The Pipeline ? Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012

The Pipeline

RTV - High Execution TV Archive Select Month March 2012. February 2012. January 2012. Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012. B2B sales is not different, the good folks over at OpenView Labs , have put together a list of Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012.

Achieve Greater Sales Success in 2012

Anthony Cole Training

Achieve Greater Sales Success in 2012. Posted by Tony Cole on Thu, Jan 05, 2012. What are the key focus areas for sales success in 2012? How do we utilize and leverage the CRM tools that weve invested in? © 2012

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Three Steps to Optimize your CRM investment

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Why I Hate CRM Systems for Sales Prospecting

The Sales Hunter

Goldmine and every other CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system out there sucks! The reason is simple — far too many salespeople either blame their CRM system for being so complicated that it prevents them from doing what they need to be doing. Salesforce, ACT!,

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Putting the Social into CRM Predictions for 2012 ? Score More Sales

Score More Sales

Putting the Social Into CRM Predictions for 2012. Having a sure-fire repository, or “catch-all” place to help support your business growth was the original purpose of a CRM system quite a few years ago. So what is next for CRM? © Score More Sales 2001 - 2012

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Dreamforce 2012: A Spectacular Spectacle #DF12

Smart Selling Tools

Dreamforce 2012: A Spectacular Spectacle. I just returned from Dreamforce 2012. It’s a not-to-be-missed event, even if you aren’t a salesforece CRM user. You’ve probably read over and over, that there were 90,000 people registered, 750 sessions, and more than 350 exhibitors.

Solving the CRM Problem

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Yesterday I wrote about solving the Sales Performance Problem and today I'll write about solving the CRM problem. CRM is very much a problem, not because there aren't choices, but more because companies make bad decisions. Just a few of the problems with CRM can be listed right here: Company has no CRM. Company has archaic CRM. Salespeople won't use the existing CRM. CRM requires too much input of information.

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PowerViews with Brian Carroll: The State of B2B Lead Gen & 2012 Recommendations


” He says there is similarity today to CRM and ERP purchasing 15 and 20 years ago: “It’s the same thing. ” 2012 Recommendation: Marketing Should Ask Sales Three Questions. My guest today is Brian Carroll.

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Big Data Can Help CRM Users Gain More Deals – New Insights

Score More Sales

Nearly 80% of companies polled in a new Big Data study find CRM ineffective at helping find external company information. CSO Insights surveyed 218 CEOs, CSOs, sales execs and managers during June 2012 in an online study.

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PowerViews with Christopher Hosford – CRM/Marketing Automation/Social Convergence


” Convergence: Technology, CRM & Social Media. So I think 2012 will see large movement in the direction of both mobile and the analysis of big data.” Today's PowerViews guest is Christopher Hosford.

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Salespeople Who Like CRM – Case Study 1

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Your 2012 Sales Plan

Your Sales Management Guru

Your 2012 Sales Plan. It’s a little late to begin planning your 2012 Sales Plan, but in a conversation last week with a reader of this blog, I realized there maybe others who have not formalized their 2012 plan. facing in 2012? • What assumptions are you making about the market in 2012? • What assumptions did you make about your. 12.1.1 Sales Force Automation/ CRM technology.

Finally, A Sales Person’s CRM

A Sales Guy

It’s no secret that CRM’s are not for sales people. This has been the problem with CRM’s for years. Sales people have bitched about the difficulty of updating CRM’s and managements CRM input demands since the first CRM rolled out 30 years ago.

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CRM is the Tool and Sales Follow Up is Key ? Score More Sales

Score More Sales

CRM Is the Tool and Sales Follow Up Is Key. by Lori Richardson on February 8, 2012. Many still think that CRM tools are underutilized because of two things: 1) many that are widely in use are still deemed too complicated and. © Score More Sales 2001 - 2012

PowerViews with Chris Hosford – CRM/Marketing Automation/Social Convergence


” Convergence: Technology, CRM & Social Media. So I think 2012 will see large movement in the direction of both mobile and the analysis of big data.” Today's PowerViews guest is Christopher Hosford.

