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How to Get Sales and Customer Service Teams Working Together

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The customer experience today is more relational and less transactional than ever before. This is a great thing for customers, and it’s a great thing for businesses that want to build long-term relationships with those customers. But this shift towards relationships and away from mere transactions has also revealed one of the fundamental problems in how we think about sales and customer service. Sales teams are measured by: The number of calls made.

5 best practices for offering excellent customer service

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Great customer service is a key part of any successful business. Poor customer service has the opposite effect. According to the NewVoiceMedia’s 2018 “Serial Switchers” report , poor customer service costs businesses around $75 billion a year. Only 5% did not share a negative customer service experience. And don’t think customer service is something that only your customer service department does.

How to Track and Drive Productivity for Remote Sales and Customer Service Reps in 2019

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The remote sales force and customer service team is officially here. The rise in remote work has created new challenges and opportunities for managers tasked with leading geographically dispersed teams. Benefits of Remote Sales and Customer Service Teams.

Sales Management Is Really About Enablement

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For the sales enablement professionals reading this, this is not about you, though you might think it is! It starts with hiring the right people, assuring they are onboarded, providing the systems, processes, tools, training they need to be successful. Sales Manager Enablement.

7 Must-Have Automated Documents for Sales Success

don’t move as quickly as they’d like--especially when it comes to sales teams. Many companies have adopted technologies like customer relationship management. Sales teams, in particular, waste precious time and resources on repetitive tasks and manual data. Sales.

The True Value of Exceptional Customer Service & “Moments of Truth”

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But today I want to discuss one of my most favorit topics – customer retention – because believe me, it is set to become the differentiator between success and failure for most commercial organizations. So what is the value of good customer service?

The Examples We Set, Our People Are Watching

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As managers and leaders, we create (consciously or unconsciously) dozens of “training” moments for our people, every day. We want our people to use the sales process, but we never use it when we do deal reviews.

2018 Sales Management Critical Issues, Part 2

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The first post in this short series focused on Talent Management. Understanding the impact of complexity on each of us, our partners, and our customers; doing everything we can do to radically simplify the things we do are the next areas of management focus.

Major Accounts vs. Sales Prospecting: Where to Spend Your Time?

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” Salespeople love to spend time with major accounts, because I believe they would rather do that with their time instead of sales prospecting. Example: Total business from your major accounts last year was 70% of your total. Sales managers reading this — try it!

Sales rep for a day: Aligning sales, marketing, and support

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No matter the department, every single person in your company should understand sales because, at the end of the day, it’s everyone’s job to sell the brand. Marketing and customer support are specific departments that benefit the most from understanding the sales process. Both act as the “face” of your company and are important touch points for the customer. Unfortunately, sales, marketing, and support are not always aligned in their goals.

Today’s Expectations are Tomorrow’s Norms

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” If you’re reading this and you’re a sales manager, I want you to think about areas where people who work for you are operating at a sub-optimal level. One of the best examples I can think of is expense reports. ” Sales Motivation Blog.

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How to Manage Toxic People and Bad Attitudes

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” These common examples illustrate how employees and managers struggle with finding the best approach to confront someone about having to change their negative attitude and behavior; especially when it could be one of your top performers.

Don’t Care What Happens After the Sale? That’s Your First Mistake

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The reality of sales today is people are skeptical of companies and sales reps. They don’t care about your vision or data, they want to hear what your customers have to say. And in today’s economy, that starts with great reviews from fantastic customer service.

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The 33 Best Sales Training Video Channels on YouTube

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billion on training and development, including external providers, internal expenses and tuition reimbursement, according to The American Society for Training and Development. Clearly, if your team needs sales training, there's a lot of options out there. Sales Training

It's not "What's your brand?" It's "Where's your brand?"

Jeffrey Gitomer

Online Training. Let me give you an example. I also gave them my sales idea.” It would give you the opportunity to become better known, and be in front of your customer every single day. Get Sales Blog Updates. Customer Loyalty. Sales. Store.

