Alternative for Google Alerts

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The demise of Google Reader has gotten all the attention over the last two weeks but for those in sales and marketing, another favorite web tool also appears to be on it last legs – Google Alerts. Mention provides much richer, deeper capabilities than Google Alerts.

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Artificial Intelligence for B2B Sales & Marketing: Reality vs. Hype in 2018

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Artificially intelligent systems have been pioneered by companies like Netflix, Amazon, Google, and Tesla to collect data and use it to compel behavior. But unless you’re directly working on AI, your ideas of AI likely come from watching IBM Watson beat the Jeopardy world champions in 2011 – or when, in 2016, Google’s AlphaGo defeated a world champion at the ancient Chinese game of Go. The effectiveness of AI depends on the quality and quantity of data being ingested.

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The Power of Sales Intelligence #2: Creating an Ideal Customer Profile

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You’ll get different answers from different people across the team, because the idea of a “target buyer” is inconsistent, nebulous, and often based on hunches and feelings – not data. In Part 1, we took a deep dive into next-level data quality and management. Intent data.

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LinkedIn, Tear Down This Wall!

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The wall that is being built around your data within LinkedIn. This is my data, this is your data folks.You created the connections with these people. The days of LinkedIn Groups being of value are a distant memory in most cases. Weiner, tear down this wall!

LinkedIn Steps Up Their Game Across the Board

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Groups within LinkedIn have changed quite a bit, both on the member side as well as the group management side. Lots to cover on this topic on another post specifically on Groups. Changes to the Discussions tab caused quite a bit of a stir during the summer within many groups.

Why New Sales Leads Aren’t All that Matter in Sales

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There’s plenty of hard data proving that current clients are far more profitable than new sales leads. Follow Joanne on Google+ or Twitter @ReferralSales , or connect on LinkedIn and Facebook. Is your team too busy drumming up new business to focus on existing customers?

3 Steps to Combining Social Media & Competitive Intelligence

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Seeking Alpha/Yahoo/Google/MSN News. LinkedIn Groups and Connections allow for: Following Specific Trade Groups (ie: Sales / Marketing Executives ). Data you should be collecting includes: i. Using a tool like Google Alerts is a good start.

10 Ways to Edge Out Your Competitors in 2015

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Between mobile, social, and big data, the sheer volume of information we handle on a daily basis is more than human beings had to manage even a few years ago. Dave Kurlan, Objective Management Group: “Pay attention to metrics.

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Sales Hacker’s Top Sales Trends & Predictions You MUST Be Aware Of In 2018

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Regarding our 2017 sales predictions , here’s a quick reflection: What we were RIGHT about: Powerful partnerships and mergers e.g. Salesforce & Google. What we’re still UNSURE about: How will enterprise giants like Microsoft react to partnerships like Salesforce & Google?

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Don’t Confuse “Target Market” with “Ideal Client”

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But within that targeted group is a smaller, much more important group—your ideal clients. But it doesn’t tell you which people within this group would actually be ideal mates for you. Fine Tune Your Marketing Data Every company has its ideal clients.

The 33 Best Slack Integrations and Apps for Sales & Marketing Productivity

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It seems like there’s a slack integration for everything these days – even bots who can order pizza , analyze market data, and keep you humble on a daily basis. Dozens of useful features such as group chat, file sharing, exclusive B2B channels, automation, and apps. Slack.

A New Way to Work Helps Productivity

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The great thing about the #reimaginework session was that it was a very small group in a low-key environment with little fanfare – just everyone rolling up their sleeves and sharing ideas. email | View My LinkedIn Profile | twitter |Visit us on google+.

Salespeople are Lazy – and other Musings from Sales 20 Boston

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Session there, and he was most impressed by something Google is doing causing tremendous success. “We We are eliminating phone calls since we are much more focused and more productive using video calls” – David Keene, Head of Enterprise Marketing, Google, UK.

