Driving Team Performance: Why Offboarding is Just as Important as Onboarding

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According to SBI research, HR leaders and their teams spend 8x more time creating, implementing, and administering onboarding programs compared to offboarding programs. Onboarding programs are no doubt essential to an employee’s ramp time and continued success at the company.

Animation in Sales Training

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Animation in sales training is a superb method to deliver online sales training programs. The use of animations and whiteboard animation in the delivery of sales training programs and courses is proving successful as it can re-create that educational feel.

Please Stop the Ongoing Insanity in Bank Sales Training

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During lunch a Vice President of a regional bank asked me this very pointed question: Why doesn’t sales training for banks stick? ” When bank sales training firms first focus on behaviors, that is a really big mistake. Separating training from development is also critical.

New hire sales training – an investment worth making

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New hire sales training. Question two – Have you taken a serious look at updating your new hire sales training to keep up with the changes? Here we are talking about sales skills training not product or welcome-to-the-company training.

Sales Training is Only One-Third of What You Need to Be Doing for Sales Enablement

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If the impact of your sales enablement initiative seems disappointing or misunderstood, it could be because of your organization’s (all too common) mistake of confusing sales training with sales enablement. Sales enablement also is not only about supporting sales training events.

Customer Loyalty So You Have It?

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Continue the same practices, policies, and procedures through archaic customer service training? Did you know that a 5% increase in customer retention can have a 25% to 100% in profits? In many cases it may be your policies, procedures and customer service training. If you do not have a customer loyalty strategic action plan, then construct one is where to begin. The 20 th century business model focus was labor intensive. Creating satisfied customers was the goal.

Sales Strategy: What’s Most Effective? A Great Message! (Updated May 2019)

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You fall into the trap of commodity messaging along with your competitors, who are likely constructing their value message in response to the same set of inputs. Tap into the Potential of Customer Retention and Expansion. Enable Ongoing Situational Training.

Two Immediate Actions to Actually Get Your Reps to Use a Sales Process

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Think about this: You just invested a huge amount of time, energy and money in developing and training a buyer centric sales process. Is the training guide on the shelf with cobwebs? Is the virtual training materials being viewed? Have the Sales Managers train the reps.

The Six Secrets to Superior Sales Kickoffs

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A well-constructed theme should serve as the SKO’s center of gravity, and should support the overarching objective of the meeting (e.g., All presentations focusing on these strategies should play into the meeting theme, to ensure consistency and knowledge retention. You can also help learning retention by sending a recap of key points to attendees immediately after the meeting. Author: Jim Ninivaggi Many companies have their annual sales kickoff (SKO) meetings approaching.

Coaching Culture: Why You Need One & How to Build It (Part 1)


Coaching your reps will improve retention rates and directly impact revenue. Sales Training is Not the Same as a Coaching Culture. Sales training is effective but it’s an uphill battle against the forgetting curve. Even if you hold training regularly, a whopping 87% of the information will be forgotten within 30 days. The other inherent problem with sales training is that no two programs are the same. Do you want to improve rep retention rates?

100 Most Prospected-to Companies of 2018

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The company also made a number of HR enhancements related to employee experience, retention, training, and retention – all selling opportunities. Construction.

What is Your Company’s DNA?

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Armed with this understanding, you can construct a lifestyle that is aligned with your genes to help you fight off the maladies that afflict your DNA type. Customer companies measure success by retention, satisfaction, and loyalty, and everything they do—from the way they target a particular market to the way they train and compensate their employees—is motivated by customer needs and those companies’ relationships with their customers.

Deb Calvert Interview: Stop Selling and Start Leading


Our business solutions focus on building those emotional commitments that unleash a torrent of business-boosting results that include higher levels of employee retention, improved productivity rates, increases in customer satisfaction, and improved profit margins. Purposeful questions that are well-constructed and properly sequenced cause buyers to prefer the sellers who ask them.

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30 Minutes in Sales Nerd Heaven w/ Pete Kazanjy {Hey Salespeople Podcast}


How can you use sales talent development as a retention strategy? He’s the CEO of J Barrows sales training. One of the things I love about John is that he is not just a trainer, he’s really a sales professional who happens to train.

Sales rep for a day: Aligning sales, marketing, and support

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To align marketing and support departments with sales, sales managers can construct an ongoing, interdepartmental job-shadowing program. According to MarketingProfs , companies who align sales and marketing have 36% higher customer retention rates. Cross-team training can apply to all departments and ensures that no team feels less important than the others. Hold a short training session for participants. Run department members through a quick training session.

7 Strategies to Motivate Your Contact Center Agents (Aside from Free Food)


Use these to help guide the construction of your employee engagement program. Great engagement programs are also beneficial for agent retention. It’s difficult to offer the right combination of agent training, career pathing, and benefits packages to keep people in seat. Learn how to design an employee engagement program that reduces attrition rates and boosts morale.

Tapping Into Your Soft Side with Emotional Intelligence in Sales

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All these competencies can be learned and developed over time through practice and training. For the most part, brands are — at their core — emotional constructs. Strong emotional bonds with customers significantly improve retention rates, client satisfaction, and customer success.

23 Ideas for Improving Employee Morale in the Workplace


Invest in Training. lower than retention at companies without any recognition program. You make “hellos” and “goodbyes” more commonplace, and you instill confidence for your team to give constructive feedback, and the mindset to receive it. I need to brag a little.

How to hire the right sales reps (and keep them!)


The best sales professionals in the world can’t make a positive contribution to your company if you don’t have the capacity to onboard and train them. Hire sales reps open to constructive criticism and able to adjust and improve-then deliver it to them!

9 Sales Trends to Watch for in 2018


Well, it’s their traditional responsibility to contribute to a corporate and customer strategy in order to maximize customer acquisition, retention, and profitability by creating hyper-personalized experiences. They are a tech-savvy generation that embraces metrics and data analytics in their workflow, while also preferring to communicate digitally, and they can be easily trained on latest sales technologies. 2017 is finally over.

Spittoons and Customer Service – There is a Link!

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When so much time and money is spent on training people about the need for constructive relations with customers, why is it often so bad? For much the same reason that when so much money has been spent on telling people that smoking kills you, they still insist on smoking.

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At the heart of customer focus is the art of listening constructively – the best salespeople are masters at capturing information – the essential information. Occupational health services including stress at work and employee retention advice.