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How Finding the Common Revenue Thread Simplifies Executive Decision Making

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Oh, year-end analysis. How I love thee and hate thee. Let me count the ways…. This is the time of year when executives become hyper-sensitive to numbers and are asking a flurry of questions. What revenue will we close the year with? What was our ROI on that new tech investment?

Matt, Kyle, and the Less-Traveled Road to Customer Retention

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Some know this time of year as holiday season. Sales professionals know it better as renewal season. December 2016: A troubled client account initially said they would renew their DiscoverOrg contract.

Pipeline Management – Why Monitor If You’re Not Going To Fix It? 5 Steps to fixing instead of just monitoring.

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My wife Linda and I were recently in Columbia Maryland visiting family. While having a mid-afternoon lunch at Clyde’s I happen to see a “LifeLock” commercial on the bar TV. All I caught was the following caption: Pipeline management setting sales goals increase pipeline

Successful Social Selling Best Practices Guide

This best practices guide focuses on helping you organize, harness and capitalize on the information, buying signals and qualified prospects identifying themselves to you online every single day.

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Cadence—Multi-touch, Multi-media, Multi-cycle Marketing Multiplies Results


For one client, it takes 9.82 touches to engage with a prospect. The result of these touches is what we call a disposition: PointClear's term for completing contact with a decision maker or company (some programs lend themselves to dispositioning by contact and some by company). This approach yields a 5% lead rate. Our leads are equivalent to what SiriusDecisions calls a Level 4 or 5 lead—well-qualified leads. We invest about 10,000 touches to generate 50 leads.

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Has Demand Generation Hit a Wall? Why ABM is the Answer

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Think Better

Your Sales Management Guru

Think Better. An Innovator’s Guide to Productive Thinking. -a a book review-. Published by McGraw Hill, this is must read for any salesperson, sales leader, President or any manager.

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The Power of Sales Intelligence #2: Creating an Ideal Customer Profile

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Historically, sales professionals and marketers spent a lot of time chasing down prospects with a scant probability of getting an appointment, let alone winning business.

Sales Training Playbook by Lessonl

A step-by-step guide for building a comprehensive training playbook for your sales team.

Message to Account Based Selling Teams—Your KPIs Are Messed Up

No More Cold Calling

Are you Stephanie? “I I came across No More Cold Calling while looking for resources for our next blog and I knew I had to reach out immediately, kudos on a fantastic blog. My name is Stephanie, I’m on an account based selling team, and I’m reaching out on behalf of a growing startup.

4 Talent Management Tips- ‘A’ Players Want Leaders Not Bosses

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Best-in-class sales leaders are blurring the lines between professional and personal. As a result, they are outperforming sales bosses on a revenue-per-head basis by double digits. In a most recent Gallup study, engaged employees produce on average 20% more higher. Article Sales Strategy Talent Strategy sales management talent management talent strategy

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Video Review: @KZOInnovations

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KZO Drive helps you turn all the dials: convert more leads to meetings, more meetings to opportunities, and more opportunities to closed/won. If you want different, better conversions, you have to BE different and that’s where KZO Drive video comes in. Visit KZO Innovations.

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Prospecting is About Conversations, Not Apps and Hacks

The Sales Hunter

Your success in prospecting is not going to be based solely on the app or hack you buy or download and spend too many hours learning how to use. Your success is going to be based on the conversations you have with prospects. It’s time to quit thinking one more tool is going to bring […]. Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting Sales Motivation apps prospect prospecting sales motivation sales skills selling skills success

Learning Technology from WWII to Today – How Video Learning Is Transforming Skill Mastery

Speaker: Pat D'Amico, Founder and CEO, About-Face Development

Video learning is not new, but the marriage of video learning and today’s technology is transforming our ability to achieve skill mastery. Join us as we delve into how technology advancements in learning are changing the game and why it’s critical to organizational success.

8 Statements That Make Salespeople Sound Insecure

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The delivery of your message often matters just as much as its content -- making confidence crucial to sales success. If you sound calm, collected, and self-assured, your prospects will implicitly trust you more. But if you sound anxious or insecure, they’ll probably doubt what you’re telling them.

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An Executive View of Campaign Strategy & Planning

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Joining us for today’s show is Randolph Carter, the VP of Marketing in North America for Rentokil. Randolph answers questions out of SBI’s 2018 hbspt.cta.load(23541, 'b3b0ba05-3172-4e97-8fd8-29d6273cafc2', {}); to share his deep knowledge of campaign strategy and planning. To follow along.

Don’t Be a Trade Show Vulture! Here’s 10 Steps for Event Follow Up Success

Sales Hacker

In this article I’m going to explain how to PROPERLY execute an effective trade show follow up campaign without being a blood sucking lead vulture.

