Accounting 101: The Ultimate Guide to Accounting Basics

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I had some experience under my belt from running my freelance business, but I practically had to start from scratch with my new one — particularly with my understanding of accounting. Accounting was by far my least favorite class in business school. Business Accounting Terms to Know.

Rethinking Account And Opportunity Prioritization

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” It’s really important, both from an account prioritization (think of all your account based marketing/sales strategies) and to make sure you are prospecting/qualifying the right deals. You can more appropriately target your messages and account based marketing programs.

Data Reveals Missing Accountability Traits in Sales Leaders

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There are three main skill areas that indicate a sales leaders’ effectiveness at driving results through their team: Accountability, Motivating and Coaching. Let’s Focus on Accountability. Blog By Gretchen Gordon Sales Accountability sales leadership Sales Management

Three Simple Steps to Account-Based Selling…Not Just for Account Managers

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Caution: Some of these suggestions may be covered by other account manager types in your organization, so recognize that some of these activities are handled already, but hunters will benefit from these principles as well. Caution: Account-based selling is not to be confused with account-based marketing. You should have account-based marketing systems churning as well, but that is not my area of expertise. In the world of selling, I am a die-hard hunter.

The Best Small Business Accounting Software of 2018

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If you’re like me, the last time you took an accounting class was in college. So, what do you do when you’re starting a small business and can’t quite justify an accountant? You find the best small business accounting software to meet your budget and needs.

What’s Different About Account Based Marketing/Selling?

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Account Based Marketing/Selling is all the rage today. But having played in this space for more than a few years, a lot of what I see is deja-vu all over again, echoing concepts from the 80’s, 90’s, even before (look at some of the original books on account based selling and when they were published. Apparently with ABM, we target our marketing programs to the right people within an account, talking about issues we know to be relevant to the account.

Are You Committing This Prospecting Sin? – Sales eXecution 291

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You know at the time you propose the meeting that you are not being truthful, as do your prospects, the 15 minutes is their insurance policy, “if this guy sucks as badly as I think he may, I can pull the lever after 15 minutes; if by chance he is good, then we’ll see.”

Your Funnel Should Be A Horn Of Plenty

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If you needed 5 prospects to close a deal, and you had eight real ones in your funnel, if one went soft, you wouldn’t lose much sleep, after you’ve got the five, plus a couple for insurance. By Tibor Shanto -

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You Can’t Automate Me: November Referral Selling Insights

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She went to another computer, came back, and told me that insurance didn’t cover my prescription, so it wasn’t filled. Account based sales reps think that the more we automate selling, the better, easier, and more effective their jobs will be. So, what do account based selling teams do?

Four Components to Optimize Your Sales Organization

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Sales Leaders – World class sales leaders spend 80% of their time on motivating, coaching and accountability. Blog By Gretchen Gordon Sales Accountability Sales Management sales process Sales Team Sales Training

Executive Coaching Helps New Leaders Succeed

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I provide executive coaching for leaders in their first 90 days as both an insurance policy and a way of doubling down on your investment. Executive Coaching Helps Provide Insurance. Providing them access to an executive coach in their first 90 days is like buying an insurance policy.

10 Boston Companies with Amazing Perks and Benefits


Some companies will even offer health insurance for your pet and cover your gym membership, among other cool perks. Circle doesn’t shirk when it comes to health insurance. In addition to health, vision, and dental, Circle provides a Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

100 Most Prospected-to Companies of 2018

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Insurance. Savvy professionals can follow target accounts online and watch for relevant announcements. Insurance. Insurance. Insurance. Insurance. Insurance. Insurance. Insurance.

The REALLY BIG Upselling Sales Mistake

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Insurance Non-Health – The agent wants all the insurance and provides a solution including insurance not requested by the prospect.

The Ramen Lifestyle

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Health Insurance : $76.24. Dental Insurance : $44.76. deposited into his checking account each month. He settled on a 2004 Chevy Impala that costs him now $84 a month, but the big expense is the insurance which sets him back $170 a month. Meet Greg.

Gross Income Explained in 600 Words or Less

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Adjusted gross income (AGI) is the amount of money you've earned throughout the year from your job, self-employment, dividends, or interest from a bank account, minus adjustments like IRA contributions, alimony payments, tuition, and more. Self-employed health insurance payments.

Four Reasons for Quota Failures


Quotas have several functions: Insurance to make the top number for the company, A performance measurement for salespeople—a bar that must be reached so management can fire the poor performers, A motivation to create super achievers to make up for those who fall short, A way to ensure the timely flow of revenue to support the rest of the employees. I think the issue lies with the accounting department, which dislikes doing this work.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Income Statements

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The income statement reflects the financial activities of the business during a specific accounting period, which can be monthly, quarterly, annually, or some other finite period of time. Typically, an income statement reflects three accounting periods: the current one plus two previous ones.

Are You Using Your Sales Superpowers?

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Whether an individual is shopping for office space or office supplies, or selecting a bank, an accountant, a lawyer, or an insurance agent, chances are they will do a lot of pre-work before they ever engage in a significant conversation with a representative from any company.

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The 5 Most Highly Paid Sales Jobs of 2017

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Insurance sales agents - $49,990. Advertising agents sell ad space to businesses and individuals and sometimes maintain client accounts. 5) Insurance sales agents - $49,990. Insurance salespeople sell -- you guessed it -- one or more types of insurance.

