The Science of Basic Selling Skills

Bernadette McClelland

And the basics of selling are….? 4. Make your key objective to help the customer, not to close a sale. Whilst these are skills that every salesperson must have and is typically the focus traditional sales training provides, I don’t believe they are the basics , nor do I believe they are the focus for the future sales professional that business wants and needs. And I’d like to refer to them as Identity Skills.

Building Agile Selling Skills


Put simply, agility in selling means using different skills when and where they are needed most. At one time, companies could sell a product and build revenues behind protective barriers. The high cost of technology, long innovation periods, and developmental lead time all meant that competitors had many walls to scale if they wanted to grab market share. With an agile approach, companies prioritize individuals and interactions over processes and tools.


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The Crucial Selling Skill That Nobody Talks About

Understanding the Sales Force

They want to optimize my website, sell me SEO services, provide me with online marketing tools, sell me the latest SaaS program, provide a guest article for my Blog, buy advertising on my Blog, sell me leads, book appointments for us with prospects, or show me the latest sales enablement tools. Dave Kurlan sales excellence sales effectiveness long sales cycle win rates managing patienceImage Copyright 123RF Stock Photo.

3 Referral Selling Skills All B2B Sales Reps Should Practice

No More Cold Calling

Ensure your sales team makes time to practice these critical prospecting strategies. Building professional skills takes practice— deliberate practice. B2B sales reps don’t get good overnight either. This is particularly true when it comes to asking for referrals , which even seasoned sales professionals find intimidating without regular practice. Want your sales team to build permanent, repeatable, effective referral selling skills?

Are “Traditional” Selling Skills Even Relevant Anymore?

Partners in Excellence

We all know the story—buying has changed profoundly, complex buying is chaotic, we need to be customer focused/driven, we need to create value in every interaction… At the same time, customers have many more sources/channels for information to help in their buying decisions, AI/ML technologies will make many transactional sales roles less necessary (tough this isn’t new news). At the same time, sales performance continues to stagnate or even decline.

To Become A Master Salesperson, Master NON Selling Skills.

Jeffrey Gitomer

To Become A Master Salesperson, Master NON Selling Skills. Tweet Share Everyone talks about “how to sell” Not me. “Easy for you, but I’m cold calling, I’m fighting competition, I’m in a tough market, you don’t understand.” In order to struggle less, you must begin to make the transition from “making a sale” to “creating a buying atmosphere.” What is selling about? Sales. Store.

10 Essential Selling Skills Every Sales Rep Needs in 2018

Hubspot Sales

Selling Skills. In order to answer these questions and find out what separates sales winners from second-place finishers, RAIN Group, a sales training company , studied over 700 B2B purchases from the buyer’s perspective to find out what really happened in their buying experiences. Below are the 10 essential selling skills you need to succeed in sales today -- all extracted from the study's findings. Top 10 Sales Representative Skills.

How to Ensure Sales Training Improves Selling Skills


The decision to pursue sales training comes down to three letters: ROI. Direct costs consist of the cash outlay needed to engage professional sales trainers and corresponding digital solutions. Indirect costs include the expense of taking quota-bearing sales professionals out of the field for training. Given the substantial resources needed to embark on sales training, leaders want assurance that the experience will lead to meaningful and measurable outcomes.

Why Virtual Selling Skills are Critically Important for Commercial Bankers


Win Opportunities Grow Accounts Sales and Marketing Leadership Sales ProfessionalCommercial banking is facing a period of transition. In only a few months, the global pandemic has begun to reshape the industry. Responding to this upheaval has proved difficult because the challenges consist of three key parts. Commercial banks face credit losses expected to total anywhere from $400 billion and $1 trillion between 2020 and 2024, according to data from McKinsey.

Critical Selling Skills That Distinguish Top Performers

Partners in Excellence

Last week, Tim Ohai and I were talking about the future of selling. We got onto a discussion of the critical skills needed for high performers. I’ve narrowed things down to the top 3 skills critical for top performers. I’d like your take on it, because most sales training programs don’t seem to include these. First, all the usual traditional skills are table stakes. They look outside their company, markets, and industries.

How to Optimize Your Sales Team’s Professional Selling Skills

Contact Monkey

If you’re a business owner, you know how imperative it is to get the most out of your sales team in order to maximize key business results. This is especially pertinent today as the sales process has become much more challenging , evolving with the needs of buyers over the years. . In order to do this, however, leaders within the business need to work with individual salespeople, helping them develop the kind of professional selling skills that lead to long-term success.

This Ex-Salesforce Veteran Reveals How He Transformed His Team’s Selling Skills

Having spent his career running sales teams at, Paul Snelson now found himself leading the 70-rep sales organization at TouchBistro. Planted in the heart of downtown Toronto — a place swarming with tech talent — TouchBistro was lucky enough to have a top-notch marketing team. Like many SaaS sales teams, Paul has a specialized sales model. But the rate of converting these leads into sales meetings was low.

