Sustainable Sales Success - Tip #18 - Energy

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The one common characteristic of the presenters is energy. Those who achieve sustainable sales success always appear to be in energy even when they are speaking quietly. Their energy radiates and draws their listeners close and closer. Do you ever watch those Ted Talks ?

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Bad News—Your Expensive Marketing Tech Stack Doesn’t Mean You’re a Digital Innovator

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So, if you’re like most CMOs, you’re investing a lot of time and energy into your website, marketing automation platform and maybe some tools to provide enhanced. Too often marketing leaders focus their digital initiatives on one thing: lead generation.

Sales Energy Audits: How to Increase Revenue by Shifting Your Sales-Energy Use

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Sales Energy Audits: How to Increase Revenue by Shifting Your Sales-Energy Use. Twenty years ago, the connection between energy efficiency and environmental benefits was poorly understood by the general population. In this case, I’m referring to its use of Sales Energy.

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Get Work Done Right – Insights from Author and Workfront CEO, Alex Shootman

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Our Workplaces Have Changed … And They Are Continuing to Change. The modern workforce consists of five generations of workers. The Millennial generation is better educated that those who are a part of Generation X. Millennial women are more than four times.

Having a power tool does not make you a craftsman

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and social selling tools improve (and they have), we are still only as good as how we use these tools. tools company” rep. Tools A lot of salespeople don’t like to do research. That’s the way it seems hanging out in my “buyer’s chair” again this week.

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Best 150+ Sales Tools: The Complete List (2019 Update)

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And then, there are sales tools…. So if technology improves your process, or helps you close more deals, add it to your arsenal of sales tools and get cracking! There’s Plenty Of Fish (I Mean Sales Tools) In The Sea. There’s a vast ocean of sales tools in the market.

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13 Tools to Create and Share Your Presentations

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When that need arises the following tools can not only ease the creation process but save you some time, and allow you to create a presentation masterpiece. Sometimes your slides themselves just don’t convey your intended energy and impact.

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The Ultimate Guide to Sales Prospecting: Tips, Techniques, & Tools to Succeed

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In this growing sales landscape, we’ll outline the various processes and key strategies for prospecting -- the phase of selling that often consumes the most time and energy (and is the most crucial to get right). Sales Prospecting Tools. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

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The Evolution of Sales Tools and the Efficiency Paradox

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The reason I’m using this absurdly outdated example is to make a point about the drivers behind the evolution of tools and the importance of investing in new tools. The biggest advancement in the development of sales tools was the telephone.

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Sales: It Takes Work to Be Mediocre ? Score More Sales

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Why not excel if it takes the same amount of energy to be average? We’d certainly enjoy your thoughts, stories, tips, and tools to help others stand out in the crowd, above the noise, and in amazing ways. Sales Tools. Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. About.

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The Portfolio Company Is Missing the Q1 Number. Do You Blame the People or Do You Blame the Plan?

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The company’s sales producers returned to the office from the high energy (and super expensive) 2019 Sales Kick Off over 3 weeks ago. It’s late February. Confidence was through the roof and opportunity appeared to be within reach. However, a.

Who Would You Draft in Your Fantasy Sales League?

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Sales needs the right players, and those players need the right tools. Just as sports has been “ Moneyball-ed “, sales is being scrutinized in new ways to arbitrage the best people and tools. Studies show multitasking drains the brain’s energy reserves and increases anxiety.

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Are you Making This $500 Million Mistake?

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Are you wasting energy on the blame game? It is a glorified Rolodex with a lot of plug-ins added to make it look like an effectiveness tool. Instead of a flexible productivity tool, it’s a cumbersome and costly pre-fab unit that does everything and does them all… mediocrely.

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Guest Post: The Evolution of Sales Tools and the Efficiency Paradox

Jonathan Farrington

The reason I’m using this absurdly outdated example is to make a point about the drivers behind the evolution of tools and the importance of investing in new tools. The biggest advancement in the development of sales tools was the telephone.

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We Need Waze for Sales!

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Once goals are set, we spend our time and energy figuring out the best path to achieving and hopefully exceeding them. Sales is hard, but we have made it harder in recent years even as the plethora of sales tools that have showed up, with sales performance actually gone down.

How to Find a Deal That Will Close This Month

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This isn’t about forcing yet another tool into your tech stack, or another process into your workflow. Account Based Selling Marketing & Sales Data & Intelligence Sales Tools or Sales Stack Data Intelligence Engagement Data Everstring F.I.R.E.

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Transforming Sales: 3 Types of Sales Org Transformation to Ensure Seller Readiness

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For organizations facing only the usual urgency of quarterly targets, the investments for the most certain payback are usually in personnel, either upgrading the talent or ensuring they have the tools and training to succeed.

Things You Can’t Fix

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One way is focusing on things out of their control, spending resources, energy and time on things they can never fix; at times compounding the issue because they involve others in the discussion who are just as powerless to change things, and as result more time and resources down the drain.

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Check Out This Gong. It’s So Loud, It Can Be Heard Around the World!

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Now all those feelings, emotions and motivational energy can be felt digitally with ToutApp’s virtual gong. Technology and Products B2B Selling Tools cools sales tools Sales Tools tout app tout app virtual gong Have you seen this yet? ToutApp’s virtual gong?