Are Your Strategic Partnerships Your Passive Sales Force?

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Today, more than ever before, strategic partnerships, both formal and informal, are an important element of conducting business.

What's Considered a Current Asset?

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Cash (includes domestic and foreign currency, checking accounts, and any other cash on hand). Accounts receivable. The balance sheet reports on an accounting period, which is typically a 12-month timeframe. Is Accounts Receivable an Asset? Is Prepaid Insurance an Asset?

The True Cost of a Bad Sales Hire and How to Avoid It


There are many factors which need to be taken into account. Benefits: All expenses paid for an employee’s benefits (health insurance, disability insurance, etc.) But in 2018, the average company spent $5,655 on annual health insurance for a single employee. For disability insurance , employers paid $0.11 This figure doesn’t account for the bad hire’s effect on other employees and miscellaneous expenses such as catered lunches.

Are You Working Your Referral Base?


Industries: Medical technology, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, technology, software, security. Services: War room services, sales leadership mastermind groups, TOP Line Account sales training, sales, and sales leader playbooks. The TOP Line Account Sales Success Model.

How Sales Specialists Help Reach Your Customers

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The company had implemented a hunter/farmer model, whereby “hunter” salespeople were responsible for finding and closing deals, while “farmer” salespeople focus on retaining and growing business with existing accounts. In fact, it was first adopted by the insurance industry in the 1870s.

Success and Risk Taking - Are Your People Failing Enough?

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Doug: Doug had been working on an insurance account in eastern Pennsylvania. Doug was attempting to take the account over from one of the 'BIG 3" national insurance brokers. Give me a chance to work on some aspect of your insurance needs.

When In Doubt – Err on The Side Of More!

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While this may not be a pronounced issue for those tasked with managing or servicing current accounts, with the only expectation being “organic” growth. By Tibor Shanto –

April 1st - A Day for Sales People to Remember

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I got into the life insurance business as an agent with National Life of Vermont. I came into the business as a life insurance agent only to find out that others in that business were calling themselves planners, consultants, advisors, risk managers and a variety of other titles.

Inc Magazine Gets it Wrong on Consultative Selling

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Think about some of the core services and products that nearly every business, your business, purchases: Health Insurance and 401K. Business, Auto and Professional Liability Insurance. Legal and Accounting. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Inc.

Developing Specific Theories About Why Your Dream Client Must Change

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Another trend might be that insurance companies pay more for better medical devices that reduce the overall cost of treatment and reducing recovery time. It takes time and effort to build a territory and account plan.

PRO, FUN & MON: 3 Really Good Things to Manage To in Selling

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Too often, maybe even every day, we (I’m including myself) do a quick accounting of our day, week or month and review what we spent our time doing. If we did a true accounting of what got DONE as a result of what we were doing, what would our assessment be, look or sound like?

How Tesla Is Threatening An American Sales Tradition

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This is good from an accounting standpoint. Auto insurers like Esurance (Allstate) engage their customers with websites instead of brokers. Most Americans don’t like negotiating over a price. However, one icon remains at the epicenter of haggling: the auto dealership.

Sales Operations: The Guide They Never Gave You


Insurance sales rep. Account Manager. Implementing the processes on the front line and keeping everyone accountable is the focus here. “What was your first job?”. It’s one of my favorite questions to ask a fellow professional in sales operations.

Are Your Sales People Failing Enough?

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Doug: Doug had been working on an insurance account in eastern Pennsylvania. Doug was attempting to take the account over from one of the "BIG 3" national insurance brokers. Give me a chance to work on some aspect of your insurance needs.

The Crucial Points of CRM Implementation


Forms—account form, lead form and others. The user must learn about leads, contacts, opportunities, and accounts, and how one becomes the next. You’ll have your accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, notes, documents, activities and more.

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How to Develop an Effective Elevator Pitch

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Elevator pitch example #3: “ __ the ABC company gives homeowners complete peace of mind by eliminating routine maintenance costs and insuring against unexpected expenses. Your customers (and your bank account) will thank you for it. Many inside sales reps (outside reps, too!)

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Lunch and Learn - 12 Sales Lessons from Rich Ambrose

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In 1987, when I entered the life insurance business with David Zimmerman at National Life of Vermont, I learned that selling life insurance was truly "selling" and my experience with Nautilus had been merely "order-taking".

Are You the Hare or the Tortoise in Your Marketing Approach?

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Yesterday within my LinkedIn account , I received two LinkedIn emails that reaffirmed this fable. #1 ” My last words to him were: “I have insurance with people I already know and trust.” Do you remember the Hare and the Tortoise fable?

Elevating the customer experience

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Leverage strategic account teams. In a conversation with Thomas Steenburgh, PhD, a leading researcher in sales compensation and productivity at the University of Virginia’s Darden School, he noted that strategic account reps “have a longer-term focus than an ordinary rep.” Leaders get a broader purview to make each piece fit into the big picture, to share that knowledge and manage account traffic to enhance the customer’s experience.

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Selling to CIOs

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When DiscoverOrg hosted a Meet-Up event, “Overcoming Roadblocks When Selling Enterprise IT,” we expected insights into how successful sales people identify and access key decision makers at targeted accounts. Our panel, including the CIOs of Sephora, Arch Mortgage Insurance, and Charlotte Russe, answer that question. DiscoverOrg users love our org charts, which map out entire departments and identify the Lieutenants at your target accounts.