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How to Drive New Product Offerings Through Channel Partners

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Buyers Don’t Buy What You Sell….Buyers Buy What Will Change Their Future

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In many salespeople’s minds, the most important thing they need to improve is their product knowledge. They think that if they have an in-depth knowledge of everything their product does, they will. [[ This is a content summary only. Sales Tips how to sell your product offering your client something for the future using emotions to sell your product

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Fast Frame of the Week – 3 Keys to a Successful Product Launch

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Clint is here to share how he teamed with his peers in product and sales to launch a game-changing new product offering with. Our guest on SBI TV’s Fast Frame is Clint Poole, the CMO and SVP of Marketing for Lionbridge.

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Get Ready for the TilLT Sales Development Challenge

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Teams focused in this area are tasked with the front-line communication required to open the eyes of prospects to the pain-point solving their product offers. Tailored Conviction & Authenticity: Make Them Believe Your Faith in the Product.

Skills for SDR Career Success


An SDR is often the first contact your business has with prospects, and in a world where we are surrounded by people and things demanding our attention, the SDR must stand out and continually hone their craft in order to prove their product’s value and leverage their career for the long term.

Five (More) CRM Myths—Busted


CRM vendors are no different: Over the past year, numerous CRM vendors (full disclosure: including SugarCRM) have introduced AI components into their product offerings. More precisely, AI’s role in CRM is one of more subtle influence, where it augments and complements business operations and a human’s skills so that the end product—the customer or user experience—is improved. (Editor’s note: the following post originally appeared on ).

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The Wrong Way to Ask Sales Questions

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I was thinking this morning about approaching a potential new business partner to products for my wife's business. So your product is mostly for women? He would now be thinking that I only have a product offer appropriate for a market of women aged 30-55 years old, when in fact this product is not limited to just women, or that age demographic. So don't color your questions with information about your product.

A Value Conversation

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Does the price of my product offer enough value for you to invest? Does the price of my product offer enough value for you to invest? Sales is a value conversation. Sales Person: Do you see value Mr. Customer? Have I demonstrated enough value that you’d like to buy?

Alert Subscriptions – A Magic 8 Ball for Outbound Sales Development

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In this scenario, Task A, Task B and Task C represent 3 key priorities or business challenges you know your product solves.). I’d then set up a third subscription: Triggers related to keyword of cloud, big data, or “data storage” AND “cloud security” (if those type of projects was what my product offering helped with). If only you’d invested in Bitcoin six years ago. If only you had known where Amazon stock was headed.

Future of B2B Sales

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In fact, leading companies are already pulling away from their peers in both sales growth and sales productivity improvement. There is no doubting that B2B buyers have moved the selling goalposts as they seek out information and content on products using the internet and social media.

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Are You Ready for 2015 Business Planning?

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The program was an effort by the vendor to increase the professionalism and productivity of their partners. What assumptions did you make about your product offerings in 2014? Are You Ready for 2015 Business Planning ?

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Sales Tips: How to Execute a Top-Down Selling Approach

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Top-down vs. bottom-up sales approaches for complex B2B offerings are polar opposites. Whether a nurtured lead or a proactive contact to mid or low-level staff, the primary focus of the early stages of opportunities will primarily focus on product and price.

Product pitches – nothing dies harder than a bad idea

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Product sales pitches. If you are an avid reader of sales blogs, it’s likely you will come across three or four blogs a week about the secret sauce for creating a winning product pitch. But the product pitch hasn’t and that’s a problem. Why are product pitches a bad idea?

Are you Building Your Lead Gen Program in the Dark?

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Often weights vary from region to region, vertical to vertical and product to product. Additionally, companies with multiple products/offerings can have multiple ICPs. Marketing leaders are under great pressure these days. They need to produce, and produce fast.

Competencies That Influence Sales Success

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Other contributing factors might be the direction of a company or its product offering or it's pricing strategy. Sales Success is influenced by many factors. The economy being a major one in that it has a significant impact on 'consumer and business confidence'.

The Five Words Which Really Excite C-Lounge Residents

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Thinking about that last paragraph, there is one sub-statement that really stands out “give the customer what they need or want” But what if we are selling a product/solution/service that the suspect/prospect doesn’t know they need or want? Now, when you think about your solution/service/product offering, can you prove that it can achieve any of those five objectives?

17 Sales Tips A Buyer Would Give You If You Would Listen

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This means making your product offering so compelling, the buyer has no choice but to want to contact you. Buyers are not interested in your products or services. What they are interested in is what your products and services will do for them or their business. The buyer has probably done a lot of homework already, and will know a lot about the products if they are interested. Tell me how your products and services have benefited other, similar companies.

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Who to sell to is changing – what are you doing about that?

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and “are our product offerings configured so that the new buyers find them compelling?” Buying process. In a recent survey Bain found that “nearly 1/3 of the technology purchasing power has moved to executives outside of IT.”.

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Sales Excellence Studies Propigate Mediocrity

Understanding the Sales Force

Most are simply seasoning to make their product offerings smell and taste better. (c) Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan If you conduct a Google search for Sales Excellence Studies you'll find more than 20,000 results.

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9 Key Steps to Breakthrough the Insane Amount of Noise in Event Follow-Up Emails

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Is it “hey I want to follow-up” or is it “remember when we spoke about this seamless alignment between what you’re looking for and what my organization has to offer?”. The same might be true with product and operations members.