The 7 Most Critical Selling Skills in Wholesale Distribution

Selling Essentials RapidLearning Center

Wholesale distributors are feeling urgency to change their sales models, a joint MDM/RLI research study shows. Many distributors have a field sales culture in markets where inside sales models may make more sense. And companies are starting to recognize that modern sales teams need to replace legacy classroom-style training with solutions that include digital, on-demand training. Most Critical Skill Gaps. Field Sales vs. Inside Sales.

If You Don’t Know Who Your Customer Is, Improving Selling Skills Won’t Help

Partners in Excellence

It’s a start up, the CEO wanted help in developing sales skills. Yet the CEO and many participants in the discussion were convince, all they needed to do was improve their selling skills. The best sales person in the world will be unsuccessful if she doesn’t know who her ideal customer is. We are chartered to sell our products and services, focusing on what we do—but now about who cares about what we do and why they should.

The Essential Selling Skills Bootcamp Part 3: Prospecting in a Cluttered World

Closer's Coffee

For Part 1 of the Essential Selling Skills Bootcamp, click here. The brutal fact is the number one reason for failure in sales is an empty pipeline and the root cause of an empty pipeline is the failure to prospect.” ? Top Sales Prospecting Challenge. Prospecting has and will always be the most important activity or discipline in sales. Why do Sales Professionals need to prospect? Easy on the artificial sales enthusiasm.

21 Great Selling Skills Questions


In the world of sales; Selling Skills can make the difference between a Rainmaker and a Bank breaker for most businesses. Sales people who miss targets at best, and don’t cover the overheads at worst, are an expensive luxury that most organisations can ill afford. Analysing and testing these skills in sales people is difficult, as often they can appear pitch perfect in the office but never quite seem to get matching results in the field. Sales Training

Who Owns Leads? Sales or Marketing

The Sales Hunter

In the last several years, a lot has been written about how Sales and Marketing need to come together if we ever expect to resolve the issue of generating leads. Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting lead generation leads marketing prospect prospecting sales prospectingIt’s time we challenge conventional thinking with regard to who owns the lead generation process.

Leads 124

Who is to Blame for Bad Leads? Marketing or Sales?

The Sales Hunter

Gee, sure sounds like a lot of Sales and Marketing Departments. Blog Breakthrough Sales University Professional Selling Skills Prospecting breakthrough sales university lead generation leads prospect prospectingAh, the blame game. It never ends, just like the merry-go-round that spins round and round. The only thing that seems to change are the kids on the ride. The question “who is to blame for bad leads” seems to get asked anytime […].

Leads 171

Top 3 Reasons to Use Consultative Selling Skills


Consultative Selling Skills are used by organizations in many different industries to drive high end Business 2 Business sales, and whilst Consultative Selling is undoubtedly difficult to get right, the rewards are high given the typical values of the products & services involved. The great advantage of Consultative Selling Skills is that the fundamental principles can be used on any product or service regardless of the value involved.

What is Marketing’s Role in Creating Prospects?

The Sales Hunter

Creating awareness and helping generate leads always will be some of the key roles of the Marketing Department. The challenge is to make sure Marketing gears its efforts toward reaching the right prospects and customers. During my time in Marketing positions, I found that Sales would doubt the work the Marketing Department was doing and […]. Blog Prospecting marketing prospecting sales prospecting selling skills

Sales Leadership Friday: Marketing vs. Sales

The Sales Hunter

One challenges many CEOs face is to finding a way to balance the role of Sales with the role of Marketing. The role marketing must play is in being the keeper of the brands, names, and the equity of what the business stands for. Marketing is far more skilled at controlling brand positioning than Sales, yet I’ve seen far too many times where Sales tries to control brand positioning. Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.”

Executive Sales Leader Briefing: Building the Business in a Flat Market

The Sales Hunter

If you want to receive the Executive Sales Leader Briefing in text form in an […]. Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills CEOs leader sales leader sales leadership sales techniques sellingWelcome to a new column I will be sharing with you each Friday. My goal is to share in a concise way a critical insight I’m seeing from my perspective as I meet and discuss with senior level leaders each week.

Full-Funnel Marketing: Is it Advertising or Marketing? The Challenge of Creating Awareness in a Noisy World.

The Sales Hunter

Is it advertising that’s needed to create customers or is it marketing? Matt Heinz and his team at Heinz Marketing have put together a great book on the subject, and you can get an electronic copy of Full Funnel Marketing for free! Blog Consultative Selling Professional Selling Skills Prospecting marketing matt heinz prospecting sales sales prospecting sales techniques

Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers: You Become Who You Associate With

The Sales Hunter

I was recently recognized as one of the top 50 sales & marketing influencers for 2014. The list is compiled by a leading global sales authority, Top Sales World. Top Sales World is based out of Europe and the United States. Blog Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation sales motivation It’s an honor to be on the list! You can see the entire list […].

