The Economic Collision of Customer Service and Social Media

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The customer has evolved from being King or Queen to being an Internet socially connected King or Queen. No longer must he or she hang on for minutes to speak to your customer service department.

Creating Differentiation with Simply Excellent Customer Service

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The offer was for $250 in video transfer services for $75, and I, like a lot of folks, have tons of old video and old pictures that I’d like to be able to use on my computer. Now, trusting the postal service with your only copy of a memory is a little nerve wracking. What Southtree did is to expose me – their external customer – to their internal processes. K-Mart''s advertising vs marketing K-Mart’s advertising vs marketing.

K-Mart's advertising vs marketing

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K-Mart’s advertising vs marketing

Leading Results Rambings

The total customer experience is part of marketing. They treated the customer right. They had customer centric priorities, They often engaged in banter with customers about the foods, new, old and current. Think through your customer’s entire buying process.

How Facebook Ads Can Boost Your Sales

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It is an incredible venue to tap an insane number of potential customers. As a business owner, you probably know how much boost Facebook advertisements can give your brand. Facebook advertising offers a wide variety of ad placement options.

How an Inclusive Storytelling Culture retains Customers

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Yet, most organizations and associations lump storytelling under the advertising and promotional umbrella. And, often, these activities are outsourced to folks who are not as invested as you are in retaining not only your customers, but also your employees.

Do You Realize That Influence Stems From Communication Style?

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Long before a sales career was in consideration, my first official job out of college was to work in an advertising agency. Customer buying habits and selling effectively also adapt to new technology and thought.

Upcoming Webinar, PROVE IT: Testimonials that Sell

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This is not just a new era of marketing and sales but a golden era for advertising.” Tweet When you say something about yourself, it’s bragging. When other people say it about you, it’s proof. That is the essence of the testimonial.

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Jeffrey Answers a Question on Cold Calling | Real World Sales Wisdom

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Visit existing customers. Ask your informal network of connections to recommend customers. CEOs want to create great reputations, keep customers loyal, keep employees loyal, have no problems, maintain safety, and make a profit. Reconnect with lost customers.

Do You Know How A Sales Funnel Will Build Your E-commerce Business?

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Physical products, consulting services, even trips to faraway places are ready for purchase. For a seller, and in particular, a first-timer who’s trying to get a business up and running, this massive amount of competing goods and services can be daunting lto navigate. Get customers.

Do Your Holiday Parties Project What You Preach?

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Advertising for one airline did preach that it was the best way to fly. Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Holiday parties frequently appear to be more of a check mark rather than a benchmark and do not project what we preach.

Do You Avoid the Grand Vision?

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Roger Davies is founder of McLuhan& Davies, a boutique communication-skills training company that sells its services in over 30 countries. The service: teaching people how to write more effectively. Services for En trepreneurs.

What We Can Learn from Groupon

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These sites were to disrupt the way people advertise and were seen as catalysts for giving control of pricing to the consumer. The biggest reason is you will wind up attracting a lot of customers who won’t stick with you if you do attempt to raise your price.

Customer Loyalty So You Have It?

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Creating satisfied customers was the goal. With the click of a mouse thanks to the dramatic impact of ever changing technology, your satisfied customer can leave and become easily satisfied by your competitor. Continue the same practices, policies, and procedures through archaic customer service training? Customer loyalty is truly about your bottom line. Did you know that a 5% increase in customer retention can have a 25% to 100% in profits?

Are People Buying Your Credibility?

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How many times have customers asked you a question and you’ve shaded the answer to put you in the best light? The credibility you have with your customers and, for that matter, everyone with whom you come in contact is as the advertisement goes “priceless.” Blog Customer Service Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation credibility reputationEvery few months, it seems there is news of another failure of credibility by somebody in business.

Free isn’t Free

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When we advertise “free” we’re saying we’ll take something else in exchange of money. Customer Service Marketing Money promoting promotions SellingYesterday was National Cookie Day, at least according to the guy outside the restaurant where I was eating.

The Bait and Switch

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The bait and switch is when a company advertises a particular product at a particular price, then when the customer shows up to buy, they don’t have the product at that price. By charging the same price and not doing a better job at informing customers of the type of experience they are going to get is bullshit. Changing planes and therefore the experience with out notifying your customers is just dishonest and as my grandmother would say; “not on the up and up.”

Are Your Emails Getting Deleted By Your Prospects and Customers? Five Things You Can Do to Increase the Success of Your Email Campaigns. Prospecting Email Strategies – Part Two

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You can check to see if the solution provider or list management company is, in fact, blacklisted via some online resources, such as (a Cisco service). • Advertising. Developing an email template compelling enough to elicit a response from a prospect is hard enough.

Five Ways to Use Testimonials to Generate Leads

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What many businesses miss however, is the opportunity to use their customer testimonials to generate new inquiries and leads. Here are five mini-marketing recipes that you use to get more leverage from all those nice things your customers say about you: 1: Use the testimonial in a blog post.

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Leadership Begins First and Foremost within Each of Us

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Just listen to all the advertisements on television about this or that drug to cure this or that alignment. Customers Service. Yesterday I received some course catalogs from a well known university advocating a plethora of leadership courses.

Competitive Advantage In Sales


This shocking statistic means that the vast majorities of companies are not promoting and utilizing their top skill sets that customers want, and are likely losing out on revenue. Competitive advantage is the value proposition that you bring to your customers.

A Bold New Model for Launching Brands in a Market that Demands Speed and Certainty

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Brainstorm specific brand experiences that would help bring the brand story to life across multiple points of touch, be it logo and store design, customer service, online applications, events, advertising, and so forth.

