Three Sales Demo Disasters and How to Avoid Them

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Demo Dysfunction Syndrome is why You lose Clients at “Hello”

Babette Ten Haken

Demo dysfunction syndrome is a serious sales and engineering condition. So you launch, full tilt, into The Demo. Perhaps you lose sight of the importance of keeping track of everyone’s body language and facial expressions during the demo. Then, stop rushing the demo.

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Your 12-Step Action Plan For A Great Sales Demo


When it comes to demos, having an action plan is crucial in order to manage it successfully. The following suggestions can help both seasoned sales professionals and newbies alike to improve their demoing skills, and ultimately win the sale: 1. Demo Reminder.

Overcome Demo Mindset with Sales Engineering and Sales Operations Insights

Babette Ten Haken

A demo mindset becomes a game changer. As a sales engineer or sales operations professional, you have a critical role to play in helping the sales organization deploy the demo appropriately. Integrated, continuous communication is critical for overcoming demo mindset.

Sales People Should Never Do A Demo Under These Circumstances

A Sales Guy

You don’t owe anyone a demo. Just because a prospect or buyer asks for a demo, you don’t owe it to them, and therefore you don’t have to give them one. Without a robust discovery built into your demo process, you CAN’T give a powerful demo.

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Demotainment is Not a Dirty Word! 5 Ways to Make your Demo More Entertaining

Performance Sales and Training

I just sat through another deathly serious – and seriously boring – demo. When I suggested some ways to make the demo more engaging for his audience, the salesperson bristled and replied, “I don’t believe in demotainment.”. Most demos start in one of two ways: 1.

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Stop Giving Demos. Make Sales Calls Instead.

The Sales Blog

There is a reason no one wants to see your demo. Rather than drag you through a demo, would it be okay if we just talked about what you are trying to do, where and how you wish things were better, and we’ll use the screen to show you how we’d address those things for you?

What’s The Problem With Demos

Partners in Excellence

Demos Sell! I was visiting a company recently, they had a full court press on doing demos. People were measured on the number of demos they were doing, they had created a contest around who did the most demos, they had banners and buttons around the Demos Sell theme. Clearly, the sales people were selling demos, but they weren’t getting PO’s. I asked to sit in a couple of the demos to see what was happening.

Why Sales People’s Product Demo’s Suck and What to Do About it!

A Sales Guy

Product demos and trials seem to be the thing these days, especially in the world of SaaS (Software as a Service). Product demos and trials have quickly become standard operating procedure in sales today and this trend shows no sign of abating. 10 Rules for Better Product Demos.

10 Secrets to Delivering a Great Product Demo

Modern B2B Sales

Author: Alexandra Nation Ah, my first software demo–I remember it like it was yesterday (it was four years ago). If you’re in a client-facing role and looking to improve your demo and presentation skills, this blog post is for you. When you deliver your demo, pause early and often.

Why The Perfect Sales Demo Never Includes the Word “If.”

A Sales Guy

Do you want a telltale sign that your demos aren’t very good? That’s how bad it is if you’re using if more than once in your demos. I’m sure many of you are wondering, what does saying “if” have to do with delivering a good demo.

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87,000 choices at Starbucks…and 1 Demo? 3 Simple Ways to Tailor your Demo

Performance Sales and Training

Yet surprisingly in this era of customized experiences, most product demos still vary little from customer to customer. But as the sheer number of demos that customers are exposed to grows, the bar continues to rise. A canned demo is evident to all who see it — and about as memorable as what you had for lunch two weeks ago Tuesday. So I’ve identified three areas that you can quickly and easily tailor to each customer: 3 Simple Ways to Tailor your Demo.

Pipeline Management: Developing Presentations, Trialware and Demos


Depending on your company, trialware offerings, sales presentations, and product demos are often the domain of separate departments. Depending on the product, a demo can be in the hands of Sales or Development.