It’s Time to Throw Away the Marketing Materials

The Sales Hunter

How effective are the marketing materials you receive? If you’re like the typical salesperson, you get more marketing information than you could ever begin to use. It’s time marketing departments wake up and quit shoveling garbage out to salespeople, all under the premise of helping them be more effective. Customers don’t want marketing materials. It’s time to throw away the marketing materials. ” Sales Motivation Blog.

Don’t Let Marketing or Finance Hijack Your Sales Kick-Off Meeting!

The Sales Hunter

Each year I’m invited to speak at numerous sales kick-off meetings, and as such I can say I’ve been to some amazing meetings and some downright terrible ones. Sales kick-off meetings go […]. Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation kick-off meeting leader sales kick-off

Does Lack of Intelligence Put Your Corporate Strategy at Risk?

Sales Benchmark Index

As CEO, you are responsible for driving your corporate strategic direction: You identify objectives and goals, initiatives and timelines. You identify budget allocations and expected ROIs. You set revenue targets both short and long term. You are placing a big bet on being a.

10 Reasons I’m Passionate About Sales

The Sales Hunter

I did not always like sales. In fact, just saying the word “sales” sounded creepy. While in one of my first sales jobs, I did not call myself a sales rep. I called myself a “marketing rep.” ” To me, marketing was a good term, but “sales” was everything evil. Blog Professional Selling Skills Sales Development Training sales sales motivation successFull disclosure.

Close More Sales by Fixing Your Attitude

The Sales Hunter

On the other end of the phone was another salesperson complaining to me about how they can’t seem to close more sales. I asked the person why he felt that was the case and the response was immediate, “Marketing provides all us with crappy leads. Blog Breakthrough Sales University Closing a Sale Consultative Selling leadership Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation attitude consulting prospecting sales leadership sales motivation

Sales Tips: Market Your Message (Part Four)

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: Market Your Message (Part Four). This article “Market Your Message” was published by Selling Power magazine, written by Kim Wright Wiley and taken from an interview with CustomerCentric Selling®.

Sales Tips: Market Your Message (Part One)

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: Market Your Message (Part One). This article “Market Your Message” was published by Selling Power magazine, written by Kim Wright Wiley and taken from an interview with CustomerCentric Selling®.

Sales Leadership is Not Just for Market Leaders and Top Salespeople

The Sales Hunter

The argument I hear is how sales leadership is something that only involves top performing sales people, sales managers or those who work for a company with huge market share. Sales leadership is a fundamental to anyone in sales who is striving to grow their sales and profit. It doesn’t matter what your position, sales leadership does matter. Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.”

Here is it. Your 7-Step Sales Strategy Framework For 2021.

All sales organizations are masters of sales tactics. . And while tactics are important, a sound sales strategy is critical to improving your closed/won ratio. Here is the 7-step framework for crafting a bullet-proof sales strategy in 2021. That’s a lot of big sales words.

10 Best Sales Questions to Use When Talking with a Customer

The Sales Hunter

The questions have to fit your personality and your market and allow you to move the process forward. Below are what I’ve found are the 10 best sales questions you can use. Blog Cold-Calling Consultative Selling Customer Service Professional Selling Skills Prospecting Purchasing Department listening prospecting purchasing department questions sales process sales prospecting selling techniques

Sales Techniques Examples

The Digital Sales Institute

Sales Techniques Examples. Sales techniques examples for an ever changing world to which all salespeople now find themselves selling into. There is no doubt that selling today is highly competitive. What Is Sales? Selling means exchanging value for value.

Top 14 Sales Skills Every Sales Rep Must Master


The best sales teams consistently deliver for their organizations, plain and simple. This is no mistake, as the elite teams are relentless in their development of sales skills. Superb sales skills do not come naturally to every young rep. Sales Process Adherence.

How to Equip Your Team for Virtual Selling

Selling Power

He is the content marketing manager at Richardson. Virtual selling requires more than a camera. Sales teams are discovering that virtual selling is different from executing normal sales conversations in front of a screen. They are learning that being effective over video requires more than simply transferring in-person selling skills to a video interface. Understanding these new skills is critical because virtual.

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Rethinking The Sales And Marketing Organization

Partners in Excellence

We continue to organize our sales and marketing initiatives around what makes us more efficient or old views of how customers buy. Classically, marketing’s focus is on creating interest and awareness, then driving demand. The work toward MQLs, turning them over to sales, hopefully as SALs, saying “Good luck and godspeed!, Marketing needs to start thinking about their role through the entire process–not just creating awareness and driving demand.

Sales Tips: 4 Foolproof Ways to Increase Sales Productivity

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: 4 Foolproof Ways to Increase Sales Productivity. By Sam Holzman, Content Marketing Specialist at ZoomInfo.

Sales best practices for successful selling

The Digital Sales Institute

Implementing sales best practices for successful selling should not only lead to higher levels of sales performance but also in more loyal customers. They are a set of guidelines baked into the DNA of the business to help the sales team run effectively and efficiently.

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