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Do You Remain True to What You Believe?

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For example, in my sales career, my joy was in the personal conversations I had with my clientele. One Sales Manager was livid seeing me in action with a prospective client. Often, the inside knowledge proves to be the better training ground. Sales Tales. .

The Truth and Profit Behind Your Service | Sales Training.

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Online Training. The Truth and Profit Behind Your Service. And other concessions are being made in order to differentiate themselves from one another and woo the big customers. The difference is service – and the perception that someone cares – memorable service and service recovery. Every company (yours included) needs to change the way they look at training their people. Leadership must embrace the process and take the training too.

Who is Your Lexus? | Sales Motivation and Sales Training

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Mark’s Insights on SALES MOTIVATION. Training. Sales Articles. Sales Motivation. Phone Sales Tips. Sales Development. Sales Call Best Practices. Retail Sales Trends. He speaks authentically about the phenomenal difference you can experience in your sales career by differentiating yourself from your competitor with exceptional service. I love to brag about companies that are passionate about giving great service.

Are Your Sales Teams Putting Out Fires When They Should Be Closing Sales?

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In fact, you may think about increasing your budget in the area of Sales Support. Let the Sales Team Do It. While it seems to make sense to decrease or cut out support expenses for sales people, this often decreases sales. Sales Person or Administrative Staff?

What Is The Role Of Sales Enablement?

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This post may seem like I’m bashing the sales enablement function and sales enablement professionals. Sales enablement professionals have a tough and important job. Many of the most important initiatives focused on improving sales performance come through sales enablement.

20 CRM Myths That Hinder Organizations from Achieving Sales Greatness

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Many sales reps are apprehensive about learning and using a CRM, and some organizations are therefore reluctant to invest in a platform that their reps “won’t use.”. Here are 20 CRM myths that hinder businesses and salespeople from achieving their highest sales potential. CRM training.

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20 Questions that Turn Cold Prospects Into Loyal Customers

Keith Rosen

They expressed interest but where did your customer go? Since 55% of selling time is wasted on unproductive prospecting, here are 20 questions that prevent prospects from going MIA, increase sales and keep you focused on the right opportunities to prevent sales frostbite.

2013 -The FIVE Critical Challenges ….

Jonathan Farrington

There are so many solutions available today, which assist front-line sales professionals to accurately target potential clients/customers – not to mention resources like LinkedIn etc – it is incomprehensible to me that the majority of organizations are still flailing in the dark.

How Proactive Listeners Sell More, Coach Better and Win Big – Part 1

Keith Rosen

Many salespeople and managers feel that the greatest barriers to maximizing productivity and achieving greater results point to gaps in their product, service, process or people. Were you formally trained to listen? Here are a few examples.

What You Sell is NOT a Commodity! A Laxative for Pipeline Constipation

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How often do you feel you lose a sale to your competition because of price or budget? What if your belief around your product is actually creating the very objections you hear, which are sabotaging your sales? Break Through the Sales Myopia.

Do We Set Our People Up For Failure?

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I’m pretty tough on sales people. You’ve read my endless rants about bad prospecting, clueless call execution, and other examples of poor “salesmanship.” ” One thing, I’m certain of, is that I will never run out of examples of really bad selling.

Selling value – the bar has been raised

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Company knowledge and product expertise have been and are critical components of any sales rep’s success. Today, however, customers expect sales people to know more about each of those plus be knowledgeable about the customer’s industry, their competition, and how they can bring greater value.

What Do You Coach? Top 14 Areas to Focus on When Coaching

Keith Rosen

Ideal Characteristics: The ideal qualities you have defined that encompass, for example, a sales leader or manager. And if you haven’t mapped out what those best practices and essential sales competencies are to be successful in that role, then what are you coaching to?

What should you do when your sales team is underperforming?


It’s a tale as old as time: Your sales team isn’t meeting its goals. We’ve compiled six of the best strategies for improving sales rep performance based on real-world research and case studies so you can get back to hitting your benchmarks in no time: 1.

