3 Sales Tips from an Engineer Turned Saleswoman

No More Cold Calling

What do women in sales and engineers have in common? An engineer who sells? She is off-the-charts bright, with degrees in both statistics and physics, so engineering was a natural career choice. As she helped me understand, engineering and sales require some similar skill sets.

Datahug. A Relationship Search Engine for Your Business.

Dave Stein's Blog

The analytics engine monitors this to build up a dynamic database and applies a powerful relationship algorithm to make the connections and undercover who knows who and how well they know them right across the company’s entire network of connections.

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Datahug. A Relationship Search Engine for Your Business.

Dave Stein's Blog

The analytics engine monitors this to build up a dynamic database and applies a powerful relationship algorithm to make the connections and undercover who knows who and how well they know them right across the company’s entire network of connections.

How to Start an Awesome LinkedIn Group

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One excellent way to establish credibility organically is to launch a LinkedIn Group. million groups running the gamut from a few members to thousands. The group grew to 2,400 members and spawned other related groups, which Duke also manages.

The Potential Engine (A Note to Sales Leadership)

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The Potential Engine (A Note to Sales Leadership) is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. A sales organization is an engine. Your job in leadership is to get the very highest performance from that engine. But the real question is, “Are you getting the most from the engine?

The Three Stakeholder Groups Your Sales Process Serves

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The Three Stakeholder Groups Your Sales Process Serves is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. If it is designed and executed well, it will serve all three of these stakeholder groups. Your process should be a reverse engineering of all of the activities you must take, as well as the commitments you must gain, as you move forward from target to close. Anthony Iannarino. A good sales process can help you to win your opportunities—and faster, too.

Lunchtime Collaboration Groups catalyze Workplace Collaboration

Babette Ten Haken

Lunchtime Collaboration Groups work wonders when teams do not have much magic in the collaboration department. Create a Lunchtime Collaboration Group. Lunchtime collaboration groups create a collaborative environment independent of: Job titles.

Can the CIO facilitate IoT Line of Business Convergence in the Smart Plant – Part 2

Babette Ten Haken

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) study, The Factory of the Future , surveyed 750 manufacturing product leaders from automotive, engineered products and process industries.

Guest Post: Are Your Referrals Real Ones?

Jonathan Farrington

She gets people together who are often on opposite sides of the table, like engineers and sales people or entrepreneurs and investors. Sales Aerobics for Engineers®, 2012©. General Babette Ten Haken Mike Schultz Rain Group Referral Selling

Toxic Teams impact Customer Success

Babette Ten Haken

Are you a member of a toxic sales team, engineering team, customer service team, you-name-it-workplace-team? It takes hard work to turn a group of individuals into a team. That type of hard work takes more than group growth activities and going out for drinks.

What IoT Capital Equipment Clients Need to Know vs Want to Hear

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The MPI Group’s latest report, “A Brave New World for Machinery Makers” discusses the implications of emerging global industrialization on customized, engineered-to-order projects.

Can Sales Operations Insights connect End User Reality to Sales Fantasy?

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Subscribe to the Sales Aerobics for Engineers® Blog via the red Never Miss An Article box. Sales operations insights become key to translating end user experience to the C-Suite and sales organization. First, these insights become critical factors influencing customer loyalty.

Who Had the Greatest Professional Impact On You in 2016? Tom Pick!

Babette Ten Haken

One of our colleagues, Jim Keenan , challenged our group of 50+ specialists to create a meme about the one person who had the greatest impact on our professional development this year. She serves manufacturing, IT and engineering intensive companies.

Manage Your Churn or Pay the Consequences – Why Churn is Part of Your Sales Engine

A Sales Guy

One of the first things that new Ford CEO Alan Mulally did was take a small group of executives to Consumer Reports to get an assessment of their vehicles and understand the weaknesses. I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about selling and making new sales.

“Hello, My Name is Jonathan, and I am a Salesman”

Jonathan Farrington

Earlier this year, my good chum, Dave Kurlan, he of Kurlan & Associates and Objective Management Group , conducted a survey with the primary objective of trying to discover whether levels of trust in the sales profession were increasing or decreasing.

Big Data Collaboration Platforms drive Enterprise Insights

Babette Ten Haken

Except replace the words “software design” with engineering, operations, business, finance, human capital. Rather than only creating predictions for groups of patients, the data also yield customized, personal, per-patient predictive insights. She serves manufacturing, IT and engineering intensive companies. Big data collaboration platforms catalyze organizations to overcome barriers to cross-functional, organizational collaboration.

Different Professional Perspectives create IIoT Opportunities

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These groups configure and reconfigure depending on type of project and desired outcome, according to Deloitte. The stereotype: If you are an engineer, you collaborate with design engineers, Owners, financers and planners.

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Retaining Customers on Blog Post Roundup July 2016

Babette Ten Haken

Because while the first sale involves sales teams, the care and feeding of customers, once won, is up to a mostly non-sales group of extremely talented and valuable employees. Lunchtime #Collaboration Groups catalyze #Workplace Collaboration [link] @babettetenhaken #professionaldevelopment.

Is Catalog Selling a Smart Strategy for the Smart Plant?

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Your company becomes synonymous with one decision, one piece of equipment, a group of spare parts and a purchase order number. Your company’s offerings represent the breadth and depth of your organization’s technical and engineering expertise, industry expertise, domain area expertise.

Post Sale Team VoC and IoT Customer Retention

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Their skills are particularly valuable after the sale: when sales and engineering promises meet the reality of daily end user workplace experience. . She serves manufacturing, IT and engineering intensive companies.