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B2B Sales Audio Interview with Nancy Nardin on Tools to Grow.

Score More Sales

by Lori Richardson on January 5, 2012. 2012 is a year of new things, and so we are pleased to launch for sellers and sales leaders a weekly audio (and sometimes video) interview with people who have made, or are making an impact in B2B professional selling.

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3 Ways to Increase Revenues with CRM

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There are SMB and mid-market sales organizations who have not embraced a cloud-based, customer relationship management system, better known as CRM or SCRM. Many CRM tools are set up in a complicated way so a rep spends too much time learning them and then using them.

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CRM isn’t enough: 6 Sales Tools to Drive Revenue in 2012

Smart Selling Tools

When I started Smart Selling Tools five years ago, I focused mostly on CRM. There were (and still are) more than 100 different CRM tools on the market. Since CRM is the platform for sales organizations, it’s important to have ways to compare offerings and to learn what to look for. That was then. SaaS changed everything.

Applying Sales 2.0 in Real Life

Sales 2.0

I also believe that Linkedin will power the CRM systems of the future. Every now and then I like to go check my own view of the world by talking to smart people who are out there actually selling. This week is one of those weeks.

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Is CRM out-dated?

Smart Selling Tools

Packaged SFA and CRM systems have been around for nearly 30 years. To get value from CRM systems, you must provide consistent feeding and nurturing. But they have doubled down on CRM as a platform , piling on new functionality as a way to expand their reach across entire organizations.

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The 9Billion #CRM Debacle

Smart Selling Tools

According to Gartner Group, Total Worldwide CRM Software revenue in 2012 was $18 Billion. But get ready to shake your head and drop your jaw; the same report reminds us that CRM adoption is less than 50% (poor adoption is around 74%). Use your CRM more like the database it is.

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Making The Most Of Your Sales Software

MTD Sales Training

Account Management account management CRM systems marketing sales softwareRunning an effective business means making sure all the processes are running smoothly. Sales and profits must be made. Sales software solutions are one option many businesses turn to in order to. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

The Achilles Heel of CRM Adoption (and 2 Ways to Overcome it)

Smart Selling Tools

The second equally disturbing data point is that 74% of sales organizations have poor CRM adoption [2]. When reps are entering data into the CRM system, they are not talking with prospects. Increasing CRM adoption through Gamification. Use your CRM more like the database it is.

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The Sales 2.0 Gift Horse

Sales 2.0

I jumped into the client’s CRM system to see what notes lay in there. One thing I found in the CRM system was the name of this account’s head of marketing. CRM Customers Sales 2.0 A story from my consulting work.

The 8 Buying Considerations CRM Vendors Don’t Want You to Know About

Smart Selling Tools

Like most ad-numbed and ‘spin’-undated consumers, when considering a CRM solution, sales software buyers focus on the usual eye popping standards like price and features, while leaving the most important element a distant third – the one that will keep the system in the ‘go-to’ category long after price and features have faded from memory – and that is use-ability. It doesn’t matter how many grand or dazzling features a CRM solution has, or even if it is a budgetary no-brainer.

The Most Important Sales Data Isn’t in Your CRM!

A Sales Guy

We look at data from the CRM everyday; average time to close, pipeline, win loss, average deal size, and lead conversion rate. The best data rests not in your CRM but in your sales people and it can’t be put into a dashboard. They know a lot more than the CRM, I promise you. Business Performance Leadership CRM sales data Sales Leadership selling data Team DevelopmentA client and I did something yesterday that I’ve always been a big fan of.

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What Every Opportunity in the CRM Must Have

A Sales Guy

I’m noticing an interesting CRM trend lately. Too many opportunities are in the CRM without an active or open, associated task. When an opportunity is in the CRM without an open task, it is doomed to die. Sales Process CRM increase sales Pipeline Movement Sales Advice sales pipelineI’m going to get tactical for a minute. The sole purpose of the pipeline or sales process is to move deals from contact to contract, from start to finish.

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Don’t Wait For A Bone!