Southwestern Advantage: The 3 Controllables, Part Two–Demos

Southwestern Advantage

Today, let’s consider the second controllable: Demos. Every week he would drill into me the importance of 30 demos. 30 demos every day; if you just get your thirty in, it’ll work; don’t worry about your sales, just focus on your demos!

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To Salespeople, Demos and Presentations are Like Snack Food

Understanding the Sales Force

They aren't aware that continuing to present, demo, propose and quote are unhealthy approaches for the pipeline. Demos and presentations are the sales equivalent of sugar (we like them and they make us feel good.)

It’s Show Time! 6 Sales Demo Tips from Stage Performers

Modern B2B Sales

” Sales demos are like shows, with salespeople as the main cast. Dramatic pauses build suspense into your demo and interrupt the flow of conversation, making what you’re saying difficult to tune-out. You can use this same principle in your demos to great effect.

[VIDEO] 3 Steps for an Effective Sales Demo

DiscoverOrg Sales

I’m Steve Bryerton, Vice President of sales here at DiscoverOrg, to talk about how to bookend your demo in order to create a sense of urgency and commitment from your prospects. From beginning of your demo , let’s create an upfront contract. When we get to the end of the demo, more often than not we haven’t been dealing with the key decision maker, or the ultimate buyer of our solution. Request a Demo. Welcome to today’s Whiteboard Wednesday.

Why Salespeople Won't Abandon the Early Demo and Presentation

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Two weeks ago I wrote this article about how demos and presentations are like snack foods. One of the comments, by Jason Kanigan, said: Traditional selling revolves around the demo/presentation.

The Zen of an Awesome Demo Video

Vertical Response

Creating a great demo, or explanation, video. ” An explanation or demo doesn’t need to go viral or get passed around — most of the views it will receive will come from your company’s own website or marketing.

Is Demo Short for Demolition?

Dave Stein's Blog

As with every other tech company with which we’ve been engaged, I was asked about my opinion on demos. On the sell-side, the precise approach to demos will differ company-by-company, product-by-product. Demo early and demo often.

How to Give a Great Online Presentation that Keeps Your Audience Engaged

Performance Sales and Training

Audience engagement Web Presenting audience engagement online presentation remote demo web demo web presentationI once made a sandwich, responded to an email, and let the dog out – all while “watching” an online presentation. I’m not proud. And I’m not alone.

Show ‘em What You’ve Got – Send These Demo Emails Today

Vertical Response

Wouldn’t it be great if you could give everyone a demo of your product or service? “Product use” emails or “product demo” emails are some of the most effective ways to teach people about the products and services you offer.

Why Status Quo Perspective is all about Context

Babette Ten Haken

How many times are sales engineers brought in to demo even though they may not fully understand how context influences design parameters ? . Status quo perspective provides a safe haven for IoT business decision makers to avoid making decisions. The reason? It’s all about context.

The Lie, The Time Waster and the B t (A Lesson for SaaS Sales Teams)

A Sales Guy

I reached out to the company for a demo and to learn more. From inquiry to demo took over a month. One discovery call and one demo. The argument to this approach, spend 15 minutes before the demo to learn my business and what’s driving my need to look at an ATS. This way they can customize the demo to my companies needs. Fast forward to the demo. A Sales Guy Recruiting is in the market for a new ATS (applicant tracking system).

[Video] How Sales People and Sales Leaders Do A Killer Demo

A Sales Guy

Demos are increasingly becoming the path to making the sale, and if you mess up the demo, it sabotages the sale. Unfortunately, too many salespeople and therefore sales organizations do crappy demos. “Selling is not just show up and throw up!” ” .

The Pipeline ? The Right Way to Use Demos in Technology Sales

The Pipeline

The Right Way to Use Demos in Technology Sales. Stored in Attitude , Business Acumen , Communication Strategy , Demos , Listening , Planning , Presentation , Proactive , Sales Strategy , Sales Success , Sales Technique , audio , execution. Happy demoing, better selling! Demos.