The 4 kinds of promises you should never make to customers


A study by Accenture found that over 60% of companies who broke promises to consumers were serial offenders: Does this mean you should stop making promises to customers? And as a sales rep, you already know that long-term customers are the bread and butter of your company’s profitability.

The Rise of One-Man Online Businesses: 6 Steps to Building a Successful E-Commerce Site & Increasing Sales


There’s a growing trend of the $1 million dollar business in construction, healthcare, leasing, real estate rental, retail, social services. Many business owners think they must reinvent the wheel with the products and services they sell. If a product or service is getting thousands of likes in a few hours, then that’s a tell-tale sign that it’s selling well. Branding is important when it comes to turning customer views into sales.

3 Keys to an Effective Digital Selling Strategy

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Digital selling yields the best results when companies offer consistent experiences across all channels, including brand image, media releases, client presentations, customer service, and product engagement. EY found that the increase in products and services available to B2B buyers in recent years has made them more discerning. For instance, a business might establish an internal center of excellence that produces content designed to educate prospects about its services.

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The B2B Marketer’s Ultimate Guide to Reddit


r/advertising. /r/Entrepreneur. Redditors reject obvious promotion because the platform is built on organic discussion between human beings, not between marketers and customers. Invest in Reddit Advertising.

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How to Grow Sales with No Selling!

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Today’s customers are savvy and informed about the value, options, and services available in the market. So, what can you do to rise above the noise of advertising, marketing, and the all-knowing internet? Enhance your customer experience. Do you ask happy customers to post a review? Use an automated system for customer reviews. This tool will make it easy for customers to leave a review. Here are a few sites that provide this service.

How to Get More Value From Your B2B Data Purchase


Determine what services your price includes. Many times, vendors advertise a low cost per record to bait buyers. Before you make a purchase, ask the data provider whether they have a method for running their dataset against your existing customer/prospect list or a suppression file.

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How to Develop a Strategic Plan for Business Development [Free Template]

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When we refer to a business development strategic plan, however, we’re referring to a roadmap that guides the whole company and requires everyone’s assistance to execute successfully and move your customer through your flywheel and close deals. Identify your target customer.

The Ultimate List of Marketing Podcasts


According to the Content Marketing Institute, “Although most people think content marketing is brand new, telling stories to attract and retain customers is, perhaps, the oldest of marketing disciplines.” Boagworld is a podcast about digital strategy, service design, and user experience.

3 Ways Customer Data Can Increase Workplace Efficiency

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Author: Judi Hand Contact center employees have one aim: using the information at their disposal to solve a customer’s problem. Companies provide these workers with data, contact history, service history, and so on to help them answer whatever questions the customer asks. But companies focus so much on the relationship between customers and data that they often ignore how smart data practices affect employees. Listening to Employees Like Customers.

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Top 10 Skills to Become a Rockstar in Digital Marketing

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As a result, they fail to offer the best email marketing service and produce content that’s personalized to their specific market. Today, data analytics tools are widely available, giving marketers the information they need to understand customers and target them with the right messages. Bear in mind that any form of consumer data is useless if you don’t know how to analyze it to study your customers and create marketing strategies to grow your business.

3 Ways Customer Data Can Increase Workplace Efficiency

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Judi Hand Contact center employees have one aim: using the information at their disposal to solve a customer’s problem. Companies provide these workers with data, contact history, service history, and so on to help them answer whatever questions the customer asks. But companies focus so much on the relationship between customers and data that they often ignore how smart data practices affect employees. Listening to Employees Like Customers.

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Do You Dream About Building Business?

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After having careers in service and financial management, we learned how to put business owners back in the drivers’ seat and answer those questions. We experienced years of running dealerships plus implementing and training within service oriented businesses.

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Marketing Is Now All Hands On Deck or the Keyboard

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Sales Training Coaching Tip: Brand according to Seth Godin is the expectations held by your customers about your small business solution, your employees or even you.

Essential Skills of Winning Sales Operations


Customizing to meet team needs. 5 Customer Happiness. Customer service skills aren’t just for the customer service department. Nearly every part of the sales process involves the customer and therefore requires high-level customer etiquette. This begins with knowing the customer base and target personas. Take ownership of customer happiness.

B2B Blog Post Round Up: Marketing Tech, Direct Dials, and More


And let’s face it, selling a business product or service has a certain set of limitations that, say, someone selling a pair of sneakers, may not have. Lesson #1: Develop a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy. Customer centricity is about more than just “making the customer happy.”

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Selling Strategies: Develop the Habit of Going the Extra Mile By John Boe

Sales Training Advice

There are only two ways to beat the competition; lower your price or increase the quality and quantity of service you provide to your customers. Customers who buy from you because of a low price are not loyal and will jump ship when your competition offers them a lower price. One of the biggest reasons most salespeople fail to succeed is because they view customer service requests as unpaid, administrative burdens rather than golden opportunities.

Mistakes to Avoid When Expanding Your Sales Department


These days I remembered something I’ve read back in 2006 and somehow kept in the back of mind all this time: ‘’Everyone wants to be the VP of marketing and do the cool stuff like advertising and promotion. Advertising can’t do this, so for most organizations the best lead-generation methods are seminars, presentations by company executives and schmoozing‘’ said chief-evangelist and Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Guy Kawasaki in a blog post that year.

The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Measuring Social Media ROI


Customer retention. Customer retention is tied closely to customer service. How many customers did you help? Ad costs: Add up the cost of any paid social media advertisements or promoted posts you’ve spent money on.