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7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Google Adwords

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Google Adwords is a very powerful tool packed with lots of features to help you get the most out of your search engine marketing efforts. By simply creating these lists within the library, you can easily share it with other campaign and ad groups in the account.

Google Adwords Changes You Want to Know

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Per Marketingland.com , “The key difference is that desktop and tablet device bids will be grouped and mobile devices bids will be based on a percentage of the desktop and tablet bid.”

Are You Ready for SEO Marketing?

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For many in mid-size to small businesses, search engine optimization marketing. No engagement on LinkedIn groups is also a turn off. Hopefully, your small business will react better than the majority of small businesses who still lack a website less alone a search engine friendly one.

How to Recognize and Sell to Your Niche Audience!


This gives an opportunity to the smaller firms to produce products, which they can cater to the needs of a group of people whose needs aren’t met specifically by the large companies. Sometimes there is a possibility that the product will cater to the needs of all age groups.

How to Write a Winning Pay Per Click Ad

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According to David Jaeger in the Search Engine Watch article, “ How to Write the Best PPC Ad Copy …” Jaeger suggests that researching and noting what your competitors are doing is a great place to start when writing pay per click ads.

Sales Alignment with Company Strategy Part-1


Notice how many tales of disruptive innovation are about high-end providers still trying to sell feature-rich product/service bundles to customers not interested in paying for what they have come to see as an “over-engineered” solution versus new alternatives.

[STUDY] What Do B2B Buyers Want?

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The survey group was 59% men and 41% women, who work within the following industries and departments: Study participants completed an extensive 76-part survey on subjects including how they interact with salespeople, the dynamics of team evaluation, their opinions on real-world sales scenarios, and a variety of questions surrounding personal beliefs. Group dynamics: 90% of the time, salespeople only need to convince one person in a buying committee: the dominant influencer.

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Does My (non-sales) Department Need Sales Training?

Empowered Sales

But what about the engineering, accounting or shipping departments; why should you care to provide sales training to those folks? A preacher, drunkard and engineer have each been sentenced to death. Finally, the engineer steps up for his anticipated beheading.

Top Line Tips by Lisa Magnuson


A general agreement is reached to tackle a few of the action items discussed and then an agreement to re-group is discussed. In most circumstances, a solid commitment and first step can easily turn out to be the only spark needed to really ignite your TOP Line Account™ sales culture’s engine.

Is AI impacting Inside Sales Rep Revenue? Mike Plante of InsideSales Says it Is.


At the Funnel Media Group we believe that AI is the future of sales and marketing operations. InsideSales.com offers the industry’s leading sales acceleration platform built on Neuralytics, a predictive and prescriptive self-learning engine that drives revenue growth by delivering an optimized experience for both salesperson and buyer.

What the Sales World Can Learn from Marathon Participants

Understanding the Sales Force

If you’ve been reading my Blog for the past 8 years and 1,150 articles, then you have no doubt read that salespeople can be categorized into 3 groups. So perhaps, our top 6% is the group that takes selling as seriously as those runners that train for a marathon.

7 Steps to Build Your Lead Gen Machine

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Leads fuel the revenue engine. Don’t skip this step or you’ll build your lead gen engine in the dark. Most complex purchasing decisions are made by a group. The group or Buying Decision Team typically consists of: Ultimate Decision Make r – Final approval of the decision.

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Why Your Reps Ignore Sales Improvement Projects

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Field Validation —Have a small group of reps and managers use the generic prototype. This solves over engineered approaches when somebody in training design a new process. Encourage the group of reps and manager to put their fingerprints on it.

How B2B Reps Use Social Debt to Get Sales Support

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Sales Support includes groups in Product, Marketing, Care, Legal, and Research. In spite of these perceptions, these groups need each other to be successful. It’s not easy for a Sales Rep to obtain support from these groups. Sales engineers, product managers, pricing teams, etc.

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The Myth of Selling as a Highly Paid Profession

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In fact, we are engaged in a business that is unevenly divided between a relatively small group of highly skilled professionals, earning some of the highest wages in the world, and a huge group of unskilled and semi-skilled laborers, earning unskilled and semi-skilled wages. Engineer: Less than one-year experience: $55,011. We, as a group, are woefully under trained, yet we expect to make professional wages. .

What You Stand For: Building a Team Philosophy and Code of Conduct

The Productivity Pro

While most of us aren’t engineers, we understand the basics of their work. Coworkers can’t succeed as a team, much less excel, if we can’t construct a solid foundation upon which to erect the framework that supports and strengthens us, both as individuals and a group.

3 Reasons Why Thinking-Outside-the-Box is Harmful to Sales Productivity

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It’s when your idea isn’t overly creative, it’s simply over-engineered. Think outside the box. Outmaneuver and outsmart. Outfox and outwit. In our zeal to out -shine the competition there’s a lot of pressure to outdo yourself.

Enabling Better Decision Making: The greatest Big Data challenge

Brian Vellmure

According to Iyengar, “when humans are given 10 or more choices, they make bad decisions” Perhaps that’s why marketers have been trying for so long to get on the first page of search engines.

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Does Your Customer Want An Expert or a Resource?

Fill the Funnel

Are you working overtime in LinkedIn Groups, answering dozens of questions via LinkedIn Answers, or responding to questions on Focus.com or Quora ? If you’re in sales, ask yourself these questions: Does your customer want you to be an expert or a resource?

Time to Fall Clean Your Marketing Toolbox

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Paid advertising, membership in referral groups, local chambers and other B2B networking groups are other heavy tools. Have you updated your website to make it search engine friendly? Fall is here. Now is the perfect time to clean out your marketing toolbox and refresh it for the forthcoming last quarter of this year and the first quarter of next year. So what is currently in your toolbox?

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