Avangate Fall ’14 Release: Leverage Smarter Payments and Deepen Long-Term Customer Relationships

Software Business Blog

Register for the Fall Release Demo Webinars. Avangate is excited to announce the Fall Release of its comprehensive commerce platform with the addition of over 200 new features.

Best product demo ever

Mukesh Gupta

I chanced upon this demo of Sony Xperia Acro smart phone today. This is the best demo of a product that I have seen in a long long time… In my opinion, the following aspects makes this the best demo ever: It is contextual & experiential (with all the aura of the legendary James Bond, complete with the Bond music). Do you know of any such product demos?


You're Invited to Campaigner's A/B Testing Live Webinar!

Inside Campaigner

Conduct an A/B Testing demo. A/B Split Testing A/B Split Testing Demo A/B Split Testing Solution A/B Split Testing Webinar Campaigner Email Marketing Email Marketing Email Marketing Process Email Marketing Services Webinar

3 Ways Sales Machine Mastered Social Selling

A Sales Guy

Guest Posts Sales Leadership Social Selling/Social Media/Content Marketing Consensus demo hashtag Sales sales machine social selling TwitterLast week I spoke at Sales Machine with some other great folks, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek, and more.

What Happens When a Sales Expert Is the Victim of Bad Sales Practices


These emails always request an appointment or a demo — almost always […]. Get ready for a rant about bad sales practices.

A Crash Course in A/B Split Testing Using Campaigner Experiments

Inside Campaigner

A/B Split Testing A/B Split Testing Demo A/B Split Testing Solution A/B Split Testing Webinar Campaigner Email Marketing Email Campaigns Email Marketing Services We have two questions for you: Have you ever tried A/B split testing your email campaigns?

From Demo to Conversation Part One – Targeting and Lead Development

Sales Overdrive Blog

Done well, they can help you move your company away from the worn out pattern of pushing every prospect into a “demo” or a “pitch about features and benefits”; and moving them into a conversation around building value , developing a business relationship and ensuring technical alignment. Next time we’ll talk about two more keys to moving away from the often punishing demo-oriented selling approach into a productive business conversation that will accelerate sales.

How to Increase Your Closing Percentage

Inside Sales Training Blog

Next question: Out of ten leads that you set up to pitch a demo to, how many of those ten end up buying? And because of this, top sales reps send out (or set up) the fewest leads (appointments, demos, presentations, etc.) Let me ask you a question: Do all of your leads end up buying?

The One Thing Most Salespeople Are Unable to Do

Understanding the Sales Force

You might also guess that it''s the sales equivalent of eating right - not doing demos and presentations so early in the sales process. It is partly a result of their inability to sell consultatively while continuing to demo, present, quote and propose too early.

Discovery, Demo, or Disconnect?

DiscoverOrg Sales

Sales people have been giving tech demos for a long time. Top of the funnel metrics require that SDRs book discovery calls and schedule demos, yet the value of those interactions can be difficult to quantify. Pre-demo discovery that leads to a white-glove trial.

The Sales Epidemic That is Neutralizing Salespeople Everywhere

Understanding the Sales Force

The epidemic is the emphasis on demos and the affliction known as happy ears. Salespeople succeed at getting prospects to watch or participate or take a demo. Stop giving demos. Once you part with it - your demo - your leverage is gone.

From Demo to Conversation

Sales Overdrive Blog

Done well, they can help you move your company away from the worn out pattern of pushing every prospect into a “demo” or a “pitch about features and benefits”; and moving them into a conversation around building value , developing a business relationship and ensuring technical alignment.

I Don’t Want Your Deck

No More Cold Calling

The same goes for demos, product descriptions, and any other information your customers didn’t ask for and probably don’t have time to read or watch. If a buyer requests a deck or demo, great! Stop pushing demos and stop pushing products.

Introducing #ThursdayDemoDay

Smart Selling Tools

But now, we have a way for you to see actual demos – one demo a week – in just 30 minutes. From now on, Thursday is Demo Day! Every Thursday, we’ll host a different sales acceleration solution provider who will give a 30 min demo. 30 min online demo.

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