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Why Product-Agnostic Content Wins in B2B Marketing

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Ryan Gould In the context of content marketing, a product-agnostic approach is one that focuses on your expertise and knowledge around a product, technology or service rather than your brand. The product-agnostic approach to content marketing has been around for a long time.

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Low MQLs? 7 Digital Marketing Tricks to Keep Leads Coming Back for More

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But if the person doesn’t seem interested, many sales and marketers turn their attention toward existing customers. You have to bring in more marketing qualified leads. Target your best-fit prospects. And no one has resources to waste on poor-fit prospects.

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Digital Sales Data: The (Real) Secret to Moving Deals from Prospect to Closed

Sales Hacker

According to a recent Salesforce study , poor data hygiene costs the average business nearly 30% of its revenue, amounting to a total economic loss of a whopping $700 billion a year. What’s the #1 incentive you can use with your reps? Align incentives. Align Incentives.

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21 Sales Qualification Questions to Identify Prospects Worth Pursuing

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If there's no real problem the prospect is trying to solve, there's no real reason for them to buy. Establish business pain (either from a known issue, or from a problem the prospect wasn't even aware of) before diving into other questions. Prospect: Qualified.

Low MQLs? 7 Digital Marketing Tricks to Keep Leads Coming Back for More

DiscoverOrg Sales

But if the person doesn’t seem interested, many sales and marketers turn their attention toward existing customers. You have to bring in more marketing qualified leads. Target your best-fit prospects. And no one has resources to waste on poor-fit prospects.

Frank Cespedes: How to Build and Manage Your Multi-Channel Marketing


The most important thing about any go-to-market approach is the buyer and the buying process. It’s the seller’s responsibility to adapt its approach to the market ; it’s not the market’s responsibility to adapt to any company. Power study, U.S.

What You Need to Know About Sales Enablement and Marketing


The average Sales rep relies on support from the account management, customer service, and Marketing teams. For the Sales process to function as efficiently and productively as possible, Marketing and Sales must be aligned in a truly symbiotic way.

Stop the Sniping and Start the Loving: The Simple Steps to Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Hyper-Connected Selling

” Have you noticed that the complaints that sales and marketing teams have about each other sound just like two partners in a dysfunctional marriage (or at least a pretty strained one)? When Sales and Marketing Argue, the Customer Loses. Make the Sales/Marketing Partnership Work.

The Ultimate List of B2B Marketing Tools


B2B marketers manage a number of competing tasks throughout the day. We’ll let you in on a secret: Your marketing technology stack makes a world of difference when it comes to marketing productivity and efficiency. Ready to supercharge your marketing team’s performance?

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[VIDEO] Top Qualities of High-Growth Companies: A Conversation with Henry Schuck

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Join DiscoverOrg CEO Henry Shuck and Justin Withers, VP of Product Management and Marketing, for a conversation about what drives high-growth companies. We realized a few years ago that even if we provided our customers with the most accurate database of their prospective buyers with the deepest intelligence about what projects and initiatives they’re working on, what their technology stack looks like, and what triggers are coming down the pipe for them.

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Sales Managers – Why Isn’t Goal Setting Easy?

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Or, if you want to use incentive travel/excursions to motivate people to higher levels of performance, you raise the bar required for people to qualify for the “President’s Club” trip. I have inquired about incentives and changes in overall production of a sales team.

6 Steps for More Compelling B2B Product Pages


Often, your product pages exist to simply introduce visitors and prospects to your goods and services—enticing them to learn more. If you include too much information at once, you risk losing a prospect’s interest. This requires some sort of incentive. B2B Marketing

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5 Proven Ways to Build Customer Loyalty


Learn more about implementing AI-powered chatbots by reading the following post: The Definitive Guide to Conversational Marketing. Their sales reps get super hands-on with prospects during the buying journey — they provide demos, answer questions, ask for feedback, etc.

4 Foolproof Ways to Beat Price Objections


Most of the time, when a prospect says, “I can’t afford it,” they’re not usually talking about price at all. You can talk until you’re blue in the face, but until your prospect sees your product in action, they won’t truly understand its value.

7 ways to create urgency in B2B sales (and close deals faster)

When selling SaaS products to businesses and enterprises , how can you move the sale ahead when a prospect is stalling? Announce your price increases in advance to existing customers and prospects (click here to read more about this strategy).

Creating the Ideal Performance Culture

Sales Benchmark Index

Your people will need new capabilities to thrive in a changing market. Performance culture is studied in depth in our 2014 Research Tour. Incentive Programs. Does your comp plan incent behaviors that will get you to your number?

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The 13 Least Known Sales Technologies


Did you know that high-growth companies are more likely to be familiar with the different types of sales technologies on the market? See full study for more. 6) Incentives and Commissions. 11) Marketing Automation.

5 Things Your Sales Reps Are Complaining About

Sales and Marketing Management

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a prospective customer on the hook, then having to spend precious time combing for just the whitepaper or case study that fits their needs. Giles House is the general manager of SAP , a market leader in enterprise application software

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5 Ways to Beat Your Sales Quota for 2019


According to one US Bank study, 82% of all business failures are due to cash flow mismanagement. It also pays to have a precise understanding of wider market events and trends. Create incentives to beat your sales quota.

