Are “Traditional” Selling Skills Even Relevant Anymore?

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In the face of all this, for the most part we are training our sales people in the same skills I learned many decades ago, and my predecessors learned decades before that. Even concepts of insight based selling are repackaging of consultative, solution, customer focused selling programs of the 60s, 70s, 90s. And, there’s always endless product training (actually most of sales training ends up not being selling skills, but instead product training.).

WARNING! Do You Suffer from Sales Prevention Syndrome?

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Every time you meet with your boss, you say something like, “If only we had _, then I would be able to sell a lot more.” A strong desire to do paperwork to keep the office and your boss happy as a way to cover up for not spending more time selling.

Price is Only A State of Mind

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Everything was about his market, his territory, his customers — or I should say, “lack of customers” and his belief system. Blog Closing a Sale pricing Professional Selling Skills closing a sale discount price

Closing from a Distance

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In the past, most companies divided territories by geographical area. So, companies are more likely to claim as your territory any client who has a need for [.] Selling Skills client contact contacting clients sales closing sales skills selling skillsToday, many salespeople specialize in particular products or services and concentrate on clients who have needs that match the products no matter where they are on the planet.

Closing Sales = Sweet Success

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In the selling profession, closing is the winning score, the bottom line, the name of the game, the point of it all. It does you no good to play your whole game in your own territory and [.] Closing Sales Selling Skills asking for the business closing closing sales sales closing sales skills selling skills talking with clientsIf you can’t close, you’re like a football team that can’t sustain a drive long enough to score.

How to Set Quota

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Quota MUST take into consideration, territory, product availability, sales cycle, sales support and market conditions. What territories, locations will sales come from. Ask each of the territory managers to give you their revenue/margin/product goals for the year. Challenge territory managers to understand how they came to their goals. Quota quota setting quotas Sales Advice sales insight Sales Management selling skills

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In the Age of AI, Training Is More Critical Than Ever

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And, at that point, the winners and losers will be separated by how well they combine their sales talents with skills for using AI. Once that’s accomplished, AI will arm salespeople with content, upselling and cross-selling suggestions, and help with decisions virtually instantaneously.

Are You Learning Yesterday’s Skills For Tomorrow’s Buyers?

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Every time I meet sales enablement and sales executives, I ask, “What are the critical skills you are focusing on training and developing your people on? The answers are varied, but generally fall into very specific, and classic selling skills: Qualifying, questioning, listening, prospecting, objection handling, closing, call planning, deal planning, account planning, time/territory management, establishing rapport, communications styles, and so on.

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Do You Really Have the Best Sales Team Possible?

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Are they in the right territories? At this point ‘A’ Players should be very involved in Social Selling. Examples include: Selling skills, selling knowledge, intelligence, and people skills. Some people are skilled, but may not fit with the culture.

Clients Deal With Companies

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We have seen companies hire sales reps less for their superior selling skills, and more for their “book”. What it also highlights is that savvy buyers will usually put more stock in the company they deal with than the person parked in the territory at the time of the deal.

Four Approaches to Find Hidden Gems Among the Sales Talent You Already Have

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For example, they may have inherited the account from someone who built a strong relationship and “farmed” it well or have a strong territory assignment. Some salespeople want to rise through the managerial ranks; some just want to sell—they have no leadership aspirations. Without realizing it, they use innate sales skills to strengthen relationships with buyers and bring them further into your sales funnel. How do you identify the top sellers at your organization?

Missing on the "Secrets to Developing Successful Sales Managers"

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan An interesting article, Secrets to Developing Successful Sales Managers , by Xactly's CEO, Christopher Cabrera, was posted on Selling Power's 2/19/13 blog. Selling skills! Companies routinely mislabel salespeople as being top producers when the reality is that they're usually great account managers who've inherited the best accounts or territory.

Why Can't We Hire This Sales Candidate?

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The candidate must enjoy selling and be highly motivated. The candidate must possess the minimum required sales DNA (the strengths that support successful selling) for their role at your company. The candidate must have the minimum required selling skills for the role.

Is Sales Ops Enabling the Buyer Process?

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Buyers don’t care about how your organization wants to sell. Consider everything from strategy to territory design and all your work in-between. Do they focus on skills that align with having a deep knowledge of the buyer? Does it require social selling skills?

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5 Star Selling: From Beginning to Excellence – Lee Davis

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Lee Davis, author of 5 Star Selling: From Beginning to Excellence , is different than many of the people who write about sales. The timeless, critical, basic skills necessary to sell successfully were not available in a concise, logical, one-stop source put together like I wanted.

Medical device sales success – an urgent need to do something different

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Before we examine some of the advantages, it is important to note that KAMs are not just territory sales reps with another label. And, they are able to translate all that expertise in to powerful customer interactions because they also posses a high level of selling skills.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Effective Sales Rep Management


As you dive deeper into coaching and managing reps, positive reinforcement can help you train and teach selling skills that will help reps perform at a higher level. It lays out territories, quota, compensation, and the strategy your team will employ to reach company objectives.

Medical device sales success – an urgent need to do something different – An STC Classic

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Before we examine some of the advantages, it is important to note that KAMs are not just territory sales reps with another label. And, they are able to translate all that expertise in to powerful customer interactions because they also posses a high level of selling skills.

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Great New Salesperson Might Fail

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But even though salespeople will tell you that "If you can sell, you can sell anything", that statement is only true some of the time. Skills and experience are terrific but track record is extremely misleading! Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan.