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Creating Emotional Connections With Customers Through Video

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Video is a powerful tool in this respect; it is an ideal medium for conveying individuality and value in a way that traditional sales mediums like phone and email simply can’t. Today’s buyer’s journey is very different.

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Eating Workplace Culture One Bite at a Time – Part 11

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Low employee morale and energy. Business Leadership business results cultural assessment tool customer loyalty leadership pocess management strategic planning workplace culture

#1 Reason You Need To Automate Your Marketing

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It’s not just a nice thing that adds to your productivity; it’s absolutely necessary and there’s one simple reason for that – It takes over routine menial tasks for you so that you can focus your time and energy on more important things.

Trick or Treat? Dreamforce Goodies for B2B Marketers

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Note from Nancy: In case you missed it, we sent our a Dreamforce wrap-up and cool tool report in our newsletter this Sunday. I just returned from a high-energy week at Dreamforce ’14 thinking my brain just might explode. Then work with the tool vendor to set up a trial.

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The Era of Modern Learning Has Arrived

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Most of our money and energy should be directed to building and launching informal learning infrastructures and initiatives because research shows that people learn about 10% of what they need to excel in their job during formal learning, and 90% from informal learning.

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How to Make Your Sales Enablement Roar Like a Ferrari

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Budgets are suddenly open to re-tooling and even organizational responsibilities are reshaped, all in support of the new product’s promise for revenue, market share and higher margins. Of course you’ll want to take advantage of this energy, frame of mind, and budget.

Eating Workplace Culture One Bite at a Time – Part 01

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When people begin to see results especially if they have had some responsibility in securing those results, this creates positive energy and energizes the workplace culture.

How to Make Goal Setting for Sales More Effective

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All salespeople have the following resources though possibly not in in the same quantities: Energy. P.S. If you are seeking a goal achievement tool that incorporates emotions into the goal setting process, then the Results Tool™ may be your answer.

Intromojo-An Introduction to Your Next Customer

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Intromojo incorporates both simplicity of design and focus of purpose into a web tool that delivers exactly what its name implies. Introductions are the energy drink of the sales process. tools this year. This newest web tool is scheduled to go live on Monday, October 4th.

Water, Water Everywhere, But Not A Bit To Drink…….

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Furthermore, add to what is likely to be a similar number of Sales/CRM/Sales Enablement Tools, Customer Experience Management, other productivity tools (remember Word/Excel)… We sales and marketing people are drowning in technology solutions!

It Ain’t Easy, Those Days Are Long Past!

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In many ways, too often, the latest techniques/tools/technologies promoted by self proclaimed gurus, experts, technology vendors are a little like a “sugar high.” ” We all know that spike of energy we get when we down a soft drink or take a bite of candy. It rushes to our blood streams, we get a surge of energy and go forward. Yes they do adopt new methods, approaches and tools, but it’s grounded in the basics that drive success, not as a quick fix.

Putting Ideas Into Practice!

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New goals, new programs, new initiatives, new systems and tools, maybe some new products. It seems the front end of “change” is always filled with optimism and energy. They’re always filled with energy and excitement about the new ideas and fresh start.

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Why Your Focus on Quota is Killing Revenue Growth

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Conduct what we call Sales Energy Audits. Commit to not letting another month go by without launching your investigation into barriers to sales productivity and to finding the right tools and processes to free up more time for communicating with prospects.

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Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

Mr. Inside Sales

We provide the exact talk tracks, templates, and proven tools your team will be motivated to apply, all structured around an award winning comprehensive inside sales approach that gives your team the confidence to succeed in every selling situation they face today.

The “Dog Days” Of Sales

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There is no denying that summer brings a different rhythm, energy and cadence to sales. We have had experiences, where mid-way through the year the focus and energy dips to where the project is abandoned, which explains the almost a third of deals that go to no decision.

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Band Aid Management Or Sales Management Operating System?

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Each to small to worry about, but collectively they drain performance and energy from the organization. It provides the structure, tools, systems, processes to everything we do. This framework provides a powerful tool to diagnose and address problems and performance issues.

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7 Habits the Most Productive Marketers Swear By


There are plenty of simple task management tools like Trello and Todoist you can use to track and monitor your marketing productivity. Monitor your energy levels. No one maintains a steady level of energy throughout the day.

Why “Don’t Send Emails At Night” Is Terrible, Outdated Advice

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But that's based on the premise of time, not energy. But in reality, we should be optimizing our energy, not our time. Email should be handled when our energy is lowest (regardless of the time). Tasks that require high mental energy. don’t require high mental energy.

The Top Five Strategies to Drive Sales Productivity


But even as the tools have improved, selling has become more complicated as buyers’ expectations have risen. Guided selling tools surface critical templates, scripts, data and content when and where reps need it.

Our Dreamforce 2018 Recap

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As this guide from Topo points out, one of the reasons for this is that it’s easy for reps to use these tools and see the direct benefits whereas CRM feels like a chore.

There Is No App For That

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There is no doubt that we have more tools to choose from in sales than ever. Making things more interesting are the number of tools and apps available to buyers, and the direct impact that has had on sellers and their craft. By Tibor Shanto – .