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007Sales 3.0: The End of TheRoad for TheAutonomous SalesRep

Smart Selling Tools

One enticing benefit (or incentive) of the sales profession is the freedom and independence it offers. y simply became more prevalent, flexible, and even appropriate within anever-globalizing market environment.

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What should you do when your sales team is underperforming?


We’ve compiled six of the best strategies for improving sales rep performance based on real-world research and case studies so you can get back to hitting your benchmarks in no time: 1. They dislike cold calling prospects.”. Chung went on to study how companies should pay salespeople.

4 Tips for Selling to the Social Savvy Buyer


In fact, a recent study suggests that 91% of B2B buyers are active and involved in social media, while 75% are significantly influenced by social content when forming their buying decisions ( source ). But—as B2B marketers and sales professionals—we have a lot to learn about social selling.

The #1 Reason Your Referral Program Won’t Work

No More Cold Calling

Your marketing strategy is doomed without practice. Believe it: Your clients and prospects notice, because there’s a big difference between a salesperson who is an expert and one who hasn’t put in the time to be great. He refers to a study by K.

Sales Coaching: The Ultimate Guide

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A separate study from CSO Insights reveals a correlation between quota attainment and coaching. Shadowing or listening to a rep's meeting or phone call with a prospect. Reviewing a rep's email conversations with prospects throughout different points in the buyer's journey.

Is Your Compensation Plan Evolving with the Company?

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One of the core strengths of any small business is its ability to adapt and pivot with the market. They continue to hit slightly larger numbers from the previous year, but spend much less time prospecting and cold-calling. of Your Reps Receiving Incentive Compensation. %

How to Rebuttal and Improve Your Sales Techniques


As a sales professional, one of the most common things you hear from prospects is an objection. It’s important that reps understand that when prospects give an objection, they are still giving you valuable information.

7 Tips for Retaining Your Best Salesperson


This situation can be financially devastating considering a recent DePaul University study that found that the average turnover cost of a salesperson is $97,690. That same study found that half of the salespeople that leave a company voluntarily resign while 33% are involuntary dismissals and 22% are due to retirement. Most salespeople are driven by financial incentives. Offer non-monetary incentives as well. READ Speed Up Your Sales Prospecting with Growbots.

A Little Healthy Competition: Enabling the Competitive Nature of Sales


Your business invests heavily in marketing events, so you might as well make the most of them. Studies show that 91% of B2B buyers are active and involved in social media. Challenge Sellers to Provide Market Insights. Author: Shawnna Sumaoang, Director of Marketing, Highspot.

30 of the Best SaaS Partner Programs (and Why They Are So Good)


With so many new SaaS providers hitting the market every month, running some form of partner program feels like table stakes. After all, partnering up with other companies that share customer bases can be a huge asset in amplifying your sales and marketing.

5 Motivational Sales Stories to Read for Inspiration


The Incentive of Getting Fired. You may have been turned down by ten prospects in one day, but that eleventh phone call could be the one that helps you score your biggest deal of the quarter. However, these ventures led her to study digital marketing.

10 sales productivity tactics to close more deals

At the same time though, most sales orgs aren’t very excited about the prospect of revamping their sales process , hiring a ton of new reps, experimenting with new sales strategies , changing established behavior or adopting new tools like predictive dialers. Financial incentives always help.

A 10-Minute Summary of "The Psychology of Selling" by Brian Tracy

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These seven key result areas, or KRAs, are: Prospecting. If you have a positive self-concept about prospecting, Tracy argues, it will be no problem for you. If you have a poor self-concept, however, you’ll view prospecting as something to be fearful and anxious about.

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2 Birds with 1 Stone: Getting Ads and Link Building at the Same Time

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Kostas Chiotis Picture this: your company wants to boost its sales with an incentive program. You identify your target audience, establish clear goals, select the right reward structure, and develop an extensive digital marketing campaign that ensures that your offer will get to as many prospects as possible. Here’s the thing: in this ever-changing digital landscape, marketing and communication channels can work together like peanut butter and jelly.

Sales Revenue Growth for 2014? More of the Same Won’t Deliver Results

The ROI Guy

The #1 reason sales reps do not achieve quota goals is not a lack of leads, products, CRM or training – but a failure to effectively communicate value to today’s more frugal / skeptical prospect. In your 2014 plans, you likely have some significant revenue growth targets for the New Year.

All-Time Top Kurlan Sales Article

Understanding the Sales Force

The assessment to which he referred was a personality assessment marketed as a sales assessment. I'm about to expose the findings in personality-based and behavioral-based assessments which assessment companies have been marketing as sales assessments for the last dozen years.

8 Follow Up Sales Strategies to Boost Your Referrals


Why Most Salespeople Fail At Referral Marketing. But salespeople who actively seek out referrals earn four to five times more than those who don’t explore this market. 84% of consumers believe recommendations over other forms of marketing.

How to Use Social Media for B2B Lead Generation


As a result, sales and marketing professionals are constantly looking for new ways to improve their lead generation strategies. In fact, 68% of B2B marketers rank “generating high-quality leads” as their top priority for this year ( source ). B2B Marketing