To discover the Customer Experience Gap think Laterally

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Consequently, the quest to achieve good-better-best customer experience survey scores becomes the focal point of activities. Particularly around the time those CX surveys are distributed to client decision-makers. Regardless of whether, or not, organizations actively survey for it.

Surprised when Loyal Customers become Former Customers?

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And just what factors are you overlooking when you rely on – and react to – survey data? I offer two scenarios reflecting what I see the majority of the time when speaking about and giving workshops on retaining customers. First, surveying customers is not an end in itself.

How Qualifying Customer Experience helps Us Quantify CX

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Just survey a bunch of people and draw conclusions based on either rock-solid (or fairly dubious) analytics. How often have we been quick to the social media trigger, without taking the time to qualify how customer experience impacted those survey results?

Sales Tips: Best Practices for Collecting B2B Research Data

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While no survey taker likes long surveys, B2B respondents are generally more willing than B2C respondents to answer a longer set of questions, due in large part to the longer timeframes, higher purchase prices and greater energy they’ve invested during the evaluation process.

Sales Tips: Qualitative or Quantitative Data – Which is Better?

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Take a look at the sales training workshops available to get started and improve sales performance. Sales Tips: Qualitative or Quantitative Data – Which is Better? By Carolyn Galvin, Primary Intelligence - CCS® Strategic Partner.

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Sales Tips: Enabling Excellence

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A survey by Sales Benchmark Index found that having a sales process can allow organizations to: Increase win rates from 19% to 33%. Sales Tips: Achieving Excellence through Process. By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling®.

Sales Tips: Handling Inbound Opportunities

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In our annual survey this year, gaining access to higher levels is still one of the top challenges for salespeople. In our workshops we try to have sellers understand the concept of qualifying champions. Sales Tips: Best Practices for Handling Inbound Opportunities.

Sales Tips: Different Differentiators, Different Buyers

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Despite this, in nearly all buyer surveys you see in large B2B transactions price seldom makes the top five. Take a look at the sales training workshops available to get started and improve sales performance. Sales Tips: Got -to-Have vs. Nice-to-Have.

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Measuring ROI / TCO Sales Tool Success

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Here, its important to have the Tool integrated with your Salesforce, to tie key account metrics directly to Tool usage without having to guess at usage or survey sales reps as to the impact in key opportunities. Adoption Alinean business value selling customer success workshops Pisello ROI tools Sales Enablement Salesforce TCO Tools Value SellingYou’ve launched your interactive ROI / TCO Tool to your sales team.

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Confusing Customer Service Delivery with Customer Experience Delivery?

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Or when periodic customer experience surveys return less-than-remarkable results. Especially if customer experience surveys measure the wrong stuff. Not just because they receive a survey from us. Then take a look at my latest speaking programs and workshops. .

The Big Weekend Shout Out

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The morning session is “Go Global, Go Prepared” This is an interactive workshop, highlighting four elements: Alignment, Inclusion, Sustainability and Integration, and it will be led by David Yesford, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Support for Wilson Learning Worldwide.

How Getting Fired Actually Launched My Referral Business

No More Cold Calling

By chance, they were conducting a customer satisfaction survey with 50 of their best clients. The survey was several rounds. To this day, I have no idea where the question came from, but that survey was the genesis of my business.

5 Questions to create a Collaborative Customer Experience Strategy

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A collaborative customer experience strategy requires more than having clients to survey. This strategy encompasses understanding the non-surveyed factors impacting the customer, pre-sale, during the sale and the entire post-sale continuum. quarterly) distribution of surveys?

Why Exit Interviews provide a Customer Experience Reality Check

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However, conducting them is one of the best ways to gauge the validity of customer experience (CX) survey results. However, what happens when customer experience survey results indicate positive results. customer experience survey was a sufficient barometer of customer sentiment.

Artificial Customer Conversations beget Artificial Customer Experiences

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Or, do you rely on digitally-administered, quantitative survey methodology to create artificial customer conversations? Rather than listening to the actual voice of the actual, not surveyed, customer.

3 Ways to improve Your Customer Retention Scorecard

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And the first notification of these gaps are – yup you guessed it – “uncovered” during periodic customer satisfaction, experience and loyalty surveys. Engage me to speak or conduct an interactive workshop at your next corporate or association event.

Leadership Development in the New Millennium

Steven Rosen

The 2015 STAR Sales Manager Survey set out to gauge the development priorities of sales organizations. The survey found that 50% of organizations are providing ongoing support for their front line sales managers.

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Leveraging Collaborative Client Relationships retains Customers

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Sure, we send out quarterly customer experience surveys and determine how many green smiley faces we receive. However, completing a survey is not collaboration. First, the majority of Professionals of Worth do not obsess over aggregated smiley faces on CX surveys.

5 Ways to Deliver a Truly Impactful Sales Kickoff

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The three-day agenda combined information sharing, skills development, team workshops and fun, which I’m sure sounds pretty familiar. Author: Joe Andrews We just wrapped up sales kickoff (SKO) season.

Is Customer Bombardment Your Customer Experience Strategy?

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And, let’s not forget invitations to participate in customer experience (CX) surveys. Looking for a speaker or workshop on customer experience and customer retention for your next association or organizational meeting or event?

3 Facts About B2B Buyer Experience You’re Probably Ignoring

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This article outlines the results of a B2B Buyer Experience survey by TimeTrade. B2B Buyer Experience Survey Outline. For this specific survey we spoke to more than 300 B2B buyers, representing a cross-section of goods and services, company sizes and vertical markets.

