Case Study: IBM PureFlex TCO Analysis

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Used by sales professionals and channel partners in workshops, or self-service by prospects via the web, the tool collects information about the current computing needs and then projects the TCO for the two alternatives using industry research for a company of similar type and size.

Sales Tips: Behavior Follows Belief

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And that “something” is usually the most time and resource-intensive part, the role-play, skill development and case study exercises. Take a look at the sales training workshops available to get started and improve sales performance. Sales Tips: Behavior Follows Belief.

Sales Tips: Measuring and Tracking Success

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Primary Intelligence recently released a new industry study that examines buyer feedback related to KPIs. Leverage reference accounts by curating content through case studies, video testimonials, and widely attended industry events. Sales Tips: Measuring and Tracking Success.

Just-in-Time Coaching (Not Only Just-in-Time Learning)


As a debate pops up, you can talk about real-world scenarios and case studies. When it comes to sales, if you believe the idea that sellers will only learn in live workshops you are going to be sadly mistaken and behind the bell curve.

Finally! A Contact Strategy That I Appreciate

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He references customers, case studies, and results along the way while staying professionally persistent throughout his five e-mails in less than a month’s time. We have developed this educational game to assess knowledge of sales rep’s during a 3 day Product Launch Event and it turned out to be a great solution to get attention and engagement of sales rep’s after 3 days of exhausting workshops and lectures.

What Impacts Your Outcomes More – Being a Minimalist or Materialist?

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Just in Case – What if I need that really great idea, case study, quote, or whatever, for a presentation? I have delegated storing my documents to ‘the cloud’ and whilst I have found my ruler, I am yet to find my calculator but then again I am yet to venture into my husband’s workshop! It started with a ruler. Then it was a calculator. And then it was those notes I wrote a couple of years ago. And I couldn’t find any of them.

How to Reduce Churn, Drive Customer Trust and Loyalty, and Maximize Revenue – Interview with @strikedeck

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Helps Salespeople Improve their New Prospect Conversations – Salespeople have the ability to share insights, use-case scenarios, and examples from existing customers with the new prospects using Strikedeck.

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Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Automation Platform


Customer testimonials or case studies. Registered for a workshop event (+3). Attended workshop event (+10). Downloaded the slides from the workshop (+7).

5 Ways to Generate More Webinar Leads


Case studies: Why are case studies an effective webinar format? Case studies provide social proof that your product can deliver. In fact, 42% of B2B buyers find case studies to be valuable in the late stage of the buying process ( source ).

What you Missed at Allego’s Sales Success Summit (S3) 2018


Monday’s activities kicked off early for the S3 attendees who participated in the pre-summit workshop. Participants in this hands-on session learned the Allego Complete Blueprint for Success , focusing on how to scope, implement, and expand new Allego use cases at their own organizations.

The Least Effective Way to Open a Sales Call by Kelley Robertson

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In many cases, the sales person will reach into his briefcase and withdraw a glossy, expensive brochure and begin walking the prospect through it. It doesn’t matter how many cases studies or how much valuable information your brochure contains.

The 23 Best Sales Training Programs for Every Budget and Team

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Your SalesMBA™ Workshops. Price: $395-$595 per attendee (depending on the workshop). Jeff Hoffman’s workshops span the entire sales cycle, from getting your prospect’s attention to successfully winning their business. This workshop might offer the strategies you need.

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How can I get my sales folks to best adopt the Alinean-powered sales tools?

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Alinean Success Workshops help map and track these metrics for you, proactively on initial launch, and every 6-12 months depending on your requirements, tracking success and driving necessary improvements. The first challenge is awareness.

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2-5x Your Revenue With These 9 Sales & Marketing Alignment Steps


This lead to the creation of our case study funnel, which allows us to make 3 new case studies, with print material and videos, each quarter.”. We quickly set-up a sales workshop where the sales process, playbook with cadences and call scripts were developed together.

30 of the Best SaaS Partner Programs (and Why They Are So Good)


Study them, learn from them, and apply their best practices in your own partner programs. Shopify’s Partner Academy includes courses, study guides, and exams to help both developers and consultants make the most of the platform.

How [Not] to Run a Sales Meeting


In nearly every case, it’s a mistake to fire up that blowtorch and pressure your salespeople to go out and blow-up a deal through the application of clumsy pressure, or making ill-conceived discount offers with hollow threats to increase price if they don’t buy on time.

11 Fresh Ways to Say "For Example"

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Case in point. Use this phrase to introduce a use case or example. s sales team’s average productivity rate per rep increased by 30% in the first quarter after our workshop -- and it’s stayed within two percentage points ever since.”. Case in point …”.

The Sales Playbooks Every Sales Team Needs


Combined with coaching and workshops, this resulted in significant growth within 6 months.

The Comprehensive Guide to Account-Based Sales for 2019

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The product team uses insights from customer stakeholders to plan new features and develop potential use cases. Print a case study for a similar organization and incorporate the contact’s name, their company logo and name, and other relevant details so it’s clearly meant for them.

