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Selling Skills vs. Sales Methodology: Understanding the Difference

The Sales Readiness Blog

Sales success requires salespeople to have both selling skills and a sales methodology. Selling skills are crucial for effective sales conversations, while a sales methodology provides a structured approach to the sales process.

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5 Selling Skills for the New Virtual Sales World

Sales and Marketing Management

Eye contact in virtual sales presentations? That and these four other skills will improve your reps' performance on virtual sales presentations. The post 5 Selling Skills for the New Virtual Sales World appeared first on Sales & Marketing Management. You bet it's critical!


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Selling Skills

Partners in Excellence

Here’s a pop quiz for sellers and sales enablement folks. If you are a sales enablement person, Does your sales training/learning program included formal training and development on change and change management? Our sales training programs spend a lot of time helping us develop skills around what we sell and how we sell.

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The Bob Chronicles - The Difference Between Selling Skills and Effectiveness

Understanding the Sales Force

it's the same with sales teams. Now, each time I stand up, I crack my knee and foot and I can walk without pain. The most important thing was that my symptom screamed ankle but the root cause was my leg and foot.

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Leadership Behaviors Are the New Selling Skills


Maybe you’ve felt this way as a sales professional. Stereotypical selling skills take away from the joy of selling in a way that helps other people. Or maybe you’ve mastered traditional selling skills, but something is still missing.

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Why Sales Transformation Achieves Better Results Than Sales Training Alone

Understanding the Sales Force

Bringing it closer to sales, you invested in the CRM application you needed but your salespeople aren't using it the way you had hoped. As a result, you don't have realtime data to populate your dashboard and still don't know what's really going on with your sales organization, their pipeline and the forecast.

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Which Hurts Salespeople More: A Lack of Confidence or Poor Selling Skills?

The Sales Hunter

Recently, I worked with a very capable salesperson who had a great sales plan and great leads; yet, she failed miserably in at hitting her number. How do I Overcome my Lack of Confidence When Prospecting: It’s sad to say, but this situation is a major issue and one of the biggest reasons why there’s such a high turnover in sales.