The Pipeline

Nothing bothers me more than when a rep uses any expression relating to selling that includes a variation of “throw me a bone” You hear this a lot especially in industries that are highly competitive, the buyers have viable options, and the risk of commoditization looms large.

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31+ Flavors of CRM – Got B2C Sales CRM?


June 27, 2012 – I was reading a few articles on CRM in the past couple of days that got me thinking about how unique and flexible the technology world we live in truly is. B2B vs. B2C CRM. What to look for in B2C Sales CRM. The post 31+ Flavors of CRM – Got B2C Sales CRM?

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CRM Hijacks Customer Experience Strategy

Tony Hughes

In the last few days I have been facilitating focus groups for a research study in Australia being conducted by The Eventful Group who are running a big CRM conference in Melbourne in July 2015. I asked for a show of hands: “Who here regards their CRM software implementation a success?”

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Allstate insurance agency achieves #1 status with lead management CRM from Leads360


And with consumers doing most of their insurance shopping online and getting quotes from multiple competitors, it was critical for Williams to leverage a CRM ideal for insurance agencies to compete with his larger competitors.

Why Dreamforce Matters: Even if you don’t use Salesforce CRM

Smart Selling Tools

Why Dreamforce Matters: Even if you don’t use Salesforce CRM. ” So what if you already use a CRM and it isn’t Salesforce? Many of the 350+ Salesforce partners offer stand-alone versions, or versions that work within other CRM platforms.

3 Tips to Keep Your Sales Focus

Score More Sales

If you don’t have a killer CRM system to track leads, prospects, and clients – then be able to sort and create reports on any metric – you need to get that solved for 2013. Working hard in sales but not accomplishing enough?

What it Really Means When CRM Isn't a Sales Force Priority

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan It's rare when a company isn't using something for CRM, even if it's an old version of ACT. In most companies, it's not whether they are using CRM, it's which CRM they have chosen to use and whether the CRM has actually been adopted. The CRM application of choice is completely useless to management unless the entire sales force is using it as intended. Some CRM applications make this easier than others.

5 Tips for Lead Nurturing to Grow Your Sales Funnel ? Score More.

Score More Sales

by Lori Richardson on February 22, 2012. Lori Richardson is recognized as one of the Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012 and speaks, writes, trains, and consults with inside and outbound sellers in technology and services companies. © Score More Sales 2001 - 2012

A Sales Manager’s Recipe: What is Cooking in 2012

Your Sales Management Guru

A Sales Manager’s Recipe: What’s Cooking in 2012? The last three years have been tough and she was looking for new ideas for 2012 to excite her team and also to simply change up the routine. So if 2011 left a bad taste in your mouth, use the following ingredients to create a new recipe to make 2012 your best year ever. Push yourself to become a professional in 2012, consider visiting other offices and view how their sales managers run their sales teams.

Sales Tips for the End of the Pipeline ? Score More Sales

Score More Sales

by Lori Richardson on January 31, 2012. Lori Richardson is recognized as one of the Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012 and speaks, writes, trains, and consults with inside and outbound sellers in technology and services companies. © Score More Sales 2001 - 2012

6 Facts Prove a Need for Smarter CRM in Business

Score More Sales

Looking through a new infographic on “An Integrated Approach to CRM” and accompanying white paper there are some important statistics surrounding midmarket business that have surfaced.

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How to Get Your Team to Use the CRM

A Sales Guy

One of the most common sales leadership complaints is sales people don’t use the CRM. Getting sales people to use the CRM has been an on going challenge for sales leaders for far too many years. To get sales people to use the CRM, I’ve seen sales leaders try all types of cohersion; everything from withholding commissions, not providing credit for a sale to threatening to fire offenders. Having sales people use the CRM to improve their selling is ideal.

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The Case for Smarter CRM in 2013

Score More Sales

In reviewing a white paper this week my eyes glommed on to a sentence: “Traditional CRM often falls short in enabling the proactive decision-making skills that business leaders need to address the demands of their clients.”. Create goals for your business processes – CRM use is no exception.

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