Sales Tips: How "Hurt and Rescue" Leads Naturally to Your Offerings

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Sales Tips: "Hurt and Rescue" Earns You the Right to Talk Product with Executive Buyers. Talk mostly about their products/offerings. This shouldn’t come as a great surprise to companies that hire them and immediately subject sellers to product training.

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Ditch the pitch: Why your sales deck needs to tell a story


When building your next sales deck, keep one thing in mind: Prospects don’t care about your product. It’s often tempting to craft your sales deck around what you know about your product. All eight versions felt like the Smash Mouth version of “The Product Overview.”

Sales Tips: Bad Assumption #7 - Executives Are Interested in Offerings

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Sales Tips: Bad Assumption #7 - Executives Are Interested In Offerings. Companies that don’t provide messaging guidance on how to make calls on executives do a disservice with the significant amount of product training they provide. They want the “Cliff Notes” version about offerings.

Sales Excellence Studies Propagate Mediocrity

Understanding the Sales Force

Most are simply seasoning to make their product offerings smell and taste better. (c) Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan If you conduct a Google search for "sales excellence studies" , you'll find more than 20,000 results.

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Smart Selling Visions: Up-Close with Top Revenue Leader Greg Sherrill, CEO of @ChannelRocket

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So the challenge that marketing and sales teams face when selling through indirect channels is effectively arming reps with compelling content that positions their products correctly against competitors and in a way that is focused on buyer needs.

7 Ways to Kill Sales Training

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Internal processes, titles, product/offering names, even names of personnel are in the customization. Sales Leaders leverage Sales Training as a tool for improvement. HR Leaders in Learning and Development get tasked with making it happen.

Sales Tips: Stop Spouting Features Buyers Don't Need

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Most salespeople are proud of the products/offerings they sell. The most significant mistake I made when starting my Sales career was to believe my job was educating buyers about offerings. Offering only those capabilities that address the barriers.

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Sales Tech Game Changers: How to Drive Effective Relationship Management

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This sales pipeline visibility helps sales reps be more productive and gives managers the data they need to help their team improve. We offer game-changing solutions that empower a modern sales team to be as productive as possible through: 1.) Increased productivity.

Ten Minus Seven Do's For Successful Selling

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You may not be the most talented sales person with the best network or products or pricing but if you go do the work you will be successful in spite of everything else. I'm talking about the skill of selling not the knowledge of how to present your product.

13 Signs Your Sales Turnover May Get Worse

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Your products or offerings monopolize the market. You have pure commodity products/offerings that sell themselves (consider inside sales!). “Do we have a sales turnover problem that needs to be fixed now?". HR is busy filling open Sales Rep positions.

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How to Organize Your Sales Force to Generate More Revenue

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New product launch failures. Product – similar to industry. However, your reps in this model are organized by specific product offerings. Make the # by: Leveraging product expertise to sell more of each one.

Create Value by Providing Choice


They made a management decision to primarily stock stores with A&P brand products. Some products are sold simply on the basis of providing choice. Products offering limited choices are less attractive. iPhones came into the market and offered more choices, so iPods became undesirable. Offering a bribe involves external motivation. Customers buy because they think having the product will make them happy.

Sales Enablement Is Here to Stay: Here Are 3 Irrefutable Reasons Why

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It doesn’t matter if your product or service is the best in the world. They’re always up-to-speed on your messaging, product offerings, and buyer personas? Here are three of the top sales enablement benefits that increase revenue and drive sustainable growth.

How To Create Urgency In The Sale

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You offer a price discount as an inducement, but still the prospect sees no reason to buy TODAY. As an example, let’s imagine one of the benefits your product offers is that it helps clients save money on their heating costs. The sales interaction went well.

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Guest Post: Opportunity Lost: What Don’t Your Testimonials Say About You?

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’ve seen too many websites with inspiring product offers, gorgeous video, and testimonials to the effect that “you guys really came through for us,” attributed to a “major software company.” Testimonial Director is a service that has templated the fine process of collecting testimonials efficiently and making sure they contain the appropriate information. Their website is also a great example of testimonials done well.)

Are You Selling or Are You Negotiating?

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Selling is about understanding the needs of the customer and allowing the customer to understand your product offering and, more importantly, the benefits you can assist them with. Don’t use the selling phase as the time to test out various offers. Sell first.

How to Hire a Sales Team: The Complete Guide


” “Sales is a channel, so the first question isn’t when to hire sales people, but rather if sales is the right channel for your product or service ,” Molad adds. Some products need to be sold, while others can be marketed in a self-service fashion.” Hire for new product rollouts and new audiences. If you’re rolling out new products or services to the market, it may be another cue to expand your sales team.

Sales Management: Finish Off October, Set Up November!

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I thought I would offer them and ask for more ideas from our team of readers! Create a post card, letter from the President, etc… Invite everyone to your offices-add a few vendors as well and offer additional services/product offerings. Ken Thoreson provides Keynotes, consulting services and products designed to improve business performance. Sales Management: Finish Off October, Set Up November.

How To Create A Sense Of Urgency In The Sale

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As an example, let’s imagine one of the benefits your product offers is that it helps the client save money on his or her delivery costs. As an example, if they will save money with your product, then they have to be losing money without your product.

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How Sales Operations Can Link Product Management to the Buyer

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In spite of this, what if the buyer awarded their business to a competitor because your product simply isn’t good enough? Then consider this: Your product is not competitive. It is time for Sales Operations to inform the Builder of the product. Be valuable to Product Management.