Top B2B Marketing Blogs: Key Ingredients


What makes up the perfect B2B marketing blog? First let’s establish that there are marketing blogs—and then there are B2B marketing blogs. Now that I’ve got you salivating, let’s begin our tasting menu of B2B marketing inspiration. B2B Marketing Guest Blogs Why make the distinction? Consider the all American apple pie.

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How a Revenue Marketing Strategy Makes the Case for Marketing’s Budget

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In a survey of nearly 200 CMOs taken last year, the following question was asked – in what area of business leadership would you most like your influence to grow? Overwhelmingly, the most common answer was in the area of.


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Survey Results: How Market Leaders Respond to a 33% Drop in New Logo Revenue

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Most companies earn the majority of their revenue from existing customers, and with the recession that began in March 2020, this is truer than ever. SBI’s quarterly pulse survey shows that companies are more dependent on their existing customers to.

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The 4 Pillars of Flawless Marketing and Sales Alignment

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As a native marketer, I’ve only been on the same wavelength with the sales team at one company and was always surprised (not so much anymore) about how marketing and sales teams do not get along well.

Are Your Marketing Campaigns Agile Enough?

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Many CEOs often ask us while planning for 2020, “what’s the secret marketing sauce? What’s worked for your other clients when it comes to the marketing mix? What isn’t working?” ” And as most CMOs can agree, there’s no such thing.

How to Optimize ROI From Revenue Marketing in 5 Steps

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Let’s face it – Don Draper and the Mad Men era didn’t do marketing many favors. Don Draper was a terrible boss and would have made a horrendous CMO. Even if you could get past his heavy drinking, the long.

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Could Headless Commerce Help You Win eCommerce Market Share?

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With eCommerce increasing more in the last 90 days than during the previous 10 years combined, digital transformation is no longer a buzz phrase. Your company’s ability to interact and transact virtually with your customers and prospects will ultimately determine.

Insights From Market-Leading CROs on the Next Normal

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To kick off the summer, SBI held a virtual meeting comprised of an intimate group of market-leading B2B Chief Revenue Officers (public and private, $240M to $8B in revenue) as part of their advisory board program. These global CRO’s gathered.

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How Multi-Touch Attribution Marketing Can Help You Increase Cohesion Between Marketing and Sales

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A key benefit of Multi-Touch Attribution Marketing is that it can help marketers fine-tune their strategy. Knowing which content is resonating with different buyers helps them define the types of content and channels that they want to use to target.

How to Succeed at Email Marketing [PODCAST]

Sandler Training

Mike Montague interviews the Email Marketing Heroes, Rob and Kennedy, on How to Succeed at Email Marketing. The post How to Succeed at Email Marketing [PODCAST] appeared first on Sandler Training.

The Impact of Poor Data Quality on Sales and Marketing

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Article Sales Strategy 2020 b2b b2b blog bad data business consulting blog consulting firm coronavirus covid-19 data data accuracy data assessment framework data completeness data consistency data quality data strategy data uniqueness forrester Gartner high quality information knowledge lauren scheeler make the number make your number Marketing planning records revenue growth sales Sales Benchmark Index sales operations sbi SBI blog strategy technology timeliness top articles wisdom zoominfo

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Revenue Attribution: How Modern CMOs Measure and Communicate Marketing’s Value

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Let’s face it—if you don’t have revenue attribution in place, you’re behind the curve. B2B companies are realizing an average lift of 15 to 18 percent in revenue as a result of implementing closed-loop revenue attribution and optimizing investments across.

33 Business Blogging Statistics


If content is king, consider your blog its throne. In the B2B space, consistent blogging can have a huge impact on the success of your business—i.e. If your company isn’t blogging—it’s time to start. Check out these numbers: 33 Business Blogging Statistics. General B2B Blogging Statistics: 1. 33% of B2B companies use blogs ( source ). 77% of Internet users read blogs ( source ). In 2016, 36% of Fortune 500 companies had a public blog ( source ).

Year-end Blog Roundup: Most Popular Blogs of 2018

DiscoverOrg Sales

In spite of GDPR, in the face of market turmoil, and despite an increasingly complicated tech stack, this year has shown us that high tides really do lift all boats. Here are our most popular blogs of 2018. GDPR for Sales and Marketing. Our more specific follow-up blog was a hit, too: Keep Calm and GDPR on: How Marketers Can Comply with GDPR. In this blog, our sales development rep with the 60% response rate (!!) How to Calculate Total Addressable Market.