Sales Team Motivation #1


Information hits sales managers from all sides on the subject of creating high-performance sales teams. Given these endless choices, it can be hard for sales managers to figure out where exactly to focus their attention. To make life a bit easier, here is a tip that will greatly simplify your job as a sales leader. To really motivate your sales team: Train and coach your team and help them get better. Time management.

Knowing Versus Doing

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There were some interesting comments on my post, Focus On The Customer–Magic Happens! Their LinkedIn Profiles demonstrate this when they cite all the training courses or certifications they have.

“Fixing The Compensation Problem….”

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I always worry when a conversation with a sales executive starts with, “We need to fix our compensation problem.” ” With relatively naive managers, the response is, “Well sales people are coin operated, if we want them to change what they are doing, we just need to adjust the compensation system.” ” Both of these groups of managers are right in some sense. Where do we start if we are really going to improve sales performance?

Sales Quotas, A Thing Of The Past?

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Recently read a provocative post declaring “Sales Quotas A Thing Of The Past!” Much of the way sales quotas and goals are set is wrong. Too often, we see manager setting goals that are arbitrary or not based on sound analysis. Sales is no different.

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Sales Tech Game Changers: How to Drive Effective Relationship Management

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In this series, we ask Sales Tech Executives to describe how their solution can change a sales organization in a significant way. We call it Sales Tech Game Changers. Nancy: What are the top 3 ways your solution changes the game for a sales organization?

Sales Effectiveness: Focus On The Individual Or The Organizational Performance?

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The other day, Matt Dixon and I were having a discussion, trying to solve all the problems of sales. We were considering, “Where is the next big rock to turn over in driving sales effectiveness? ” Sometimes, however, I think we spend too much time focusing on the individual sales people. The focus is on sales people as individuals, seldom on the overall performance of the pieces/parts of the organization. All of these have impacts on sales performance.

Sales Leadership: Compensation and Summer Fun

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Sales Compensation and Having a Fun Summer. Sales Leadership Ideas. At this time of year sales management must be looking at pipeline levels and goals for July/August and determining if there is the necessary level of activity to ensure targets will be exceeded. In this blog I wanted to share a few basic ideas from my books on sales management: Leading High Performance Sales Teams and Creating Sales Compensation Plans for High Performance.

Maximizing Event ROI: How to Close Deals on the Event Floor


One reason is that with so many vendors and new technologies, people are experiencing sales overload. When buyers are empowered online, they’re much less interested in checking out new products and services while attending events. Further exacerbating this problem, many of the booth jockeys and inside sales reps aren’t used to meeting people face-to-face, and then are left to man the table alone, without a mentor in sight. This isn’t the time for a hard sales pitch.

Sales Amateur or Sales Professional? What are You? | Sales.

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Mark’s Insights on SALES MOTIVATION. Training. Sales Articles. Sales Motivation. Phone Sales Tips. Sales Development. Sales Call Best Practices. Retail Sales Trends. Sales Amateur or Sales Professional? Guest post Monday and we have Owen Van Syckle of the Van Syckle Group , a sales training and consulting group. Phase 1: Talk Too Much (Sales Amateur). Phase 2: Closed-Ended Questions (Sales Amateur).

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The Sales Fact Finding Problem of Symptom Solving

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How many times in the sales fact finding do salespeople look to solve symptoms instead of the real problems? For example, small business owners come to me and other sales coaches because they have a sales problem.

What Sales Can Learn From Lean Manufacturing — Part 5

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If you haven’t read them, here are the links: What Sales Can Learn From Lean Manufacturing , Part 2 , Part 3 , and Part 4. In this post I’d like to focus on some of the challenges we face in applying these methods in sales and marketing, as well as some of the misleading thinking around the application of these principles. Examples include semiconductor, any kind of foundry/casting, and complex precision assemblies. It all starts with a customer order.

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