The Best Sales Process for Professional Services Companies

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Before we get into what makes the best sales process for professional services, we need to dispel the head trash most professional services have about selling. And if everyone is expected to bring in business, but no one truly “owns” sales, lack of accountability is sure to creep in.

How the Sales Process Compares to Olympians Spiraling Head First at 80mph

Smart Selling Tools

While the profession of sales (usually) doesn’t put one at risk, it can certainly feel that way. Mastering the art of selling, I imagine, is not unlike mastering the sport of Skeleton. In B2B sales, the start is just as important. Think of selling as a sport.

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The Missing Step in Your Sales Process: Film Review

Many of today’s sales leaders admit that they are not happy with their current training programs. According to a survey we launched to sales leaders at 133 companies who primarily sell into Enterprise and Mid-Market companies, 34.8% All of these challenges can also be applied to sales.

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These Are the 12 Best Sales Process Tips of All Time

The Internet is littered with articles about the sales process. It’s the only sales process post based on hard data. We used AI to analyze over 1M sales conversations that span 384,923 deals. Prospecting is your first step in the sales process.

These Are the 12 Best Sales Process Tips of All Time

The Internet is littered with articles about the sales process. It’s the only sales process post based on hard data. We used AI to analyze over 1M sales conversations that span 384,923 deals. Those sales calls were recorded, transcribed from speech to text, and analyzed with AI. The analysis revealed concrete behaviors and patterns across the entire sales process that lead to successful outcomes. Get your sales manager on a call.

3 More Tips For Effective Telephone Prospecting

The Pipeline

As in sports, music or other crafts, focusing on the most basic aspects is as important as mastering the big things, your messaging, value props, etc. Sales Process Sales Skills sell better Tibor Shanto by Tibor Shanto –

March Madness: 5 Small Business Lessons to Take Away

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It can, and you don’t have to run a popular sports bar; nearly any business can learn some valuable lessons from the month of madness, some even as simple as the power of simplifying your sales. March Madness is unlike other sporting events because it attracts non-sports fans.

Changing the Odds In Your Prospecting

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How much of a premium would you pay to bet on a sporting event where the odds favoured your team over the other by 6000 to 100? But I see sales people do this very thing on a regular basis, but instead of a five dollar bet, what is on the line is their income.

Sales Data Or Insight Driven?

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The other day I go a resume that had a familiar phrase in it, “John Smith – A Data Driven Sales Professional. Sales is impacted by this as much as any part of business, but there some unique opportunities for sales and sales departments, both good and not so good opportunities.

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Would You Watch An Autonomous F1 Race?

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Not as hard as you might imagine, if you are willing to let go and assume you were doing something entirely different but required similar thought, analysis and decision process. For disruptive learning in sales, I like to look to music and sports; partly art, partly not.

Never Let A Good Plan Get In The Way Of Success!

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In some sports and other skills based endeavours, for example figure skating, you can score points for artistic merit, and you also get scored on execution. I worry when I see sales managers and leaders put a greater emphasis on process and playbook than results.

Trade Deadline Sales Style

The Pipeline

Most major sports have significant dates through the year when it comes to proactively developing the team, building a roster that will help you win now and into the future. But let there be no doubt sales leaders do review their rosters at critical times in the year.

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You Don’t Need To Be Manager To Be A Leader

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I hope we can all agree that in sales, manager are better leading from the front than behind the desk. The major cause continues to be that managers come from the ranks of the best sales people on the team. Sales managemment Sales Process Sales Success Tibor Shanto

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3 B’s Of Pipeline Success

The Pipeline

To use a sport analogy, your pipeline is your core, no matter what sport you are in hockey, tennis, or running, a strong core, a well exercised and maintained core adds to athletic performance and lifts one competitor to victory over a comparably talented athlete with a less conditioned core.

5 Tactics to Improve Your Follow-Up Cadence [With Examples]

Sales Hacker

In this article, we’ll look at five sales follow-up tactics that will help you do just that. 5 Tactics for Effective Sales Follow-Up in 2020. Sales Follow-Up Tactic #1: Email. Sales Follow-Up Tactic #2: Phone. Sales Follow-Up Tactic #3: LinkedIn.

Small Talk Is For Small People – Sales eXchange 204

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When I talk to sales people about how they start sales meetings with new potential buyers (first time they meet), most (not all) tell me they “break the ice with some small talk”, then they “get in to it!” by Tibor Shanto –

Your Funnel Should Be A Horn Of Plenty

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Most would agree that sales is not strictly a numbers game, but as with other issues such as closed ended questions , the pendulum at times seems to swing too far in one direction. Walking away is not forever, it for your sales success. Sales Success Tibor Shanto

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Go For That Hail Mary Now – Sales eXchange 233

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This a ritual not limited to sports, it is practiced in B2B sales, but under different names, fueled by the same need, and with all the same negative connotations; the end is nigh, and you know the drill. Sales Process Sales Success Tibor Shanto

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Customers Love to Buy so Why Do Salespeople Struggle to Sell Them?

Understanding the Sales Force

Happy buying extends to vacations and even sporting goods. Dave Kurlan sales process Closing Sales b2b sales selling skills B2C SalesImage Copyright iStock Photos. I just returned from the local car dealer.

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Sales Apprenticeship – Sales eXchange 212

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Sales like any other craft takes practice, evaluation, more practice, repeated coaching, and just when we think we have it down, we need to practice some more; and then things change, which means we get to practice some more. A standard that would not be bad for sales either.