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The insider’s guide to choosing the best CRM for your sales organization


And that’s thanks for the most part, to good data management.” Research from The Bridge Group of 355 leading B2B sales teams revealed that “ sales development reps who make 12 contact attempts (instead of the average 8) perform 16% better!”. You lose important data. Bedrock Data suggests the following business objectives: A. Do a google search and ask around your network for recommended solutions. Tagging / grouping / segments. Data entry.

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Half of sales reps view prospects’ Facebook profiles before meetings


In the era where customer data is gold, the sales rep you just spoke with may have also checked out your recent Facebook posts. Even more common than Facebook, the more business-focused network LinkedIn tops the list as the preferred platform for meeting preparation (64%), followed by the company website (63%), and Google (61%). The research highlighted different preferences between age group demographics. Most of us know by now that social media posts aren’t private.

How To Hire the Right Sales Rep

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The data scientists at Roundpegg can prove how better culture fits make better revenues for your organization. Assessment Tool: Objective Management Group Sales Candidate Assessment. email | My LinkedIn Profile | twitter | Visit us on google+.

How B2B Buyers Search for Tech Solutions


And, according to The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing, a 2014 research conducted by the Marketing Leadership Council of CEB (now known as Gartner) in partnership with Google, this person will not face a sales rep until 57 percent of their buyer’s journey is done.

10 Tips for Great Keynotes and Better Sales Presentations

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Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Recently I was searching Google for a Keynote Speaker for Objective Management Group''s (OMG) upcoming International Conference in April. Bring the Database - When possible back up your findings with data and science.

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The ultimate sales guide to setting and discussing pricing


Focus groups? buy some search traffic to your offering (Google Adwords). measure the traffic to your offer and the conversion rate (Google Analytics). Let’s imagine some data from 100 potential customers: We can see that the price is elastic : lower prices result in more buyers.

5 Best Insights I Picked Up from Sales Leaders at Dreamforce

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They shared hard data that proves diversity of opinions creates new opportunities for sales teams, and makes everyone more successful. Trish Bertuzzi, president of The Bridge Group, said learning is the new coin of the realm.

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Successful Sales Offsite Tips

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Give attendees time for small group discussion. The great thing about this is that people will often share more in a small group than they might in a large room. For more detail and data, check out the Annual Sales Kickoff Meeting Research e-book. Image courtesy of Vorsight.

The Greatest Disservice We Can Do To Our Customers, Waiting For Them To Buy!

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Yes, we know customers are self educating, yes we know they are self diagnosing (that by itself is a frightening prospect), yes we know they don’t want to talk to sales people who simply parrot what they already find thought Google.

22 Email Opening Lines and Greetings That Put "Hi, My Name Is" to Shame

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Leading with a thought-provoking statistic that relates to their issue and paves the way to your solution will work well with data-driven types. Using Google alerts, track the company and keep an eye out for any major moves.

What Percentage of Sales Candidates Are Hired?

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I posed that very question to Google search and none of the results that appeared on the first page answered my question. I''ll spare you the steps we took and the calculations we made but when all was said and done, the data showed that 6% of all of the candidates assessed were hired.

[Message to Management]: Top Earners Deserve More of Your Time

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When it comes to coaching, are we focusing on the wrong group? In “Why Top Sales Performers Need You the Most,” Andrew Urteaga of Sales Benchmark Index shares some surprising data about sales coaching. All sales reps need coaching and guidance, but rainmakers deserve extra attention.

Sales Excellence Studies Propagate Mediocrity

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Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan If you conduct a Google search for "sales excellence studies" , you'll find more than 20,000 results. Let me give you an example: At Objective Management Group (OMG), we've assessed (not surveyed) 650,000 salespeople and sales managers.

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Hanging Out Where Our Customers Hang Out

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” There was a lot of interesting data there, but several one category captured me. 1% are on Google+. I can just imagine all of us trying to socially surround these 140 people on LinkedIn, or the 35 poor souls on Facebook, or the 30 on Twitter or 5 on Google +.

