if you’re in sales it’s important to understand for both YOU and YOUR customers and prospects. Simply put, gross margin is the difference between the revenue a product or service creates and the cost of creating that product or service. The higher the gross margin the better the business.

Four Ways CPQ Improves Profit Margins

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UK entrepreneur, James Caan, CBE, isolates three areas where profit margin can be addressed. But what about margin? CPQ also has a positive impact on margin by increasing the velocity of the sale, reducing the pricing and configuration errors made during a selling cycle and with reduced likelihood of manufacturing defects. Faster Selling Cycle – CPQ makes the early stages of your sales discussion far more useful than breaking the ice with your new prospect.

Boosting Margin with Sales Tools

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Consider that a 1% reduction on the expense line shows up as a 4% increase in margin on the profit line. Let’s look at several sales tools and see how they impact the profit margin for a given sale. I knew a rep who again and again asked for lease quotations for a prospect whose credit was non-existent. The rep could not understand that the only reason the prospect was talking to him was that our competition wasn’t wasting their time talking to this deadbeat.

The Human Side Of Prospecting

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The challenge with prospecting is that it takes place between two human beings, and as with anything human, subjectivity instantly and permanently plagues it. I recently read a piece presenting the case as to why prospecting should be automated. By Tibor Shanto.

Are You Being Too Accommodating to Your Customers?

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As a keynote speaker and seminar leader, I have evangelized the importance of taking care of the customer in every step of the sales process from prospecting through [.]. You’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger advocate of good customer service than yours truly.

6 Practical Tips for Protecting Profit Margin

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In order to maintain a healthy profit margin, you must reinforce the importance of value within your sales culture. Keep in mind these 6 tips for protecting profit margin: 1. Build a sales compensation plan that focuses on gross margin, not volume.

Strategic Salesperson vs. Tactical Salesperson

The Sales Hunter

And it can be the difference between selling at a low margin short-term and selling at a high-margin long-term. Too many salespeople are what I refer to as tactical salespeople. Opportunity, however, lies in being a strategic salesperson. I believe the difference is huge!

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3 Elements of a First prospecting E-Mail – Sales eXecution 305

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And while some may be shaking their head in disbelief, done right it contributes to prospecting success, but as usual, its down to what and how – the execution. Many believe that success is the prospect calling you back and asking “where do I buy?”

Are You Really a “Stout Defender of Margin?”

Jonathan Farrington

Secondly, the only positive thing to come out of our short relationship - I learned to defend margin. For clarification, what I mean by defending margin is to fight for every single percentage point of profit, and give absolutely nothing away without getting something in return. Salespeople who think big, get big results, and never let your prospect lower your sights. Constantly erode the value of the prospect’s concessions - reduce the buyer’s perception.

Why Profitability Matters When Creating, Maintaining, and Renewing Customer Prices

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Customer-Specific Prices: The Silent Source of Margin Leakage. In fact, it’s not uncommon in Zilliant’s conversations with prospects and conversations, to see a high percentage of customer-specific price agreements with an end date of 2099 and a fixed unit price!

Direct Mail Prospecting: 10 Reasons to Get Physical in Sales

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I hate to break it to you, but prospects in your target accounts have the same reaction to your sales messages. If the SDRs are killing the prospecting game and there’s no shortage of leads from the marketing department, your sales team isn’t the problem.

Eight New Year’s Resolutions for Boosting Your Sales

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Sales business CEO closing cusotmer Facebook LinkedIn margin negotiating networking owner. blog presenting price product professional profit prospecting qualifying referrals resolutions resources service social media Twitter YouTubeBy now you’ve probably already broken your New Year’s resolutions, so let’s replace them with some new ones. Specifically, with some resolutions that will enable you to sell more this year than you did last year.

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How To Respond When The Prospect Asks For A Discount

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You’ve presented the product or service and the prospect has shown interest. You’ve discussed the value you could offer and the prospect has agreed that the product is right for them. The prospect asks for discount. Prospecting Offering Discounts preventing discounts

The Pipeline ? Win The Sale Without Compromising on Price

The Pipeline

In these times of shrinking margins and diminishing returns, Mark’s insights will change the way you think about discounting, price, negotiating, and, above all, the all-important concept of value. Prospecting. 3 R’s of Prospecting Success. Home About The Pipeline.

PODCAST 111: Prospecting and Researching in Today’s Brave New World with Peter Wooster

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So my CFO allowed me to take that savings and plow it back into more BDR and more SDR function for my new business team, because he was okay with the margin. The margin profile looks good and I can do more to help my new business at ease.

Account mapping: why you need to chart prospect companies

You see a huge conversion opportunity in a prospect. However the next day, your prospect gives you a “no.” A useful way to do on a practical level is mapping the accounts and depict the relationships at your prospect company visually. It shows prospects that you genuinely care.

Sales Prospecting Is Supposed To Be Easy And More Old Myths


Sales reps are under a lot of pressure to perform, but they don’t have a lot of margin for error. The post Sales Prospecting Is Supposed To Be Easy And More Old Myths appeared first on Sales Enablement Software | Veelo.

7 Ways to Respond When Your Prospect Asks for a Discount

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But you’ll only reap these benefits by discounting strategically -- not whenever your prospect asks for one. Promising your prospect a discount before the actual negotiation can have three negative consequences: The buyer subconsciously attributes less value to you and your product.