Sales Manager Survival Guide – Book Review

The Pipeline

One of the great things in what I do is the opportunity to meet a range of thinkers and doers involved in sales and helping others sell better. Brock writes a book on a critical subject like sales management, it is an opportunity to learn and share with others in my circle.

7 Sure Fire Ways to Sell More. Faster.

KO Advantage Group

She was running a fairly successful marketing firm yet she struggled to get her clients to connect with her sales message. She hired a sales person. Who basically followed her lead, and also was not able to make any sales. Marketing and Sales are Not the Same.

Trade Deadline Sales Style

The Pipeline

Most major sports have significant dates through the year when it comes to proactively developing the team, building a roster that will help you win now and into the future. But let there be no doubt sales leaders do review their rosters at critical times in the year.

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A Conversation With Doug Davidoff Part I: Understanding and Optimizing the Concept of Sales Playbooks


It’s rare to find a sales professional who actually grew up with a goal to be in sales, but Doug Davidoff is one of those individuals. Sales is a great place to actually break the rules and work on your own timeline.”. What is your personal definition of a sales playbook?

Prevent the Drought of Summer Sales

A Sales Guy

Your kids are in sports and they expect you to make it to the games. All of these demands and those on the sales front make it tough to make your number. How is your sales team looking? I love talking shop with talented sales leaders and sales people.

A Conversation With Doug Davidoff Part II: The Art of Optimizing Sales Playbooks


For Doug Davidoff, the Founder and CEO of Imagine Business Development , a playbook-focused customer acquisition platform, understanding how sales works on a fundamental level is the lifeblood of the company. Can you give a real-world example of your playbook creation thought process?

Top Sales Lead Management Mishaps


Despite this, research shows that sales reps typically do a poor job of managing their leads, at the expense of their company’s revenue potential. Each sales lead management mishap affects your bottomline, so it’s important to address each one.

What a Golfer’s Mind Can Teach Us About Sales

Braveheart Sales

I’ve been rereading it, as I do occasionally, and keep observing so many parallels to sales and the emotional discipline it takes to truly be the best one can be, that I feel the need to write about it. The sport is different from most others in that the golfer alone initiates the shot.

4 tips to grow and develop your inside sales team


We’ve blogged recently about the importance of leveraging the skills of your inside sales team and playing to each reps strengths like a good coach. In fact, our research shows that after implementing a skill-based routing program, skilled sales reps more than double their conversion.

9 Questions Managers Ask That Kill Sales

Keith Rosen

If most managers have the best of intentions when supporting their salespeople, then why do they keep asking them questions that result in lost sales? “If you stay focused on the results, keep your eyes on the prize and on our sales targets, we will get there faster.”

The Rush of Fools to Increase Sales

Increase Sales

With only 2% of all sales being closed or earned during that first meeting, have you ever consider you may be a fool rushing in, tripping over yourself just to increase sales? This is why social media has become so critical to the overall sales process.

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To Sell More – Ignore Your Sales Goals and Trust Your Process

Keith Rosen

Of course, we’re not going to abandon our sales goals, just the toxic thinking that surrounds them! What if the real source of prospecting failure is focusing too much on the result rather than your process. ” The Lesson: The Result IS the Process!

Put On Your Game Face and Talk Sporty To Me

Bernadette McClelland

Why have I introduced both Jen and sports into this conversation? According to Jen, ‘ sports should be your go-to because of its versatility, popularity and ongoing storylines. This week in Melbourne, I had a very sporting weekend!

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Sales Playbooks – Roadmaps to Victory


One of the Fox Sports broadcast crews which consisted of ex-players dissected a pivotal corner kick from the standpoint of the playbooks of both the offense and the defense. Since we’re all not aficionados of the sport, let’s first consider the value of a corner kick. What about sales?

Knowing What to Do and Knowing How to Do It are Two Entirely Different Things

A Sales Guy

I know a lot about sales. I have enough information about selling, sales leadership, coaching, negotiation, client interaction, sales process and more to write a book. It doesn’t take much to know what it takes to manage a sales team, be CEO, run a professional sports franchise, implement a new commission plan, or develop a new sales process. Execution Foundry Group Knowledge Sales Sales Process Seth Levine

5 Reasons Sales Pitching is NOT Selling


Sales Pitching as part of a Sales process is a common sight on reality TV shows such as the Apprentice and Dragons Den, and they are indeed entertaining. Television shows are however contrived for entertainment, and watching some over confident, and some might say arrogant, young "professional" stumble in front of a group of buyers is great sport, and inevitably drives the ratings that the TV companies are looking for. Sales Pitching is all about you.

The Real Competition

Bernadette McClelland

ow”, as sports psychologists describe a state of alert concentration in which the body moves by pure instinct, like a ?sh Bernadette McClelland is a Keynote and Sales Kick-Off Speaker, Executive Sales Leadership Coach, and published author.

Baseball's Huge Impact on Sales Performance

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan. I wrote this article on the difference between Sales Process and Sales Methodology and this article on how Sales Models are different from Process and Methodology.

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Do You Have a Recipe for Sales Management Success?

Anthony Cole Training

I’ve been trying to find a way to tie cooking to sales management. I love to cook (and eat) and I love selling and coaching sales management. Thus my attempt to find another way to explain concepts of sales management: COOKING!

5 Online Sales Meeting Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

MTD Sales Training

Are you using online sales meetings throughout your sales process? Do it wrong and it can completely ruin the sale! See if you can bunk off work early and say you’ve got a sales meeting somewhere”. MTD Sales Training | Sales Blog | Image at