The Best Negotiation Advice for Sales Teams

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In a long sales career there are many opportunities for negotiation. Companies and products with poor value propositions make it hard on sellers to hold full price. B2B sales strategy negotiation

The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Find and engage customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

30 Responses to the Dreaded Sales Objection "It Costs Too Much"

Hubspot Sales

How to Overcome Pricing Objections. Wait for the prospect to finish speaking. Pause for 3-5 seconds. Ask a question. Pose a follow-up question. Summarize their objection in 2-3 sentences. Clarify if you missed anything. Diffuse their concern. Click here to jump straight to the responses.

Has Your Sales Content Library Come Out of the Closet?

The Center for Sales Strategy

What does your sales content library look like? Back in the old days of selling (the 1990’s), the sales library was a janitor closet with a few shelves to store corporate brochures, product sheets, and other printed sales material.

Marketing and Sales Alignment—Still Conversation Worthy in 2017


The age-old issue of how Sales and Marketing work together (or not) is still on the table. While everyone agrees the two organizations must be in sync to meet revenue goals and scale, the finger pointing continues.

Where Are You Getting Your New Leadership Ideas?

The Sales Hunter

Last weekend I was with 66 business people who each have their own business and are passionately focused on growing them. For more than 8 hours on Saturday, we sat in small groups in conference rooms discussing business strategies and working through challenges. At the end of the weekend, I was physically tired, but mentally […]. Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills leader

Secrets to Successful Inside Sales Management

Learn a variety of best practices, techniques and ideas to both tactically and strategically increase the efficacy, success and impact of your inside sales organization.

How to Survive the Workday When You're Sick, Tired, or Just Not Feeling It

Hubspot Sales

Tired at work? Take a cold shower or splash water on your face. Skip breakfast if you're not hungry. Delay coffee until after cortisol spikes at 9:30 a.m. Tackle important tasks early. Get outside. Don't eat at your desk. Save creative tasks for the afternoon.

What Are You Doing to Manage Your Reputation as a Sales Professional?

The Center for Sales Strategy

Do you read online reviews? Of course you do. Most people check out customer feedback before committing to buy a product or service these days. There is an entire industry dedicated to reputation management. The question is: what are you doing to manage your own reputation as a sales professional?

What Great Sales Managers Do Daily

MTD Sales Training

How come so many sales managers who are highly intelligent and experienced are still unable to motivate their teams to achieve great results? What happens to great salespeople so that when they become sales managers they fall by the wayside? Much of the success of sales management comes down to daily routines that build great teams and support successful individuals.

Sales Motivation Video: Giving Your Price and the Art of Silence

The Sales Hunter

As salespeople, we have this tendency to talk sometimes when we shouldn’t. One of those times you need to practice the art of silence is after you give your price. The more disciplined you become in this, the greater your sales motivation and the less tendency you will have to discount your price. Check out […]. Blog Sales Motivation discount discounting motivation price pricing sales motivation

Successful Selling

Matt Heinz explains how to attract, manage, close and keep more business in a buyer-centric world.

7 Ways to End Your Sales Presentation With a Bang

Hubspot Sales

Closing a Sales Presentation. Go back to your opening anecdote or idea. End with a challenge. Invite your audience on a metaphorical mission. Use repetition for a dramatic close. Offer inspiration. Surface their objections. Tell a story.

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Have You Noticed? Showing Appreciation Drives Performance

The Center for Sales Strategy

An Accenture study, written about in Forbes , found that 43% of employees who are about to quit their jobs cite lack of recognition from supervisors as the reason they would leave. Every time I read that stat I feel convicted that I don’t always show as much appreciation as I should.

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170 Sales Terms From A – Z: The Updated Glossary of B2B Sales Definitions

Sales Hacker

With the rise of AI, new sales technology and automation at the forefront of the sales echo chamber these days, we thought we’d take a moment to bring it back to BASICS – that’s why we’ve rounded up this complete glossary of sales terms and definitions to help you remember where it all started.

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7 Habits Of Highly Successful Key Account Managers

MTD Sales Training

When we work with Key Account Managers (KAMs) we are often impressed by their knowledge, skillsets and attitudes that drive them to success. So that we can share their successful attributes and maybe model their behaviours, we have put together some ideas that drive their progress. Here are seven habits that the best ones we’ve studied consistently apply to gain great results.

From Sales Enablement to Sales Performance: Moving the Needle on the Metrics That Matter

Speaker: Mike Kunkle, Vice President, Sales Transformation Services, Digital Transformation, Inc.

More than 8 analyst firms, the Association for Talent Development, and the Sales Enablement Society have all defined “sales enablement” – each slightly differently. In hundreds of organizations, the sales enablement function is run differently, with a different focus, responsibilities, and initiatives. To make matters worse, according to a 2017 study by CSO Insights, “Sales enablement is a growing trend, but sales performance is not improving. Clearly, something is missing.” What’s missing is a clear focus on driving measurable improvement in sales performance and the expertise required to truly move the needle on the metrics that matter. Want to step up, separate yourself from the pack, and maximize your company’s investment in Sales Enablement? Then join sales transformation expert Mike Kunkle for this webinar (where your questions are welcomed and expected!)