Selling at 'C' Level

Anthony Cole Training

Prospecting (25). qualifying prospects (13). qualifying sales prospects (10). sales prospecting (34). Most sales gurus, including Dave Kurlan, will tell you that selling at "C" level is the MOST productive way to sell more business, more quickly at higher margins.

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How to Manage Your Sales Relationship Database for Better Prospects


How viable are your company’s prospecting methods? Vetting and converting prospects into warm leads is also the most challenging aspect of sales. Customer and prospect databases have always been key in building and maintaining a robust sales division. .

B2B Blog Post Round-Up: Content, Prospect Expectations & More


This month’s round-up features topics like content marketing, managing prospect expectations, lead generation, and more. A typical content marketing strategy involves the creation and distribution of content with the sole purpose of attracting prospects to convert into paying customers.

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BFH: How WFH Sellers Can Help Prospects BUY From Home (5 Tips)

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She might even leave a copy on her CEO’s desk with margin notes. 5 Things WFH Sellers Can Do To Help Prospects Buy from Home. RELATED: How to Talk to Prospects in These Uncertain Times. Your shared WFH experience is a connection point between you and your prospect.

Turn Pains Into Priorities

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When the prospect tics enough of the boxes, their qualified. The current approach tends to set the bar somewhat low, taking away valuable time that can be spent with real prospects. In practice, your reps will the ability to pursue and engage with “pain-free prospects”.

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What in the World Is Guided Selling?

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Now you are in a sales engagement—no cold call, no prospecting, no get out of my life you lousy sales rep. Smart Selling CPQ CRM Guided Selling margin salesThe role of sales is changing dramatically in our connected world. Buyers are much more likely to arrive in the buying cycle equipped with product knowledge, solution alternatives and a general idea about cost.

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The Art of the Upsell: CPQ vs. The Drive-Thru

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Let’s say you are discussing your prospect’s requirements for an elevator. Smart Selling CPQ cross-selling Guided Selling margin sales UpsellingYou pull into the drive-through, and there is a vaguely menacing, large plastic clown head waiting to take your order. The face lights up, and a scratchy voice emanates from the frozen, grinning face asking, “Would you like to try our combo meal today?”.

How CPQ Is Helping Sales Win the Numbers Game

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You have your prospect’s attention. Taking the path of least resistance may seem to increase your odds of closing a deal, but the reality is, by ignoring the opportunity to leverage your discussion with the prospect into a larger discussion involving a more complete or better solution will likely result in underserving your prospect. This is critical when your prospect starts asking what-if questions about your product. Talking the Talk.

Selling With Video At Every Stage of the Funnel

Funnel Clarity

As HubSpot’s research shows, video is becoming the preferred content format by a clear margin. Sales Process ProspectingThere’s no question that video as a medium is rapidly increasing in popularity.

The Fear Of Missing Out

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With the loan, even at these perceived prohibitive rates, they were able to increase revenues by over 25%, increase margins, and earn 13% ROR, rather than nothing “because the rate is too high.” 01 - Prospecting 04 - General Sales 14 - Value Communication Sales Mistakes Tibor Shanto

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The Consequences of Dropping Our Pants Too Early

Jonathan Farrington

Secondly, the only positive thing to come out of our short relationship – I learnt to defend margin. For clarification, what I mean by defending margin, is to fight for every single percentage point of profit, and give absolutely nothing away without getting something in return.

How to Get More Budget For Your Sales Initiative

Force Management: The Command Center

Maybe your sales team isn't focusing on value in the buyer conversations, and they're giving up too much margin or losing deals all together. You need better access to the economic buyer and frankly, a better understanding of how your prospects buy.

It’s Not A Race

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Building a base of knowledge and understanding with a given prospect, their objectives, hurdles, etc., Many of the “rushed over” deals, could in fact have been better, not just in immediate revenue and quota retirement, but upsells, referrals, and most importantly, margins and price integrity.

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Challenge The Premise – Not The Individual

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But trying to sell them a prospecting program without context can often fail, or take a long time. Prospect: About 88% Existing, 12% New. Prospect: Oh, I had planned 80% existing, 20% new. Prospect: Too much time with their base. Prospect: Bigger market share.

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Why Are You Trying To Kill Me?

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You know I have never read an article or a post that was written by an advocate of cold calling, suggesting that social selling is bad, ridiculing people who use the practice to engage with prospects, suggest that it is inadequate, or about to die.

What to Do When Your Customers Put the Squeeze on Price!

Paul Cherry's Top Sales Techniques

That puts you on the defense — which means losing control and giving up those hard earned margins. Price vs. Value Prospecting Sales Questions Sales TrainingDon’t let your customers try to squeeze you or corner you on price.

Top Sales Tools of the Year Awards

Smart Selling Tools

We’ve got tools to get contracts signed faster, to get prospects’ attention, to up-level your sales team, and to add margin to your deal sizes. Our last blog post of the year is a gift to all of you who are looking for sales tools for 2019.

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Overcoming The Money Problem in Sales

Anthony Cole Training

Find prospects that place value on something besides just price. While I won’t argue that price is part of the decision making process, what do you do when the prospect tells you it is the driving factor? You sacrifice margin, which means making more sales to achieve your revenue goal.

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Five Areas That Will Improve Your Sales Negotiation Skills

MTD Sales Training

Being able to negotiate effectively is one of the most important skills you can build in your sales armoury, as it has a direct effect on your margins and overall profitability, as well as ensuring your customers get the best service possible.