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The Most Effective Marketing Starts With the Corporate Strategy

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Even though some of the immediate business impacts of the COVID shutdown has started to abate, one of its more lasting effects has been to throw most enterprise 2020 marketing plans into total disarray. Tradeshows and field marketing events have.

How CEOs Are Evaluating Their GTM Strategy in Changing Market Environments

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It’s 2020, and you are just launching your annual go-to-market strategy. Article Go-To-Market Strategy Uncategorized 2020 b2b b2b blog b2b content business consulting blog consulting firm downturn Go-To-Market GTM gtm interlock julie murphy make the number make your number market expansion market leaders Market Research market share gain Marketing operating plan planning propensity to buy ptb recession planning research report sales sbi SBI blog strategy

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing


Make dinner, using a recipe that was emailed to you by a food blog you follow and go to sleep. We all encounter an endless barrage of marketing every day. Some of that marketing is effective, and some of it’s, well, annoying. What is Outbound Marketing?

Does Your Small Business Blog Make Your Company Money?

The Pipeline

When thinking about writing a blog for a business, most people are not thinking about the blog itself bringing in revenue. But why shouldn’t the blog itself try to make money and connections? There are several ways to get a blog to make money. Blog sponsorships – consider having blog sponsors who purchase space on your blog. Most ads that you would find on a blog would be constantly changing based on the reader’s browsing history.

The Role of Marketing in Generating Leads

The Sales Hunter

Usually, sales will blame marketing for not giving them great leads. As a result, marketing is up in arms because the CEO decides to cut their budget for next year, since he/she is not seeing their return on investment. What department does marketing blame? Every person in sales or marketing has used that excuse or some variation of it at one time or another. Sales Vs Marketing: Who Owns the Lead Generation Process? Sales Motivation Blog.

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How Customer Journey Mapping Can Save Your Marketing Budget— and Your Brand

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Article Marketing Strategy Uncategorized blog brand channels Chief Marketing Officer CMO consulting blog customer journey customer journey map Customer Retention customers dmv emotions forbes make the number make your number marketing strategy PE pricing private equity prospect sale sales Sales Benchmark Index sara winkle sbi SBI blog top articles touchpointsMapping the Customer Journey Is Complex – but It’s Worth the Effort.

3 Steps to Drive More Return on Your Partner Marketing Investment

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Article Marketing Strategy Uncategorized 2020 2020 strategy b2b b2b blog business calculator channel Chief Marketing Officer CMO consulting blog download feedback invest loyalty make the number make your number Marketing marketing support marketing team partner marketing partners partnership performance planning revenue revenue growth ROI sales Sales Benchmark Index sara winkle SBI blog senior consultant strategy top articles visibility

The Market Is Uncertain, But Your Demand Gen Strategy Shouldn’t Be

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There is no doubt that life is going to look a little bit different coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have seen medical professionals turn to telemedicine, elementary school students begin eLearning, and even fine dining restaurants start.

Tiger Teams ? How Market Leaders Are Organizing Internal Talent for Revenue Growth

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Article Go-To-Market Strategy Uncategorized 2020 b2b b2b blog business ceo chief executive officer chief revenue officer consulting blog coronavirus covid-19 cro cs customers CX download employees Gbenga Ige Go-To-Market goals GTM hyper-segmentation make the number make your number market-leading Marketing NASA organization planning revenue growth sales Sales Benchmark Index sbi SBI blog strategy talent tiger Tiger teams tool top articles transformation webinar

Entering a New Market? Avoid This Common Market Research Pitfall

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Often entering a new market represents a significant growth opportunity for a company. As the CEO setting the strategic vision deciding which markets to pursue and when is one of the most important decisions, you can make. Despite this, far.

Bets That Pay Big: What Market-Leading CEOs Do to Beat the Market

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Whether it’s signing off on a new marketing campaign or helping revamp the sales team, it’s tough to. This or That? As CEO, you’re presented with initiatives from your team all the time, and every single one is a top priority.

Reallocate Budget to Strengthen Your Marketing Strategy in Today’s Environment

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CMOs are in the people business. And that’s no different for B2B CMOs. Your customers, your decision-makers, your influencers—they’re all people. And like you, they’re all set with similar worries: How long will my business be disrupted? Which decisions can wait, and.