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What Type of Professional Legacy are You creating?

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I survey the STEM professionals and left brain thinkers I speak to and conduct workshops for. Survey results indicate that nearly two-thirds or more of these professionals participate on cross-functional teams. Ever consider the type of professional legacy you create?

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Bestselling author Robyn Benincasa to keynote Miller Heiman Group Elevate 2019 in Arizona

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The first chance to hear the results of the 2019 World Class Sales Survey from Chief Research Officer Seleste Lunsford— before they’ve been published. Optional workshops on Scout, Miller Heiman Group’s predictive analytics platform , and product-focused updates for client facilitators. A half-day workshop on how your business can use Scout to drive stronger results and win more deals.

To Get B2B Leads, Pick Up the Damn Phone!

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In a recent HubSpot survey , salespeople said it’s 40 percent harder to get a response from prospects than it was just two or three years ago, and 30 percent harder to close deals. Learn more about my Virtual Referral Selling Workshop Series. Have you forgotten that selling is social?

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Make Your Sales Training a Big Success


A global survey by McKinsey & Company found that effective training: Provides content that meets the learner’s needs, Happens on a continuous basis, and. Because no single workshop, session, or quiz can cover everything reps need to know, self-guided learning becomes essential.

How to Get Referrals and Finally Conquer Your Fear

No More Cold Calling

In fact, 83 percent of satisfied customers are willing to refer products and services, according to a marketing survey conducted by Texas Tech. Asking for referrals feels riskier than cold calling. “I’m I’m not sure of the reason, but I have never been comfortable asking for referrals.”

Top 7 Sales Lessons from BISA's 2013 Annual Convention

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I would not have included anything from my workshop, but I found the results of my survey to be valuable information so I wanted to share it with you. BISA is the Bank Insurance and Securities Association.

Sales Tips: Bad Assumption #3 - "I Just Compete with Vendors"

Customer Centric Selling

Upon hearing about this concept years ago in one of my workshops, a student approached me at a break and realized in trying to sell software to a heating oil distributor, he had lost a software sale to a delivery truck! Sales Tips: Bad Assumption #3 - "I Just Compete with Vendors".

Workplace Wellness Can Deliver a Healthy ROI

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They also filled out surveys about habits such as exercise, smoking and diet. host workshops for their workers on topics such as preventing burnout, improving emotional intelligence (EQ) and handling high-conflict office environments.

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One Millimeter Mindset™ 2018 Collaborative Storytelling Blog Review

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Why You must connect those Voices behind those CX Survey Scores. I will be honored to customize my keynotes and workshops to your next event. Hire me to speak or conduct a workshop at your next corporate or association event.

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Reviving the Value of Association Chapter Member Experience

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And not just by administering a passive 5-point post-presentation survey. Engage me to deliver one of my speaking programs or workshops for a refreshing change from the same-old stuff. A valuable association chapter member experience is the lifeblood of an association chapter.

Sales Training for Women: How the Best Sales Managers Provide Gender-Centric Coaching

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In a recent survey by D2L , an online survey company, 64% of men said that they received access to training resources, while only 48% of women said they did.

5 Tips for Mastering the Art of Sales Knowledge Management


A Hubspot survey also shows that salespeople value their peers and managers as an essential source of knowledge. Let’s say a very knowledgeable rep is leaving your company, and you ask him to conduct an in-person training workshop for your team.

How to Ask for Referrals: A Comprehensive Guide

No More Cold Calling

In fact, 87 percent of frontline sales reps and 82 percent of sales leaders agree that referrals are their best leads , according to an Influitive/Heinz Marketing survey. Learn more about how to ask for referrals in my Summer 2019 Virtual Referral Selling Workshop.

To Get B2B Leads, Pick Up the Damn Phone!

No More Cold Calling

In a recent HubSpot survey , salespeople said it’s 40 percent harder to get a response from prospects than it was just two or three years ago, and 30 percent harder to close deals. Learn more about my Virtual Referral Selling Workshop Series. Have you forgotten that selling is social?

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3 Ways Client Feedback catalyzes improved Team Communication

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Or, four times a year: coinciding with results from quarterly customer satisfaction surveys? Engage me to present one of my Storytelling for STEM Professionals and Left Brain Thinkers speaking programs, workshops or moderated facilitation services.

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10 Ways to be an Agile HR Business Partner for Sales

Sales Benchmark Index

Example: The annual employment engagement survey was formatted for smartphone response. Then he led a workshop to help enhance their profiles. This post answers the most persistent question facing HR leaders who support Sales organizations. “ How can HR help Sales Make the Number? ”.

Sales Habits, Sales Managers and Changing Habits

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Ike sent me a link to a survey that was done regarding the hunt for sales managers/directors. Here is the link to the survey findings: Sales Director Job Listings. The report shows that 29% of the companies surveyed require “technical expertise”.

Sales Tips: How to Document Value and Avoid "No Decision"

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A Sales Benchmark Index survey found sellers win 24% of proposals issued and lose 24% to other vendors. A student selling accounting software to heating oil distributors realized during a workshop he lost a recent sale because the business owner decided to buy a delivery truck instead.

Sales Tips: 4 Misconceptions of "A" Players

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Based upon a Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) survey, we say about 13% of salespeople are “A Players.” A recent Miller Heiman survey concluded 8.5% Next public workshop is coming to Boston, August 3-6. Sales Tips: 4 Misconceptions of "A Players".