Happy New Year! Maybe not for IT Sales & Marketing

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Helping buyer’s recognize important issues is often done via research and case studies, communicating that others are experiencing similar pains, that these issues should be a priority to resolve, and that solutions exist to meet the challenges.

How do You Get Busy Executives to Engage in an Analysis?

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2) Share Results: Case studies of how others have leveraged the diagnostic assessment and reports to affect a change and generate positive business impacts. A subsequent workshop can be scheduled to discuss the results / dive in more detail into the diagnostics and recommendations. In a recent group discussion about diagnostic assessments and economic justification tools, everyone agreed that they were vital for today's frugalnomics afflicted environment.

9 Can’t-Miss Customer Service Conferences in 2019


In each city, Zendesk will bring attendees product best practices, customer experience hot topics, real-life customer case studies, and Zendesk product sessions. The annual conference focuses on enhancing the skill sets of customer care leaders and features workshop tracks that include content centered around continuous improvement and employee engagement. Great leaders and team members know that continuous learning is critical to success.

The Stupid Sales Email Technique I've Been Arguing About for 30 Years

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Send the white paper or case study and ask the prospect to call when they’re done reading it. Check out dates and locations for my prospecting workshops. In the past 30 years, I’ve listened to a lot of smart sales leaders and experts tell me breakup emails are effective.

Factor 8 Is Hiring Inside Sales Trainers!

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Because our training actually gets reps on the phones live during training raking in the results and money while in the workshop. Performing onsite and remote training needs analysis to determine the right training workshops, customization, and add-on solutions to be sure we get big results. Participating in client follow up calls to deliver results, check for satisfaction, collect case studies, and determine next steps. Factor 8 is hiring bad-ass sales coaches!

Sales Training Article about Social Selling and BMW

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As the following BMW case study illustrates, Social Selling impacts the entire organization. Take a look at the sales training workshops available to you and improve sales performance. Sales Training Article: How BMW Would Have Benefited from Social Selling.

The Pipeline ? Mine the Gap!

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When you know what issues are likely to be on the minds of buyers, when you know where you have been able to deliver specific measurable and documented value to those buyers, (this is why you should always be collecting testimonials and case studies); you can start building a set of better questions.

Why Getting Testimonials May Be Difficult

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Testimonials and case studies from your current clients are a key component in building trust. One of the most important things we do with a new client at the beginning of our working relationship is to go through a two or three day workshop that maps out the desired results.

7 Must-Have Time Management Tips for Salespeople

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They should be able to develop some sort of a template for where to go for new prospects, what questions need to be asked, which case studies are most relevant to a specific persona, etc. As the old proverb says, “time is money.”

10 sales productivity tactics to close more deals

Whether your sales training comes in the form of in-person workshops, online courses, conferences, from outside consultants, internal databases, mentorship, or ideally a combination of all these formats—it’s crucial to train your reps on these qualities.

Sales Culture: The Ultimate Guide

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Attend a workshop on objection handling.”. Support might be: “Meet with manager for call review; get ticket for workshop.”. Sales culture is a fuzzy concept.

Top 17 Sales Conferences to attend in 2019


With over 60 sessions and workshops, you’ll get the inside track on the best practices that companies like Google, LinkedIn and Twilio use to achieve scalable revenue growth. From real-life case studies, emerging trends and the must have technology to help improve your sales.

Top 15 Sales Conferences to attend in 2018


RainMaker also offers a series of workshops and are worth checking out. Learn everything you need to know about increasing revenue with over 50 sessions and workshops over two days. The best thing is you have the option to attend pre-event workshops on Leadership Skills, Increase Productivity, Team Performance and much more. Anyone involved in Customer Success or after sales will benefit from talks, workshops, and success stories from top experts in this area.

Sales Training Tip with the Top Sales Tool for 2014

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Instead,they produced case studies from top clients. I asked Luis why this was the case. Take a look at the sales training workshops available to you and improve sales performance. Sales Training Article: Top Sales Tool for 2014.

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20 Blog Posts to Guide Your Event Marketing Strategy


In fact, in-person events ranked highest on the list, above tactics such as webinars/webcasts (66%), case studies (66%) and white papers (63%). The best and brightest in the B2B world came together to give talks, facilitate workshops, and network.

Ways to Get Buyers to Say YES!

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The same principle applies in business sales, which is why so many companies feature reference accounts and case studies on their website. Take a look at the sales training workshops available to you and improve sales performance.

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Sales Training Article: Ways to Get Buyers to Say YES!

Customer Centric Selling

The same principle applies in business sales, which is why so many companies feature reference accounts and case studies on their website. Take a look at the sales training workshops available to you and improve sales performance.

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CFOs Take More Control: Frugalnomics in Full Effect

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According to a new Accenture study of 1,054 senior finance executives, in the wake of the recession, more chief financial officers (CFOs) are expanding their role beyond finance.