Evolve or Die – Guide to Helping Legacy Marketing Staff Thrive

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“Never Waste a Crisis” – Enter New Markets to Recession-Proof Your Business

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As the U.S. responded to the last recession of 2007-2008, a recurring theme became the quote made famous by Winston Churchill, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” ” This was to describe the mindset of the top businesspersons during.

How Marketing Can Drive Revenue Through an Optimized Channel Partner Program

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Here’s a channel marketing problem that every revenue-focused marketing leader should have a plan to solve: A sustainable (read: profitable) channel sales strategy must require each partner to sign up for and then meet a revenue target. This is because your.

Enhance Your Partner Marketing ROI at Each Stage of the Partner Journey

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When it comes to Partner Marketing, the main focus, if there’s any focus at all, is often on making sure that your partners have the playbooks, tools, understanding, and marketing funds to sell your company’s products. But how much are.

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How Market-Leading Customer Success Teams Are Responding to CoVid-19

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Article Customer Success Strategy accounts b2b b2b blog base business buyers clients commerce consumers coronavirus covid19 crisis cross-sell cs csm customer success customer success manager customers friction inspire others leaders linkedin make the number make your number market Marketing organization peer professionals recession remote revenue growth revenue growth help desk sales Sales Benchmark Index sbi SBI blog strategy up-sell virtual workflow

Blogging and Content to Grow Your Business

Score More Sales

Great feedback came to us yesterday as the Score More Sales blog was listed as one of the Top 50 Sales and Marketing Blogs at Top Sales World. That wasn’t all – the same day, we were recognized as one of the Top 52 Blogs on Sales Efficiency over at Docurated. Subscribe to the award-winning blog and the “Sales Ideas In A Minute” newsletter for sales strategies, tactics, and tips in selling.

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3 Actions CEOs Take to Capture Market Share From the Competition

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The 2019 fiscal year is in the rearview mirror, and 2020 has officially started. Strategic planning is finished, and plans to get off to a fast start in FY20 are in motion. For many CEOs, the strategy and approach used.

Resource for Top B2B Sales Blogs

Score More Sales

Nearly every day I get asked about good blogs, books, and resources for the sales reps on the front lines – those with quotas who have to come up with new ideas and think outside of the box for success. Top Sales World recently published their list of the Top 50 Sales & Marketing Blogs. Blog design – cosmetic appearance. Here are the Top Sales World Top 50 Blogs. We also posted about Hubspot’s recent list of 25 Helpful Sales Blogs here.

Why More CMOs Are Scaling ABM Investments in 2021

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One of the primary ways they’re doing this is by doubling down on Account Based Marketing, targeting and delivering customized programs to the accounts. CMOs are shifting their investment mix to meet the needs of an increasingly digital buying environment.

The Market Has Changed—Is Your Sales Team Aligned to New Opportunities?

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How has your market opportunity evolved in today’s world, and how has your organization reacted? You want to align your sales team to the opportunity and ensure that they are equipped to go after the top accounts. If you cannot.

How Should I Forecast B2B Marketing’s Contribution to Revenue?

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Article Marketing Strategy 2019 2020 annual planning annual planning meeting annual planning workshop benchmarking budget capacity CMO contribution funnel jenny sung Lead Generation lead generation calculator leads make the number make your number market Marketing marketing strategy Martech number oracle performance research report revenue revenue growth revenue growth diagnostic sales Sales Benchmark Index sbi SBI blog session The Studio top articles variables

Using Digital Marketing Channels for Lead Generation


Digital marketing solutions and digital marketing channels facilitate the capture of quality leads and enable lead nurturing through digital media. What is Digital Marketing? The Digital Marketing Sales Process. Why is Digital Marketing Crucial for Sales?

How to Strengthen Your Company Through Sales-Marketing Alignment

Predictable Revenue

Marketing and sales teams may work for the same company, but they behave like enemies way too frequently. The post How to Strengthen Your Company Through Sales-Marketing Alignment appeared first on Predictable Revenue.

Wow That Is a Lot of Slides! Should You Read Another Market Segmentation Study?

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Market Segmentation analysis and reports are a foundational component of strategic analysis, planning and decision-making for any CEO. Understanding market opportunity and market dynamics is critical. Geographic growth opportunity Industry/Vertical market. It informs how to make investments in people, time and money.