Sales Tips: Making Sense Of Vague Advice

Customer Centric Selling

By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. After graduating from college, IBM spent a year teaching me about computers for the SMB market, business fundamentals and selling skills. Sales Tips: Making Sense of Vague Advice.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Coaching In 2019

All they wanted was a good territory and a motivating comp plan. If all you provide is a territory and a comp plan, you will lose the talent war. Instead of selling being face-to-face with NO data being captured, selling happens digitally. But skill wasn’t my problem.

Stop the Revolving Door of Sales Hiring


Recruiters and HR business partners often miss the mark because it’s challenging for them to assess selling skills. Better selection processes reduce the actual costs and the lost opportunity costs caused by vacant sales territories and revolving-door sales staffing.

Overcoming “Failure to Impact” Syndrome

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You develop a plan to do one or more of the following: Develop a new selling skills program. Do they actually make a difference in the sales in their territory? This year was tough; next year’s sales prospects look even tougher.

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The Sales Interview Questions You Need to Be Asking

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The list is broken down into 3 sections to get to the nitty gritty about the motivators, skills, and behaviors most important to the sales position you’re looking to fill. How have you achieved year-over-year growth in your accounts and in your territory with new business development?

3 Ways to Achieve a Winning Sales Attitude

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His results proved soft skills do produce hard sales results. Turnover decreased and sales increased because Met Life focused on hiring for optimism, not just hard selling skills. My territory is lousy.”.

The Sales Assessment Client Who Didn't Renew after All These Years

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Candidate's Assessment showed that while she had strong DNA, she is an excuse maker, isn't motivated by money, and had zero skills other than top-of-the-funnel skills and had will prospect as a weakness. He was assigned a remote territory!

How to Get Salespeople to Sell into a New Market

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When considering how to get salespeople to sell into a new market, managers need to stress the potential value of the markets they want to expand into and provide incentives for territory development. . How to Get Salespeople to Sell into a New Market.

The Pipeline ? The six elements of a perfect sales meeting

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We’re not selling in a vacuum. Bring in outsiders to teach a skill or customer insight. Practice objection-handling or consultative selling skills. EDGE Selling. Gap Selling. Interactive Selling. Sell Better. Selling. Social Selling.

Winning the Sales Battle: Overcoming the "Failure to Impact.

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Selling a Price Increase. Communication Skills. You develop a plan to do one or more of the following: Develop a new selling skills program. Do they actually make a difference in the sales in their territory? high profit selling. selling. selling a price increase. selling skills. Blog , Professional Selling Skills , Prospecting , Sales Motivation. FREE eBook: The Negotiation Skills You Need! About.

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How to Figure Out What You’re Looking for in a Top Salesperson

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Top performing salespeople typically have a mastery of selling skills, but the more important thing they have in common is that they are in a role that rewards their natural motivators within a culture that fits their personality.

8 Must Read Books to Become a Bad Ass Sales Person

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It’s not enough to focus on selling. It’s not enough to understand how to sell, but also how people think, how to execute and more. 3) Snap Selling – by Jill Konrath. This buyers transformation requires a different approach and Snap Selling nails it.

I’m Not That Good of a Salesperson

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I started B2B selling in 1977. Looking back, about the only selling skill that I really excelled at was product knowledge and I could give one hell of a good demo. I decided that I just wanted to sell but, could I sell? Pay me if I sell something and leave me alone if I don’t. I sectioned the territory off on a map and spent weeks driving and taking notes which I then carefully added to my CRM. My selling style changes.

Sales Person As Orchestrator Or Resource Manager

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The way customers buy is changing, the complexities of our own products and solutions, the broad range of people involved in the customer buying process mandates a different approach to selling and careful reconsideration of how we define the role of account and territory managers.

Emerging importance of medical sales key account executives

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What’s different about what a KAE does vs. a traditional territory sales rep? Spend more time and are more skilled at having conversations at the C-level – these conversations are more business and financially focused vs. traditional product or clinical sales interactions.

6 Steps for Successfully Onboarding New Sales Reps

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A successful onboarding process: Sets time-based goals for content and skills mastery. With a system like IMPACT-U® online sales training, your new hires can master the selling skills and techniques of top performers via an engaging, self-paced, and convenient format.

Hunter and farmers – it’s time to change sales strategy – A STC Classic

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And, their Hunters will all too often out sell your Farmers. Getting the compensation system and territory coverage model right are critical for the transition to be implemented successfully. A Sales Training Connection Classic.

Sales Competence, How Do We Know?

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Having a model in place helps in a range of areas: It helps you identify the behaviors, attitudes, experience, and skills necessary for success through a sales person’s career. The sales competency model typically describes the skills and capabilities required for sales performance excellence. Lots of people offer all sorts of different models (usually optimized to the services they are selling to you). Yeah, I know, I know.

Cold Calling: Brother, Can You Spare a Sale? | Sales Motivation.

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Selling a Price Increase. Communication Skills. They just systematically and consistently approach everybody in their territory; they make the call and deal with the results and the rewards. Called a brilliant sales tactician, Tibor helps organizations execute their strategy by using the EDGE Sales Process to create the perfect combination of strategy, tactics and skills to ensure execution. high profit selling. selling. selling a price increase.


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Selling Skills (528). Blog Closing a Sale Cold-Calling Consultative Selling Networking pricing price sales process selling video video sales tip MORE >> 44 Tweets SALES AND MANAGEMENT BLOG | MONDAY, AUGUST 12, 2013 Do You Have a Killer Communication Strategy?

20 CRM Myths That Hinder Organizations from Achieving Sales Greatness

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It is understandable for reps to be apprehensive about anything that takes time away from their selling and prospecting activities. Mobile CRM also enables reps to: Sell smarter with access to real-time data. The old-school mindset used to be, “This is my territory.

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