50 Ideas that Grow Front line Revenues

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Example: double entering some sales data that could be done once. 39) Plan “Quadrant 2” time in your schedule (Google Steven Covey Quadrants of Time). 46) Learn presentation techniques – individual and group, including how to speak extemporaneously.

Money Monday Labeling People Limits Opportunity

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On the other hand it is fun to put people in boxes and it seems easier if we can just group and label everyone. I know it has cost me deals in the past when I thought I knew everything and assumed I was right without validating the data.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Decision-Making For Businesses


Even current weather forecasting systems, spam filtering programs, and Google’s search engine – among so many other practical applications – are AI-powered. As Anand Rao of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Data & Analytics puts it: “There is symmetry with augmented intelligence.”.

The 33 Best Sales Training Video Channels on YouTube

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YouTube isn’t their only outlet, but it's one this group has smartly leveraged as the site has grown to reach more than one billion users. Despite Kurlan’s access to a ridiculous amount of data and insights, he manages to keep his YouTube videos for salespeople simple and actionable.

Is Your Company Failing Enough Times to Succeed?

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Google, on the other hand, has not only embraced failure, but has also put it to work, especially when considering online marketing tactics. The payoff is not in dollars but in data, so fight for a significant sum. Looking at it from the customer’s point of view will help you develop messaging and delivery methods with better timing, and a clear, guiding objective helps you understand how best to collect and analyze data.

How to Become a Consultant: 9 Steps to Doing it Right

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Also, if you have a site, Google gives your business more authority in local rankings. Creating a Google My Business profile isn’t enough. A website that’s optimized with backlinks, domain authority, and views will encourage Google to display your website in relevant searches.

Watch These Sales & Marketing Thinkers in 2012 ? Best of 2011.

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Thanks for all the contribution of marketing data into the business world. New “magazine” approach (love this) of SoldLab also the G&B Magazine new digital magazines for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Good group of high-powered folks.

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“The Modern Buyer Is Digitally Driven, Socially Connected….”

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As usual, I navigated to one of my favorite sites, Google, and started doing some queries. There’s some fascinating data–with the caveats that I don’t know Mr. Smith’s research methodology and some of the data is a little old. I did do some research and was able to corroborate a fair number of the statistics on other sites, so the data is probably not bad.

Grab The Right End of the Problem For Effective Sales Management

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I committed to writing a blog post on every day that I work in December and, although today is technically not a work day for me (on my Google Calendar, it says OUT), I’m writing a blog today to make up for missing Monday.

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Nimble SCRM Intros Full PieSync Integration and a New Affordable Plan

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Data is consistent and current across platforms. Take away deals, reports, group messaging, and signals (social dashboard) from Nimble Business, reduce a few allowances, and you have Nimble Contacts. I use PieSync Nimble with my Google Contacts.

4 Company Culture “Must Haves” to Create a Great Sales Process

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Mandate CRM Data-Entry – if you want to be a hard-ass, now is the time. Producing an environment where certain benchmarks and goals are transparent to the sales organization creates peer-pressure and group requirements. You can find him on Twitter and Google +.

Huge Sales Event Proves Sales Grow Through the Cloud ? Score.

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Dreamforce , which is’s huge annual party, is a combination of giant user group, fan club, classes, trade show, and living commercial for a platform that is the 100 pound gorilla in SAAS computing. What data provider could be next?

CRM Adoption: How to Make Everyone Happy

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The only topic that solicits more comments across our blog, LinkedIn group and Twitter feed than “How to Select a CRM System” is “Why Won’t Reps Use Our CRM System?”. At that point, CRM become a central repository of data on prospect and customer interactions. Because of its critical new role, management now requires reps to use the system in a way that works best for management –which translates to standardized and consistent data input.